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May 09 2016

Happy Mother’s Day

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I had a nice day but it was full! It started out with a four mile walk. I hadn’t intended to walk that far but I had never walked that end of the trail and wanted to check it out. I saw three deer, a bunny and a squirrel. I also saw many birds. It was a beautiful morning.

Hubby, daughter and I picked up the grandmas and went to a restaurant in Wabash. Twenty is furnished in a retro theme with high quality fixtures. Even the bathrooms are exceptionally nice, with copper fixtures. We were served scrumptious food and brought our desserts home. I will have to eat my carrot cake later.

I worked a little on my Civil War Love Letters quilt but it was tedious so I stopped before I threw my back into conniptions. I was in agony all day Friday and I don’t want to chance that again.

There didn’t seem to be too much on tv last night so I checked Facebook and went to bed to read my new book. I’m reading Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. It is good, so far. I couldn’t keep my eyes open though so off to la la land it was for me.

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Feb 20 2016

What a Week

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Hubby and I babysat our grandson for a whole week. Our kids went on a cruise so we were left to tend the baby. What an honor! We had such a good time but the saying, have your children when you are young is true. I could not wait to get into bed each night. Luckily, the baby slept through the night. I guess that is a rarity so the Lord had a hand in that I am sure.

By Wednesday, we were getting cabin fever and opted to head out on an adventure. Back in September, I had eaten at a restaurant while checking out fabric shops. Hubby and I ended up eating at the same restaurant. I didn’t realize it was the same one until we got there. The place has the best home cooked food. They also have baked rolls and bread that was so yummy. The baby was so good while we ate. It might have helped that we just fed him his own lunch.

From there we went to an Amish Mercantile. They sold fabric, quilts and handmade wood furniture. I had intended on warming a bottle at that store but they only had cold water. Ugh. We ended up laying the milk on the dash of the car and let the sun warm it. Good thing we have a patient baby. As long as he didn’t see the bottle, he was willing to wait.

It was a fun day. The weather was warm and windy. The sun was out and the scenery was beautiful.

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Nov 30 2015


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November flew by. A month of sewing on the long arm kept me busy. I wanted to get the last three donation quilts done so my mom could take them with her to Arizona. She, and her sister, provide quilts to a mission. I think I quilted 20 this year! They allow me to practice and try out new things with my quilting.

My good friend died this month. I still can’t grasp the thought of her not being here. It is surreal. If I feel that way, I can’t imagine what her long time significant other, her daughter and grandchildren feel. My heart aches.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. My son and his family were here for a week. We got to enjoy the new grand baby. We visited our favorite restaurants and tried out a new one. On THE DAY, we ordered in Bob Evans dinner! We added a few favorite recipes to go along with the turkey and accessories. It was a hit. Our friends came bearing pies!

Grandma is living in an assisted living apartment and seems to like it. She has her own furniture there and it really feels like home. We often spend Sunday afternoons there, watching football. We had her over to our house for Thanksgiving and she was anxious to get back to her apartment. So funny.

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Nov 29 2011

When a Wrong Turn is Right

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Last spring, my mom, my sister and I headed out for our own quilt shop hop. A shop hop is when you hop from one quilt shop to another. Sometimes, the shops plan these hops but this was one we girls planned as a way to check out a few quilt shops in the Cincinnati, Lexington areas.

We were in Burlington, Kentucky and spent some time at a teeny tiny quilt shop that made me feel very claustrophobic. I survived and even purchased a bit of fabric. Maybe that is the intent of the shop owner, make you feel so squeezed in that you feel as if you should buy something to make more room for the poor gal.

While in Burlington, we ate at a fabulous restaurant, Washington Square. We had read about another restaurant, Tousey House Tavern, but they had a waiting list and we were too hungry to wait. Washington Square offered awesome food and the atmosphere was fun. I vowed to bring my husband to this restaurant if ever given the chance.

On our way home from my sister’s house, where we celebrated Thanksgiving, we took a slight detour to Burlington, Kentucky. This wasn’t planned but we weren’t in a hurry so off we went. Do you think I could remember the name of the restaurant that had struck me as fabulous? My brain was like one of those refurbished computers that was missing a few parts! Anyway, we ended up at Tousey House Tavern! The restaurant I had wanted to try! All was good.

I suppose, everyone was home, eating leftovers because we had the place to ourselves. The food was delicious and not expensive. I loved learning a bit about the history of the place.

In 1817, Erastus Tousey purchased the land where the house sits now. The federalist style home was built in 1822. Mr. Tousey and his wife, Catharine, had six children. They built up an extensive estate that included properties in Kentucky, Kansas and Iowa.
The Tousey House has been many things over the years…home; tavern and livery; hotel; boarding house; gift shop; consignment shop; and restaurant.

