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Sep 01 2012

They Are Married

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It doesn’t seem possible that a week has gone by since our friends got married. Just last Saturday, everyone was running around looking for lapel pins, pressing dresses and checking music tracks. It was a crazy, hectic week for my daughter. All I had to do was attend the ceremony. I liked it that way.

Our trip home was long and uneventful. Since we were riding in a truck, we put plastic trash bags around our luggage. After our nights stay we decided to take the bags off since it hadn’t rained. It rained. You just can’t second guess the weather.

As we traveled through Arkansas, we saw a crop that I can’t identify. Does anyone know what grows as a green stalk, about 24″ high and has red tassels?

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Aug 27 2012

Shrimp Dinner

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My daughter, mom and I have been in Texas this past week. While my daughter was involved in wedding festivities for a close friend of hers, mom and I loafed around at my sister’s house. Her husband cooked up a big pot of shrimp, potatoes and corn on the cob. It was yummy!

This picture is of my mom, my niece and my niece’s boyfriend.

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Jul 24 2009

Unconventional Wedding Ceremony Entrance

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Having just gone through the joy of experiencing our son and new daughter in-law’s wedding, I find myself drawn to links where weddings are the topic. I recently discovered this wedding video where the wedding party entered the sanctuary in a most unconventional manner. I think it is disrespectful and I am shocked that the minister allowed it to take place.

What do you think?

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Jul 21 2009

Jeffery Can Do Hair!

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PhotobucketI posted a few wedding pictures on my My Opinion Counts blog and I have a disclaimer. The pictures of me don’t look like me. The ones from the rehearsal dinner look more like my true self.

On Saturday, the day of the wedding, I woke up to royal bed head. I was hoping that having my hair done on Friday would suffice for the weekend. Needless to say, I slept fitful. We could not get the air conditioner set to a comfortable temperature. I was freezing and then I was sweating. My hair took the brunt of my tossing and turning.

Saturday morning, hubby and I went on a search for a hairdresser. We checked at the hotel but they were booked. It seems there were a lot of weddings in Indianapolis that day. We decided to hit the road and find a beauty shop. This was an emergency, people!

We stopped at the first shop we found and wandered in. The gal at the desk was sympathetic and said they would fix me up and that Jeffery would be right with me. We were offered a beverage and settled in to wait. Before long, a big guy with blue glasses decorated with diamonds appeared and said he was ready. I was not sure I was as ready but I went with him to the shampoo bowl.

Jeffery could massage a head like none other. It felt like heaven. He applied product after product and told me what each was supposed to accomplish. I really didn’t care. Off to the styling chair I went and that is where I noticed Jeffery’s many tattoos. I asked him about the one that started from his wrist and disappeared under his sleeve. It seems that Jeffery is a comic book fanatic and has Wonder Woman tattooed on his arm. This guy had my attention. He hoped that my husband would be comfortable in the waiting room because he was going to be working on my hair for an hour. AN HOUR?!!!

More product was applied to my hair and he worked at blowing it dry. This was all while telling me about his cat, his previous job at a salon in Indianapolis and his cooking abilities. I enjoyed being entertained. He brought out a large flat iron and proceeded to work on my do. All the time he had my hair parted on the other side from my usual and I never said a word. What was I going to look like?

The final look was so different from anything I have ever worn that it took my husband off guard. He didn’t like it. I was going to be in my son’s wedding! What was I going to do? There was so much spray on my hair that there was no way of moving a single strand into something more like what I was used to. I wandered through the hotel and made my way to where the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids were getting their hair done. Lo and behold…

They liked my hair! My son and his new wife have commented since about how nice my hair looked that day. Can you believe it? It turned out alright. I kinda wish I could reproduce the look. The fact that a few people said it made me look younger has nothing to do with it dangit.

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Jun 11 2009

30 More Days

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I knew this would happen. Two years ago, it seemed like it would take forever for July of 2009 to come but now it is happening so fast. It is getting exciting. Tuxes have been ordered and even though the store that some of them were ordered through went out of business, they will be nice. The new store is actually more convenient in regards to picking up the tuxes.

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May 08 2009

64 Days to Lose Excess Baggage

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It is crunch time. I only have 64 more days until my son’s wedding and I have not lost any weight. Truth be known, I have gained a few pounds! Ugh. I put off going in for a fitting for my dress in hopes I would be motivated to start exercising. It didn’t happen. I may have to rely on a diet pill that works.
Here is a picture of my dress:


and this is me:


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Aug 05 2008

Prepared for Crazy Dreams

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I thought we would be awake all night or have crazy dreams last night. We went to a tasting dinner to experience the atmosphere and food that we will enjoy at Greg and Taryn’s wedding reception. We had all different types of foods and they were all delicious. Some were spicy and that can lead to some weird dreams. We had the pleasure of tasting one of the best cheese cakes I have ever tasted. I am not exaggerating. It was wonderful. We won’t be having cheese cake at the wedding since there will be a traditional wedding cake. I think they served it because not everyone at the tasting party was there to plan a wedding.

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Aug 05 2008

Getting Closer to the Day

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When Greg and Taryn announced their engagement, the wedding date seemed so far away. Last night we met at Bed Bath and Beyond in Indy so they could pick out a china pattern. On the counter was a cute little clock that gave a countdown. It counted the days left until the wedding and it counted it down to the second! LOL We only have ten months to go until the wedding takes place.

From Bed Bath and Beyond we headed over to our appointment with the reception people. We had a fun time tasting food and experiencing how the reception personnel planned to present everything. I think that Taryn and her mom have thought of just about everything. It is going to be a fun and beautiful day. I will be ready for one of those European cruises when this is all said and done. Weddings are fun but they do take a lot of planning.

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Jun 07 2008

Going to the Chapel

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Photobucketand they’re gonna get married. That song has been running through my head all morning and I do mean ALL morning. I got up at 6 am so I could get my hair done at the beauty shop. CRAZY! I wanted to be sure my hair would look nice because we are going to a wedding this afternoon. There will be so many people at this wedding that we have not seen for a few years. It is going to be so much fun. The location of the wedding is about 2 hours from our house so I should be able to catch a nap on the way.

I hope I don’t cry at this wedding. The tears seem to come when I have known the wedding couple since they were babies. I have known this bride since she was a baby and the groom since he was in elementary school. It is going to be a fun day. Now, I have to figure out what to wear. See ya….

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Jun 04 2008

Wedding Attire

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My housekeeper just told me about the beautiful dress she is wearing to a close friend’s wedding. She feels like it might be a bit risqué compared to what she usually wears. I told her to relax and enjoy looking pretty. She is not sure she can do that. LOL

Greg and Taryn will be here on Friday. I hope they arrive early enough to look at the three dresses I have put on hold at the local dress shop. I am not prepared to spend the money on the dress right now and will probably put the expense on my credit card. There are times when credit card offers come in handy! There is an informative website, Credit Cards Guru, that gives up to date news and articles. If you have any questions about credit cards, this is the place to ask. More information can be found in the press release I have posted below.

The three dresses I have put on hold are very similar. They aren’t exactly what I am looking for but are close. The wedding will be in July and I am hot anyway. I don’t want to be miserable. I would like to find a dress with sheer sleeves. I have enough time that I can look and not buy the first thing I see. I want it to be fun.

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