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Aug 11 2014

August Means Hot Weather

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This summer has been strange as far as weather is concerned. Our July was a cool one making it seem like summer never arrived. I am not complaining! I like a cool summer but I feel sorry for the kids who didn’t get a chance to go swimming and all the other activities that evolve around the pool. August has started out being warm and humid. That is the norm for our area. We need rain. Our garden looks parched and the plants have stopped growing. We cut two watermelons from their vines and discovered they weren’t quite ready. I hate to waste good melons. I wonder how one can tell when they are ready to pick. They looked large enough.

We are having some Hot Deals in our store and I have been busy making sure all our samples are marked. I hate to sell something only to find the sample is not marked, or worse yet, marked incorrectly.

I have been quilting on a lot of quilts for the mission. There are going to be many happy children when they each receive their new quilts. I have also quilted for some paying customers. Those payments were nice when our old television decided to die. We bought a Samsung smart television. Now, to figure out how to use it!

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Dec 16 2013

Snow Everywhere

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We have had at least 10 inches of snowfall. It is the nice wet snow that hangs on the tree branches and makes everything beautiful. I can see where rabbits have been cutting across our yard to get to their next warm spot.

Last night, we had to push my little car out of a snow drift. I had driven it earlier in the day without a problem but we didn’t notice that the wind had caused a drift that made it impossible to get around our circular drive. My husband, daughter and I used shovels to clear a path and then we pushed until the car made it safely to a better spot. I hope we can get it back into the garage this morning. We tracked in snow and there were puddles everywhere. No use in having my carpets cleaned until the spring thaw.

I will be surprised if our business is busy today. I have plenty of bookwork to work on so I will be in the office.

Have a great day!

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Sep 17 2013

Fall Weather

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Fall has arrived. I love fall but I hate what comes after it! The only thing good about winter is less yard work and more quilting time. I have to look at the positives.

Our local quilt guild began last Thursday. You would think that after having all summer to prepare, I would have been ready. I thought I was ready. I was thrown for a loop! Now, I have a ton of things to research to make our projects more definitive. I cannot leave things up to the members to take the reigns to complete or we will have too many versions of the same project. I have to spell each detail out. I understand that and I am on a roll to get things organized! We have some great projects this year and I am excited.

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Jul 25 2013

Cool and Breezy

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I love this cool weather! This is such a nice break from the hot, humid weather we have had the past month. I hope August stays comfortable with low temperatures. I won’t be placing any bets though. August is usually so hot that it feels like a cloud hangs over everything.

I have been quilting so much the past few weeks. I am trying to get all the quilts finished so mom can take them to the mission and donate them. I am going to need an anti fatigue mats from madmatterinc.com soon. It is so frustrating to be all gung ho to finish a project only to be haltered by hurting joints. It does make me learn to rest!

We have not had good luck buying corn on the cob. It tastes old and isn’t juicy at all. We usually get good corn in August. I guess we were jumping the gun buying what we did. Our tomato plants are producing some nice Better Boys and it tastes so good to eat them with corn on the cob. If they would just produce their best product at the same time, our palates would be pacified.

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Jul 16 2013

Tornado Visits Our Town

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Last Wednesday, I decided to take lunch to my daughter at her work place. Before going there though, I decided to go ahead and do my banking in town. Banking finished, I headed out to the south western portion of the county and shared lunch with my daughter. As we began to eat, the sky grew dark. Winds picked up and it began to rain. We watched from indoors as trees bent in half, struggling to stand up against the strong wind. After listening to the weather reports, we headed home. Thank goodness we did.

We had a strong storm containing straight line winds. Our neighbor lost a tree and we were lucky to only have limbs thrown about the yard. Town was not so lucky. The bank, where I had been a few hours before, was closed due to damage. Several businesses lost their signage and our favorite hot dog stand was demolished. It was determined that a tornado had set down in our county. Hundred year old trees were laying on their sides with their roots exposed. A mail truck did a complete roll over when the winds picked up the truck. What was amazing is that no one was seriously injured. For that I am thankful.

 photo bk_zps4c304cb7.jpg

Chainsaws buzz everywhere as the cleanup has begun.

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Dec 27 2012

Fabric is Out of the Bag

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What do you do when the weather is so crummy that customers don’t want to shop for carpet? You get out a long awaited project and start cutting fabric. I went to the Houston Quilt festival 3 years ago and came home with a few projects. While I did get the purse kits done, I kept pushing this quilt project to the back of the closet. I don’t know why. I am excited to make the quilt but it is a big one. Maybe I am afraid it is going to take a lot of time. So be it!


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Mar 18 2012

Is It Really Spring?

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It has been unseasonably warm here in the mid-west. We usually have 40 degree weather with chances of snow here and there. We have been having 70 degree weather. Our trees have budded out and our daffodils and tulips have begun to bloom. What will happen when it frosts? For now, I am enjoying the energy the sun gives me. I have been pulling weeds and picking up sticks. My dog loves taking a nap in the sunshine.


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Jul 11 2011

The Goings on Around Here

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I have not set foot outside today. My husband tells me it is really hot and I believe him. Our son lives near St. Louis where the temperature was 106! We live in the mid-west not the desert! What is happening with our weather.

We are eating leftovers from the grilling my hubby did this weekend. I think it is time to buy him an electric grill. He was burning the grease off the grates in his gas grill and caught the whole thing on fire! Flames were shooting out the sides and top of the grill. Thankfully, he was able to put the fire out but his grill looks really bad. He won’t let me show you a picture.

Today is my son and daughter in-laws second wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone? It seems like we were just getting things organized and enjoying the festivities of the wedding. Hubby and I will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary on Wednesday so I know that time truly flies!

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Jan 11 2011

Snowing Where?

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My sister lives in Dallas. It has snowed twice since she moved there. I think she brought the snow from Illinois when she moved there.

We are having such unusual weather all over the United States. Those who previously had cool weather and called that winter, are experiencing snow. They are not equipped for such conditions. Mom’s are unable to take their infants for walks even if they have the best bob revolution duallie available. For one thing, most people who live in the south do not have heavy coats and gloves. They probably don’t own a snow shovel either. The road maintenance crews don’t have snow removal equipment.

It is snowing again today in Indiana. Some of our schools are closed for the day. Our local schools are open. I don’t plan on going anywhere until the roads are cleared. Snow plows are passing by our home in a regular manner. They have a plan because this happens every year in our area.

I feel so bad for the southern states who are paralyzed when it snows.

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Nov 01 2010

Clothes Shopping

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Hallelujah! My husband is going to the mall. If you have read this blog for a while, you know that my husband is not a shopper. Well, we arrived in Texas last night and it is hot. We both brought long sleeved clothes and jeans. Yes, my sister told me to bring shorts and sleeveless tops but I didn’t listen. Now we are on a mission to find men’s clothing, sandals and bathing suits. LOL

I think I may have died and gone to heaven.

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