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Jan 28 2013

Weekend of Sewing

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I made myself get dressed on Saturday. Sometimes, when I want to sew, I don’t get dressed. I stay in my pajamas all day. I am working, assembly line style, on Valentine’s Day wall hangings. I keep thinking of more people that might like to have one. I am making 6 but am already thinking that I should have made one for my mom and my mother in-law.

It is Monday and that means getting book work for our business done or at least acted on. This time of year is full of filing W-2 forms and other tedious tasks. I would rather be sewing! or on the Internet with my buddies.

I’m taking a break to participate in More About Me.

Acting Balanced

Here are the Questions:

1. On a long road trip do you prefer to be the driver or a passenger? Or do you prefer to travel a different way all together?When traveling with my husband, I prefer to leave all the driving to him. He prefers it that way. I am lulled to sleep as we travel down the road.

2. Do you use a slow cooker? Favorite thing to make? When I cooked, I used a slow cooker. I made pork chops and sliced potatoes covered with mushroom soup.

3. Which type of festival would you rather go to… Wine and Food, Music or Sports? I would rather go to a sporting event. I can’t believe I am saying that!

4. What is your favorite fallacy? Put on your big girl panties.

and now for my question…
5. Do you prefer coffee or tea? I am a coffee drinker, all the way!

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Feb 22 2011

Just Sewing

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Oh my! I have not written here for a while! My son and daughter in-law and my daughter all came for a fun visit. We cooked, shopped and ate out. We watched tons of movies on DVD. I’ll be highlighting those later. My two dogs are very lonely now that our house is quiet. I am too.

Before company invaded, I was sewing. I made a few more chicken table runners.


And, I got a quilt ready to quilt. I don’t need a work out when I baste a quilt! I am sweaty by the time I finish.

I can’t wait to start machine quilting. Unfortunately, today was spent getting tax stuff ready to take to the accountant. Tomorrow is earmarked for sewing!

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Jan 25 2011

Bits and Pieces

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My sister sent me an email that said, things we never think about and it included this picture


View from the Canadian side
I love that! and really needed a pick me up today.

My morning started off pretty good as my husband treated me by making coffee for us. That task usually falls to me while he is in the shower. So, I was drinking my coffee and happily reading an email from a dear friend and found myself laughing out loud. She was telling how her son is busting their school shoes budget because his feet are growing so fast. She was comparing his feet to suitcases and other inanimate objects. Anyway, she was cracking me up.

I pulled myself away from the computer in an effort to be on time for work this morning. I was doing my hair and touched the flat iron to my face, just above my eye. Ouch! Have you ever done that? It hurts like heck.

I have been sewing so much that I have not finished any of our end of the year book work for our business. So, guess what I am doing this afternoon. I don’t want the IRS coming after me. I do think that it might be nice to be in a cell and have all my meals served to me. Just kidding.

Have a great day everyone.

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Apr 20 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

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Tackle It Tuesday MemeThis week, on Tackle It Tuesday, the author mentioned how she was backlogged with paper work. I think that many of us were behind the eight ball with paper work because of tax form preparation. I hate getting things together to figure out our taxes. When we see how much we pay in taxes each year it is maddening. I have looked over all of our utility bills in an effort to save money. I bartered with the cable company and was able to get some deductions on our bill. I also got new term life insurance quotes and worked on the bill for our cell phone plans. Now, if I could get our health insurance figured out. Sigh…

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Feb 01 2010

Plugging Through Winter

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I finally feel like the year is really here. January, being the first month, usually flies by with work to be completed for end of year inventory and payroll tax forms. I loathe January. The only highlight in January is it is my favorite daughter’s birthday. I think we have only missed one of her birthdays where we were not together as a family. She usually requests a cherry chip cake with pink icing, a day of Wii or xbox games and just being together as a family.

February means the year is really here and time to make progress. All the file folders in the cabinet have been replaced with ones that say 2010. It is a struggle to ignore the cold weather and icy sidewalks but we plug along and contemplate my birthday dinner and Valentine’s Day, anything to make the winter go by faster. I’ve been asked to let hubby know where I’d like to celebrate my birthday dinner. Any suggestions?

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Aug 29 2008

Sarah Palin for Vice President

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How do you feel about McCain’s choice for his running mate? Sen. John McCain today announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate. Palin, 44, has been governor of Alaska since 2006. I like the fact that she entered a beauty contest to win a scholarship. No acne problems were going to keep this gal from going to college and moving up in the world. She studied journalism and worked as a sports journalist until deciding to get into politics. She became a city council woman and went on to become mayor of her hometown. Eliminating taxes was her main goal as mayor. She is well versed in the field of oil and gas resources. Palin held the position of chairman of the Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. I hope that gives her the tools to help our country get out of this oil crisis. Palin is the mother of five, of which the youngest was diagnosed in utero with downs syndrome.

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Jan 06 2008

Car Angel

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Every year, taxpayers search for ways to reduce the amount of income tax they are required to pay. One of the easiest ways is to make donations to worthwhile charities. One of the best I have come across is Carangel.com. This non-profit agency has been accepting a car donation as a way to fund their video production project. This project makes videos that help teach kids how to make better decisions concerning their lives and the obstacles they may face. They have given away over 2.4 million videos that have made an impact on our kids and teens. Please, do your part to fund this wonderful organization.

The following is an example of the type of video your donation helps to fund:

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