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Apr 06 2017

In the Show Hole

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Hubby and I got hooked on watching Designated Survivor and now that we are caught up, we find ourselves looking for another good series to watch. We have watched How I Met Your Mother, Orange is the New Black and my favorite, Downton Abbey. We also watched the Crown and cannot wait for the new season to begin. I have the DVR set to record Prison Break when it airs next week. Does anyone have any ideas for a good show to watch?

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Jan 26 2016

Oh The Story

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I have heard that one of my favorite television shows will be ending after this season. I love Downton Abbey!

I enjoy the interactions between the characters as they portray citizens who lived in the 1900’s. They are affluent yet very caring in their consideration of the people in their employment. Their concerns for the important aspects of society such as, healthcare show how things have evolved into how things are today. Too bad we can’t go back in time!

I love looking at the magnificent paintings and statues in the large homes. I can’t imagine paying the heat bills for a house of this magnitude.

The clothing is beautiful. Even the underwear is made beautifully. Yes, we see servants dressing the ladies and get a peek at the under garments of the period.

I have enjoyed this season but I find myself wondering how they will tie all the story lines into endings. How can they do that? I will be sad when the show ends.

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Aug 11 2014

August Means Hot Weather

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This summer has been strange as far as weather is concerned. Our July was a cool one making it seem like summer never arrived. I am not complaining! I like a cool summer but I feel sorry for the kids who didn’t get a chance to go swimming and all the other activities that evolve around the pool. August has started out being warm and humid. That is the norm for our area. We need rain. Our garden looks parched and the plants have stopped growing. We cut two watermelons from their vines and discovered they weren’t quite ready. I hate to waste good melons. I wonder how one can tell when they are ready to pick. They looked large enough.

We are having some Hot Deals in our store and I have been busy making sure all our samples are marked. I hate to sell something only to find the sample is not marked, or worse yet, marked incorrectly.

I have been quilting on a lot of quilts for the mission. There are going to be many happy children when they each receive their new quilts. I have also quilted for some paying customers. Those payments were nice when our old television decided to die. We bought a Samsung smart television. Now, to figure out how to use it!

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Feb 21 2014

Hours and Hours

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I have been spending a lot of hours watching Parenthood. I started from the beginning and got hooked on the show. We have Direct TV as part of our cable package but I would still have to pay to watch that show. I don’t know why but I figured out a way to get around it. I hook my computer up and use Amazon Prime, which is paid for, and watch it streaming through that account. It is a pain when it won’t load but otherwise, it works.

The show portrays family like more realistic than any show I have ever watched, except maybe The Waltons.

I have loved Lauren Graham since watching Gilmore Girls. I was hooked on that show too. She plays the part of Sarah, mother of two teenagers. She was married to a drug addict/alcoholic who’s parenting skills consist of telling his kids when to buy new gibson guitar strings. He is very self centered. Now, Sarah is also self absorbed and makes some crazy choices in her love life, dating the boss etc., but when it comes to her kids, she does pretty well. She has moved back home and has the support, albeit crazy support, of her parents. That is another storyline in itself.

 photo Parenthood_zps8be590a7.jpg

I am up to the eleventh show in the second season. I think there are four or five seasons. Gotta go watch!

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Sep 16 2012

Fall Lineup

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Summer is usually my favorite season. This year, not so much. The dry spell made it hard to keep my flowers looking nice. The garden had to be watered and I always feel like that is cheating. I was ready for fall.

I am starting to enjoy watching football. My daughter and husband explain to me what is going on play by play. It makes it so much more interesting to know what is going on.

I am looking forward to the new fall television line-up. Some of the shows like X-Factor and The Voice have started. I get sucked in to watching those shows. Simon Cowell made a strategic move when he hired Britney Spears as a judge. I watch just to see if she has any intelligence.

I also like to watch the shows about real estate. Some of the reality shows portray the east coast as full of people who are only into wild partying and immoral life styles. The real estate shows show real communities with people who are living just like me. Just trying to make a living and lead a productive life.

Are you looking forward to fall and settling in for the winter?

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Oct 14 2011

The Picture Doesn’t Roll!