The history of the families who lived in this beautiful house was heartwarming. It is hard to believe that there was a 10 year period when the house sat empty. Thankfully, it was restored and brought back to its former glory.

If you ever have a chance, visit Burlington, Kentucky.

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Feb 23 2011

Cherry Cheesecake!

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When the kids are visiting, any healthy eating goes out the window. I refuse to listen to reviews and read information about diet supplements! Life is to be enjoyed and when my family gets together, we entertain around the dinner table. Last Tuesday was my birthday and so, my daughter and I decided to make a cake. I recommended cherry chip because that is her favorite birthday cake and since we didn’t get to celebrate with her in January, we could eat her cake now. My favorite dessert is cheesecake. We put the two together and came up with this recipe. We were in the grocery store looking up recipes on her iPhone. I love being able to do that. Too bad I am too cheap to get a phone like that for myself. My son has web access on his phone too and was able to make us dinner reservations while en route to the restaurant. It was fun being seated ahead of the crowd of people lined up at the door.

Cheese cake recipe
from halfhourmeals.com
2-8oz packages cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
9in graham cracker crust
chop up cherries
Beat ingredients together, mix in cherries, bake at 350 for 30 min. Add desired topping, bake 10mins, til center is set.

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Sep 26 2010

Restaurant with Pipes

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After a wonderful, whirlwind of a weekend, it is good to be home. Hubby and I spent the weekend visiting our son and daughter in-law near St. Louis. What a place. I think you could eat at a different restaurant every night of the week for five years and not eat at the same place twice.

We ate at a brewery called Schlafly Bottleworks. It had great food and fun people watching. I don’t think I have ever seen more people with pink hair and Mohawk haircuts. Most of the crowd sat outside but I was freezing so we opted to sit inside. I had my jean jacket on and was still cold. I saw gals with sweaters and a coogi here and there but there were more people in shorts and sleeveless shirts.

Schlafly Bottleworks gives tours of their brewery but we arrived after hours so we settled in for a delicious dinner. Like I said, we sat inside and discovered we had to wait on ourselves. I don’t know why they don’t have a server in the bar area. There are 8 or 10 tables that would keep a server busy. We had to walk up to the bar and order our food. It was awkward to squeeze in between the other patrons and yell to the bartender.

I am not a beer drinker but the other members of my family each ordered a different type of beer. They had pumpkin, wheat and blackberry beer and said they were all good. I’ll take their word on that.

I saw that the man and woman, at the table next to ours, were eating pulled pork sandwiches. I immediately decided that was what I was having, it looked awesome. I was not disappointed. The pulled pork was topped with coleslaw. It was delicious and the slaw added a delicious crunch. The sandwich was delivered with a side of potato salad. The salad was good but I filled up on the sandwich so I didn’t finish it.

I hope we go back to Schlafly Bottleworks.

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Mar 23 2010

Sweet Tomatoes

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I have to tell you about a great restaurant my daughter introduced me to this past week. I had been eating quite a bit of fried foods on top of sweets and I was beginning to feel a bit sluggish and uncomfortable. I wanted a big ole’ salad with lots of roughage, if you know what I mean.

I love Sweet Tomatoes. Think of buffet but instead of miles of chicken, mac and cheese and other yummy comfort foods, there was every kind of salad you could imagine. I picked a yummy lettuce salad that had pineapple chunks and pecans in it. The restaurant was decorated with old fashioned one inch hexagon ceramic tile in the work areas and carpet in the seating area. The carpet had a tomato motif! I have never seen that before. There were custom travel mugs with tomato imprints and even tomato stickers for the kids. My daughter desperately wanted a tomato sticker for her car but, and I don’t know why, pulled herself away and let the kids have them instead.

I will admit that they had mac and cheese, spaghetti and other foods that I tried to stay away from but failed in my efforts. I even had tapioca pudding. Yummy!


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Jul 14 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

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Most of you know that my son got married this past weekend. I cannot wait to tell you all about it! It was fabulous, beautiful, memorable and fun. I will post more as the weeks past but I wanted to show you how the table decorations turned out for the rehearsal dinner. I went with simple decorations and I thought they turned out nice. The rehearsal dinner was held at Harry & Izzy’s Restaurant, downtown Indianapolis. They treated us very well and the food was awesome. More to come…


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Dec 21 2007

I Ate Wings

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My son disappointed me last night. I thought he was the biggest, baddest wing eater and he shocked me. He ordered a burger! LOL

We tried the newest restaurant in our area. The kids had gone to the airport to pick up their cousin and were on their way to the restaurant. Lynn and I got there early and as we waited, we talked about how Greg would love that our town has a new place to get wings. We wondered which wings he would order. That kid is always tripping us up! Ha!

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