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May 10 2017

Working and Playing

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I have been working on getting a few of my own quilts finished. When my mom gets home from Arizona, she will bring all the quilts that she and her sister have made to give to the mission. They will need to be quilted and that means I will be busy.

Here is the binding on my En Provence. I just put a sleeve on the back so I can hang it up on my quilt rack. Hubby had a new quilt rack made for me. It is so much easier to use. The old one was such a pain that I never wanted to put up new quilts. Now I can change the quilts more often.
 photo IMG_0258_zps5jqdl5vr.jpg

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Oct 26 2015

Learning New Things

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I went to a quilt show on Saturday and saw some awesome quilts. There are so many talented quilters. I can definitely see a difference in the quality of piecing quilts but it doesn’t matter. As long as someone makes a quilt from their heart, it is quality in my mind. I did get some ideas for some quilting on the longarm. It is always fun to see what comes to each of us and how we decide to quilt a space. I can see several double wedding ring quilts and they can all be quilted in different ways. I quilted a brown double wedding ring quilt a month or so ago but I forgot to take a picture. I am working on a large block of the month quilt that a client put together many years ago but never quilted it. It has been fun to think of things for each block. As always, I hope she likes it!
 photo IMG_1315_zpspqp8kyhu.jpg

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Oct 21 2015

Beautiful Fall Day

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I am so sleepy as I sit looking out the window on this beautiful day. The leaves have begun to change to lovely colors of yellow, oranges and reds. The lady bugs are flying around like a plague. They sneak into my house and cover the window sills.

Tonight, we are attending a local church’s sauerkraut supper. It is held once a year and we have gone most years. It tastes so good. We plan to bring our dessert home afterward.

Here are a few more block I have made for the Civil War Love Letters quilt I am making.
 photo IMG_1303_zpsdeun03id.jpg

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Sep 17 2015

Civil War Replica Blocks

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I did three groups of blocks for the civil war Love Letter Quilt project.
 photo IMG_1275_zpstdnejpnk.jpg photo IMG_1276_zpsb3myzsmk.jpg photo IMG_1277_zpsi6po9e9m.jpg
Many of these blocks have flying geese sections. I had seen a nifty ruler at a quilt shop in Clemons, Missouri but I didn’t buy it. Yes, now I wish I had it. Just like having mid atlantic racks make building your home theater system so much better, specialty tools make getting those perfect blocks so much easier when sewing.

I have tried adding an eighth of an inch to each “goose” and that seems to help make the block come out the correct size. I changed the sewing machine needle to get a sharp poke for accurate stitching. I’m really bad about not wanting to change a needle. I didn’t even realize I had a quarter inch foot that fit my machine. That makes getting a quarter inch seam more accurate. For a person who likes to see a fast and easy put together quilt, this has been a challenge! I think the end result will be worth the extra effort. Only eighty some more blocks to go!

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Mar 06 2014

Baby Quilts

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I love to work on baby quilts. They are small enough that if I want to try a new pattern of quilting, it goes quickly. I recently quilted these two baby quilts for a customer.

I used the Rambling Rose pantograph on this one.
 photo IMG_0559_zps8fe20bee.jpg

I used a continuous curve in each block and feathers in the borders of this quilt called Baby’s Tears.
 photo IMG_0557_zpsf7c057b4.jpg

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Oct 17 2013

Two Down, One to Go

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I recently finished quilting this snowman quilt for my cousin.
 photo IMG_0353_zps040de202.jpg
I stitched in the ditch around every seam using monopoly thread. SID stabilized the quilt so that the fun quilting I did afterwards didn’t cause rippling in the blocks. After SID quilting, I used an echo quilting, again using light blue thread, around each applique. I put monopoly back in the machine to make stitches here and there to keep the appliqued areas from being too puffy. I added a bit of cross-hatch and put stars in each corner of the border with the star appliques. I did a ribbon design with cream colored thread in the inside border. That quilt is done and ready to go to its owner!

The next quilt went fast! I put this on the frame and in a few hours I was done. It was a small wall hanging. I used a leaf and acorn pantograph and stitched edge to edge. I used a thread color called Maple from Superior Threads in both the bobbin and top.
 photo IMG_0354_zps68c1600f.jpg

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Aug 19 2013

Preparing for Christmas Decorating

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My mom, sister and I have been making Christmas tree skirts to give as gifts to family members. We have made seven or eight skirts so far. I have been quilting them on the longarm. Although I am using a simple swirl design, it takes a long time to quilt each skirt. The skirts seem big when I am quilting. I will show pictures when I get the last skirt quilted hopefully, today.

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Jul 25 2013

Cool and Breezy

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I love this cool weather! This is such a nice break from the hot, humid weather we have had the past month. I hope August stays comfortable with low temperatures. I won’t be placing any bets though. August is usually so hot that it feels like a cloud hangs over everything.

I have been quilting so much the past few weeks. I am trying to get all the quilts finished so mom can take them to the mission and donate them. I am going to need an anti fatigue mats from madmatterinc.com soon. It is so frustrating to be all gung ho to finish a project only to be haltered by hurting joints. It does make me learn to rest!

We have not had good luck buying corn on the cob. It tastes old and isn’t juicy at all. We usually get good corn in August. I guess we were jumping the gun buying what we did. Our tomato plants are producing some nice Better Boys and it tastes so good to eat them with corn on the cob. If they would just produce their best product at the same time, our palates would be pacified.

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Jun 20 2013

Oh So Quiet!

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The county decided to fix a bridge that is down the road from our house/business. No traffic through our road means lots of quiet, except for the birds who are entirely too happy at 5 in the morning. I hope our business doesn’t suffer while customers figure out the route to our house/business. I have seen more cars twice today! Once going towards the barricades and again coming back to find a different route into town. That’s a lot of wasted gas when, if they would believe the road closed signs, they could turn around at the sign and follow the detour signs.

My daughter and I ran in a different town while hubby did a measurement for a client. He dropped us off at the Y.M.C.A. and we started running. Oh My Goodness! That town has a lot of hills. My legs were crying out. I didn’t know it but my daughter had chosen the next level of training on our Couch to 5k program. We were running long intervals. I thought I was going to die! I made it and a few Advil later, was enjoying a quiet evening of quilting.

Hubby and daughter don’t really care for the quilting I did on this block so now I get to decide whether to rip it out or not. Ugh.

 photo 022252b2-f5ea-41ce-843f-b962598ab154_zpsca4380af.jpg

The problem with the quilting is the uneven stitching and the errors in the line placement. What a difference a little sixteenth of an inch makes! What do you think? Should I rip it out?

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Jun 09 2012

New Technique for Quilting

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It might not be such a new technique but Jodi Barrows Square in a Square™ quilting method is new to me. Her Square in a Square™ method makes quilting so much simpler.

I had been reading on one of my quilting forums and discovered the gals going on and on about SNS. What the heck was SNS? I had to do some searching and discovered a method I am excited to try.

I found a YouTube video that shows how to make perfect corners and get consistent results using this method. As soon as we install a
premier mount to get our flat screen where I can see it, I hope to follow along with one of her classes.

Her rulers have lines that are to be used when lining up fabric. The fabric is also sewn in a certain way to get the easiest flying geese, half square triangles and other tedious quilt portions that make up a quilt block. Have I lost you? Check out www.squareinasquare dot com to find instructions, videos and locations of trained instructors.

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