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I have been frustrated while watching television in our lodge room the past year. The picture will decide to roll at a moments notice. It might have been because the tv was over 15 years old! Yes, we had one of those huge projection televisions that took up 5 feet of floor space. Watching that tv didn’t really bother me because it was in the room where I sew. That meant I only occasionally looked at the tv. Once my husband started watching more tv in that room instead of our living room, it was time for a new tv. It helped that he received some birthday money that he was itching to spend.

Off we went to the store to check out televisions. Our kids had schooled us on what to look for in the way of pixels and LED vs LCD. We were armed with information. We passed by the digital cameras and blue ray players and found an endless row of televisions. It was a good thing we knew what we wanted. We narrowed down our choices, determined by size, pixels, LED and price. We are now the owners of a new tv! I feel young again! LOL

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Aug 10 2010

Monday Night Television

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I love the television lineup on Mondays. My favorite show, American Pickers is on. I love those guys. Next is Pawn Stars. I always have to stop before I say those words because something else wants to pop out of my mouth. LOL

Last night was a re-run but I had not seen the episode. A man brought in a gold bar that was worth $45,000!!! He had no idea that the value of gold bars was so high. It was interesting to hear the history of gold bars. I didn’t know that before 1971 it was illegal to own gold. We were on the gold standard, which means that our money was backed by gold. I think that our money is supposed to be backed by gold these days but I don’t think it is. I always hear people talking about worthless paper.

Anyway, the man was surprised to walk out of the pawn shop with a hefty amount of cash in his pocket.

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Oct 20 2009

Beginning A Day

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I don’t know if I can take watching the new show Trauma. Every few minutes, they are rescuing someone who has done something awful. Last night, a man severed his arm, another had a metal rod impaled through his back and a mountain biker tumbled down a mountain. Too much intensity for me, I am afraid. It might have been exasperated by the fact that I was in pain. Don’t laugh but I really was in pain. What did I do, you ask? I bit my tongue.

This was not your typical bit the side of your tongue owie. This was a full chomp in the middle of my tongue. It was a gash so deep that I wondered if I needed stitches. Have you ever tried to put ice on your tongue? Thank goodness, it feels better this morning.

I have a lot to do today. I have to mail packages of purses sold from my Etsy site, wash two very stinky dogs and clean up my car accessories before they get lost. My laptop adapter has to be put in just the right spot or I have to crawl over the seats while hubby is driving in order to retrieve it.

Our begonias bit the dust. We had a frost on Sunday morning and that was the end of my beautiful begonias. It is time to wack down all the dried purple cone flower. It is sad to see bare flower beads.

Time to get a cup of coffee. Have a great day everyone.

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Oct 08 2009

Commercials Are So Loud

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If you are like me, you hold the remote while watching television. Why is that? Because, the commercial are so loud that they grate on my nerves. Once I hit that mute button, it is amazing how quickly my blood pressure goes down. I don’t care if you are watching one of the most expensive plasma tvs on the market. It is annoying.

There is an article in AOL’s money and finance site, Daily Finance, that addresses the problem. I read the article a few times and I still don’t know if any legislation will make a difference. The article states that the volume cannot be any louder than the loudest portion of the show it accompanies.

The fight against excessive commercial volume has two fronts, legislative and technological. The first line of defense on the legal side is the Federal Communications Commission, which mandates that commercials can be no louder than the loudest parts of the programming they accompany.

Is there not a decimal accounting for loudness? My radio has a meter that shows me when I am increasing the volume. Why can’t television commercials be set at a certain decimal level?

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Aug 26 2009

Have You Heard the News?

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Have you heard the news that Dr. Oz will soon have his own television show? I am excited. I have seen him on Oprah a few times. Whether he discusses the shape of your poop or weight loss supplements, he is interesting. He is truly interested in helping people with their health issues. He also cares about where our young people are headed. Oz is the founder and chairman of HealthCorps, a non-profit organization that pays a small stipend to recent college graduates to spend two years in high schools mentoring students about health, nutrition, and fitness.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is married to author and Reiki master Lisa Oz and they have four children, Daphne, Arabella, Zoe, and Oliver.

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