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Jan 02 2018


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I am so glad to start a new year. We had a lot of tragedy happen in our extended family last year. It has been tough but we have seen how strong we can be.

We have been blessed with two wonderful children, who as adults, have made us proud. When I read about some of the struggles that families go through, I know we are lucky.

Our son and his wife are expecting twins in the spring. I am beside myself in anticipation! They are also moving closer to us so that will be extra nice to be available to help out and hold those babies and our little Max who will be three when the babies get here.

It is minus 14 degrees this morning! Those types of temperatures make it difficult to get our work done but at least we have a garage. I feel bad for those who are dealing with dead batteries this morning.

I hope everyone has a nice start to their new year.

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