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Nov 30 2015


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November flew by. A month of sewing on the long arm kept me busy. I wanted to get the last three donation quilts done so my mom could take them with her to Arizona. She, and her sister, provide quilts to a mission. I think I quilted 20 this year! They allow me to practice and try out new things with my quilting.

My good friend died this month. I still can’t grasp the thought of her not being here. It is surreal. If I feel that way, I can’t imagine what her long time significant other, her daughter and grandchildren feel. My heart aches.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. My son and his family were here for a week. We got to enjoy the new grand baby. We visited our favorite restaurants and tried out a new one. On THE DAY, we ordered in Bob Evans dinner! We added a few favorite recipes to go along with the turkey and accessories. It was a hit. Our friends came bearing pies!

Grandma is living in an assisted living apartment and seems to like it. She has her own furniture there and it really feels like home. We often spend Sunday afternoons there, watching football. We had her over to our house for Thanksgiving and she was anxious to get back to her apartment. So funny.

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Mar 24 2015

On A Roll

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I have been quilting for customers and finished these quilts.
I used the Tulip Festival pantograph by Lorien Quilting and King Tut Pharaohs Tales variegated thread in top and bottom to quilt this.
 photo 0122b94c-14f2-4cc1-84b1-f0074076c167_zpsrhz0rwuz.jpg
Back of the black background, flowered quilt.
 photo IMG_0837_zpsuubyjajz.jpg
I used a circle ruler to make continuous curves on this quilt.
 photo 78943889-3a34-4fa1-86b8-b1f0c37615fe_zpstldrmavm.jpg
A friend made this quilt using the Missouri Quilt tear away method to make her blocks. She will be donating this quilt to a group that gives them to needy families.
 photo IMG_0761_zpsxdpnjoaf.jpg
The quilt below, gave me fits. I had quilted the cherries and decided I didn’t like the stitching. I tore out the stitches and wet the red fabric to get the stitch holes out. The red dye ran onto the backing fabric. Ugh. With the clients permission, and more red fabric, (which I washed), I made new cherries and used a blanket stitch to finish them. While the cherries were removed, I washed the area by hand and was able to remove most of the red discoloration. Most of the thread used was Superior Omni, color buff in the top and bobbin.
 photo IMG_0759_zps5yq0uxqj.jpg

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Jan 25 2013

Part 2 of American Heritage Quilt

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CIMG5304_zps54070f5cI have been working on a huge quilt that I bought the pattern for a few years ago. I am really excited to be working on it and taking a break from online design software reviews. It is good to work with fabric again. I am also working on Valentines Day wall hangings. They involve pink, red and gray hearts and bits of lace. I can’t wait to show you.

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Dec 27 2012

Fabric is Out of the Bag

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What do you do when the weather is so crummy that customers don’t want to shop for carpet? You get out a long awaited project and start cutting fabric. I went to the Houston Quilt festival 3 years ago and came home with a few projects. While I did get the purse kits done, I kept pushing this quilt project to the back of the closet. I don’t know why. I am excited to make the quilt but it is a big one. Maybe I am afraid it is going to take a lot of time. So be it!


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Oct 16 2012

Typical Tuesday

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The weeks go by so quickly! I ran in another 5K on Saturday and I have not been motivated to run again. I hope I snap out of it. I don’t want all my hard work to go to waste.

I have been quilting on a large, block of the month quilt. It has been tedious work. Every block requires something different in the way of stitches. I want to do a good job. One more row to go! I have spent over a week quilting on this quilt. It is time for something new!

I’m not watching the debate. I have no idea if what the candidates say is true. I will wait until people who know more about it than me, check out the facts on what is said and then I will form an opinion. I have never been so scared for our nation.

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May 10 2012

Circles of Feathers

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I have been working on quilting this quilt that a friend made. It has taken me 5 days to finish. It was fun but I am ready for a new project.


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Apr 18 2012

Home Again, Home Again

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I have been home for a few days and find myself getting into the groove. I’ve been working on my daughter’s hearts and gizzards quilt. I am looking for an interesting border to add to the end and sides. I will post a picture when I am done.

The dogs missed me while I was gone. Our Shitzu has taken to sleeping in his dog bed because he doesn’t like the new laminate floor in our bedroom. He can’t get any traction to jump up on our bed. When he gets help to get on the bed, he barks for someone to come help him get down. What a funny dog!

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Jul 12 2011

Those Pesky Bindings

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PhotobucketI think my least favorite part of creating quilts is putting on binding. It is one of those things that has to be done so I better get over it! LOL Hey! I am a crafter! Some people worry about their golf gps finder, I worry about the best techniques in making quilts.

I have wondered what the difference was between straight of grain binding and binding made from cutting fabric on the bias.

Fabric is made by weaving threads. Threads go up and down and are woven with threads that go across. Cutting on the bias means cutting at an angle across the threads.

When fabric is cut on the bias, it is bendable. That makes it easy to curve it to make wavy bindings. There is nothing more beautiful, in my opinion, than a scalloped edged quilt. The scallops make it necessary to have a binding that will bend and flow with the contours of the edge of the quilt.

So, curves are a great time to make bias binding. It is also a good time to use bias binding when you think a quilt will be used a lot. A child’s quilt or one that will get washed routinely, will hold up better with a bias binding. That is because when you fold straight of grain binding, you are folding that binding along one single thread. That thread is going to take a lot of abuse and begin to show wear.

Straight of grain binding is easy to construct. I would use it on wall hangings and things that won’t be handled a lot.

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Apr 16 2011

I Am Psyched!

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You have probably seen the Gone Fishing signs, I am putting up a Gone Sewing sign. I am so excited to make a bag for one of my daughter’s friends. I had put this project off because I had no clue what to make. I wanted to make a monkey themed baby quilt for the new mother-to-be but someone beat me to the punch! How dare they? LOL Well, I thought she might need a bag to hang from the back of a stroller so I am making one using these fabrics. See ya!


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Jan 28 2011

Mental Health Day

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My husband and I played hookey yesterday. At least, that is what it felt like. We had one of our employees work in our store and we headed towards Indianapolis.


I, recently, made a table runner that has become very popular with my readers over on my sewing blog, Kreated by Karen. I needed to buy more fabric and after checking fabric sites online and getting wrinkles on my forehead, I decided I needed fabric therapy. I have not been fabric shopping, except to Joanne’s, for weeks! If you know me, you know that is a miracle.

One of my favorite fabric stores is Always in Stitches in Noblesville, Indiana. They have so many finished projects on display. I love their choices of colors and am always inspired after visiting their shop. I can’t wait to start sewing! I did get my fabric and have enough to make runners galore! LOL

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