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Dec 04 2014

Twenty One Days

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We only have 21 more days until Christmas Day. It is making me anxious to get done with some shopping. I don’t buy for very many people so it isn’t a big chore, it is taking the actual time to go to the store and pick out gifts that will be appreciated by each person. That is the hard part. What does one buy for people? I think it is hard. Did I say that I think it is hard? LOL

I did get the inside of the house decorated and hubby put lighted greenery around the outside porch railing. My daughter put up our tree and I helped put on the decorations. It looks so pretty. I have to put candles in the windows and then I will be done. I might get in the mood to bake. I don’t need to eat sweets though so I might have to talk myself out of that.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season. I feel blessed being of good health and look forward to being together with family and friends.

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Dec 18 2013

Hustle and Bustle in the City

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I accompanied my daughter to Indianapolis today. We were on a mission to find boots. This is the time to buy boots! We bought 4 pair and got a great deal. I am thrilled.

Indianapolis is bustling today. From print shop management to peppermint mocha drinks, every shop and retailer is crying for attention from all the shoppers.

I had time to kill while my daughter was visiting her employer and so, I went to some stores that I’ve always wanted to visit but never did because of time and other commitments. Have you ever been to Home Goods? Oh wow! I could have filled a cart with towels and dishes alone. Their prices are awesome. The long lines at the registers saved my wallet. I was not waiting in line for a $5.00 set of glasses.

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Nov 05 2011


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I hear that there is a turn around in the hospitality industry. Hotel managers, culinary graduates and maintenance workers are finding it a bit easier to find work.

I know, for myself at least, the holidays are a time for shopping til I drop. That means I enjoy staying at a hotel and not driving the hour and half trip home. I plan on buying less this year but that doesn’t mean I have to give up a fun time.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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Jul 18 2011

On the Road to Branson!

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After visiting with my son and daughter in-law over the weekend, my family and I have hit the road for Branson, Missouri. I have been looking forward to this vacation for a long time!

I have been amazed, as usual, at the change in the terrain in just a few short miles. I forgot that this area is known as the Ozarks. I have seen very few houses and vast amounts of trees. Is it absolutely beautiful. There must be a zoning law that keeps builders from cutting down trees and building housing additions in this area. I am so glad!

This morning, we are heading into downtown Branson. We stayed in a lovely hotel last night but it is situated on top of a hill so we have not really seen all the theaters and shopping sites. My husband is ready to find a good cigar and I am always looking for bargains. I hear there is an outlet mall here. Woo hoo!

There are nine people in our group so I better get down to the lobby and cast my vote for what is happening today. See ya!

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Jan 14 2011

A Gift to Me

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I really enjoyed Christmas shopping this year. My daughter in-law, her mother and I even hit the stores on black Friday this year! I am hooked on that now because the prices of things were unbelievable. It was totally worth getting up so early and having everyone see me without makeup.

I got a steal on a coat for myself. I had been in desperate need of a new coat to replace my antique one. I call it antique because I have had it forever. Anyway, I paid $30.00 for my new coat. I am telling you, you can save on mens ties, cookware and shoes. Those are a few of the items I purchased. I love to save money.

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Nov 20 2010

Black Friday Shopping

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It has been an unusual weekend for my husband and me. We are usually running around trying to get things done. Things like buying groceries and taking things to the dry cleaners etc. We were unable to get out of our driveway today. The road construction crew was laying asphalt! Woo hoo! I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the construction tunnel. They better not block me in next Friday.

I cannot believe that it is almost time for Black Friday shopping! I dread getting up early but the deals are so good that I would be foolish to not participate. How about you? Do you get up with the other crazies and shop at the crack of dawn?

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Nov 01 2010

Clothes Shopping

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Hallelujah! My husband is going to the mall. If you have read this blog for a while, you know that my husband is not a shopper. Well, we arrived in Texas last night and it is hot. We both brought long sleeved clothes and jeans. Yes, my sister told me to bring shorts and sleeveless tops but I didn’t listen. Now we are on a mission to find men’s clothing, sandals and bathing suits. LOL

I think I may have died and gone to heaven.

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Jul 29 2010

He Is Stylin’

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My husband likes to look nice when wearing casual clothes but he never likes to take the time to shop. A few weekends I gently prodded him to the men’s department of JC Penney and helped him pick out a new suit. We are going to a wedding tomorrow. He found some nice navy slacks and a beige blazer that will look nice. He also bought a new shirt and tie. He does need new socks but we forgot about them. He will have to wear his old ones and hope no one looks hard at them. LOL

I was shocked when he picked out a pair of shorts. He has worn them every day after he takes off his work clothes. He even had me wash them and dry them so he could put them back on! I decided he needed more than one pair so I checked out the codes for online coupons and ordered him two more pair plus a pair of docker type shoes to go with. He is stylin’!

Sometimes, a wife just has to push a little.

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Nov 12 2009

Christmas Open House at Audrey’s Country Crafts

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Visit Audrey’s Country crafts for great ideas on gifts and decorations for the holidays. Yours truly is offering $5 off each bag purchased from my Etsy shop. Click this graphic to see all the giveaways and special buys.

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Sep 08 2009

No Need to Visit the Mall

I have to tell you something that strikes me as being funny. My husband and brother in-law went to the mall three times this weekend. Yes, these men who normally whine and beg us not to have to accompany us gals to the mall went there by themselves not once, not twice but let me count the times. One, two, three times to the mall! I must say that there was a knife store there that kept sucking them in. They haven’t become total mall junkies yet!

I rarely go to the mall these days. The Internet makes it possible to order almost everything I normally shop for in the convenience of my own home. I use a wonderful savings site at http://www.couponchief.com that has coupon codes for so many of the shops I used to have to visit at the mall. I am not tempted by all the pretty things I would walk by at the mall when I use Coupon Chief instead. I simply find the shop I need and get the savings code. The link at Coupon Chief takes me directly to the store where I order what I need.

For example, let’s say that I need some lotion from Bath & Body Works. I check at Coupon Chief and get the Bath & Body Works coupons code to use when I check out at Bath & Body Works online. I can even buy my favorite lotion with Lancome coupons through Coupon Chief. I save so much time and most of all I save money by using Coupon Chief.

Shhh, don’t tell the guys that I don’t need to go to the mall.

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