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Jun 15 2017

Wonderful Two’s

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Our grandson just turned two! It is hard to believe he is already two. He has changed so much. He says a few words and definitely gets his point across. Hubby and I were fortunate to be able to babysit him last week. It was fun to really get to take care of him. Hubby took care of the meals and I changed diapers. We both enjoyed corralling him from any electrical plug ins and whatever else he decided was to be investigated. We let him crawl in and out of the doggie door, much to his mother’s disgust. I had fun going shopping for him. He was going to be in the next shoe size soon so I picked out a pair of cute sandal type shoes and I am keeping him in Chuck’s for life. He also got a new pair of pajamas that say, I’m With the Band. So cute. I got him a couple of dinosaur shirts that glow in the dark. How cute is that?!
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Last Tuesday, we took him to the Ft. Wayne Zoo. He really wasn’t that interested in the animals. We had a good time anyway. That kid sure can run fast! We kept him in the stroller most of the time. The Zoo is configured nicely. I was impressed by the animals, the cleanliness and staff at the zoo. It was awesome.

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Mar 25 2010

Speak Penguin?

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While visiting Florida last week, I saw the cutest commercials for the Jacksonville Zoo. Little guys in their tuxedo shirts were interacting with an exciting exhibit at the zoo. Penguins from South America swim and play in a new home built especially for them. This home is as close to their natural habitat as possible with open, arid, and rocky features included. There’s even underwater viewing to get you up close to see their aquatic skills. This new display, Tuxedo Coast, offers interaction with kids that even teaches them how to do “the waddle” just like penguins!


Enrich your life. Enrich your child’s life. Visit a zoo.

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