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Dec 19 2016

Brrr, It Is Cold Outside

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I never, ever, thought I would say it but I have been enjoying the cold weather. Schools and churches have been closed which means everyone is supposed to stay home and sew! I got busy working on clue #4 for the En Provence Mystery quilt.

 photo IMG_2263_zpssnd4p8z0.jpg

That took a whole day. I was doing laundry and cleaning too so when I got finished, I was ready to work on more projects.

I had tried washing a table runner I made years ago but the spots did not come out. It made me sad but I decided to cut it up and make rug mugs out of it. I made 4 mug rugs that I just have to quilt. I plan on giving them, with a coffee mug and cocoa mix to friends next year. I might be ahead of the game for a change!

My mom and sisters each made one of these wall hangings a few years ago.

 photo IMG_2264_zpsilreljoz.jpg It has become one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It was from the Moda bakery on the Moda fabric website. I’m checking to see if this picture shows up better.
 photo IMG_2265_zpssimgglrl.jpg

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Dec 12 2016

Adding Pressure

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You know there is so much to do during the month of December, why not start a quilt? I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. Not going to get involved in another quilt project for a while. Then I saw the colors for the En Provence, mystery quilt. I was hooked and for the past three weeks, have been working on these blocks. They are part of a mystery quilt project through Bonnie K. Hunter. Bonnie visited Aix en Provence, France while on a Mediterranean cruise and was inspired to design a quilt using colors from the scenery. Each Friday a new clue is given. We were given ideas for fabric colors which I went with. Some quilters are changing the colors and I have been amazed at all the beautiful combinations of colors. Bonnie is well known for her quilts made with scraps left over from other quilt making projects. These types of quilts are often described as scrappy. I like that type of quilt because they go with many types of decor. They make a cozy quilt to cuddle up in and enjoy a cold winter’s night. Here is a picture of my progress so far. 221 neutral 4-patch blocks, 168 purple and light purple 4-patch blocks. 100 magenta 3 1/2″ blocks made using Tri-Recs rulers.

 photo IMG_2239_zpsxzrvwet8.jpg

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Sep 13 2016

Shop Hopping

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 photo hwy 36_zps4p5aumns.jpg
I just got home from spending a week with my mom and two sisters. We fabric shopped our way through Missouri on the Highway 36 quilt trail. The theme for this years trail is barns. Each of 17 shops made up their own pattern for a barn block and then made the quilts with the blocks. They were all different! It was fun to visit all the shops and see what was new in the way of fabric, techniques and quilt design. Each shop owner was friendly and encouraging. I came home with new projects to start! I haven’t finished projects from 5 years ago! Ha!

I also got to see my grandson, Max. He is walking all over the place and is hard to pick up now that he weighs 25 pounds! He is still good natured and happy. He was even smiling after getting his shots the day before we visited. He gave me and his great grandma a kiss without being prompted. That was so special.

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Apr 04 2016


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I feel like a weakling while writing this post. My daughter and I just worked out and I am sweating and shaking. I guess that means I did something. I believe it means I can have fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert later!

I made cube steak, potatoes and carrots in the crock-pot this morning and I was hungry all day just from smelling the aroma.

I finished quilting a t-shirt quilt and am now working on a small wall hanging. I’m doing some intricate quilting on the wall hanging so it will take a while to finish. I enjoy that type of quilting. It is relaxing as long as my thread tension stays steady and my thread doesn’t break.

We watched the country music awards last night. Most of the songs weren’t very country, in my opinion. I did enjoy seeing the pretty dresses many of the stars wore. I couldn’t stay up to watch the end.

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Dec 29 2015

Caught Up!

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Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone that I have made all the Civil War Love Letter quilt blocks. I needed something to work on over the holidays and since I had all the fabric spread all over the family room, I decided to get them all done. I am working with an online group and we were to make the blocks as the leader posted the directions. I never really understood her directions but it was fun to have some guidance as to which block to make. Well, now I can post pictures of my blocks as she posts the instructions. I enjoy seeing what colors the other quilt block makers pick to make their blocks. I hope I find a pretty way to put all the blocks together. I’ll have to do a little research on that part. I also want to find a fitting backing. It will need to be a Civil War replica fabric. It feels good to have the blocks finished!
 photo IMG_1427_zpsrtucsgil.jpg

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May 26 2015

Producing Quilts

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I have not made a quilt in so long that I hope I remember how to cut fabric! I have fortunately been quilting quilts on the longarm. I am amazed at all the different quilts that have come to me to be quilted. I am honored that so many trust me to put the finishing touches on their quilts.

I thought about how hard it would be to turn over a quilt that I had put hours into and have a longarmer mess it up. It could happen. Just as a musician searches for their lx 18 to achieve live sound and music replay applications, a quilter pours their heart into each stitch of a quilt. I always take my time and listed to what the quilter expects me to do.

Some quilters want intricate quilting done on each and every block. That is very time consuming and costs quite a bit more to have quilted. When doing custom quilting, I use a lot of different rulers to come up with intricate designs that will enhance but not take away from the quilt design itself.
This is how I quilted a quilt for my Aunt Grace. Aunt Grace made the quilt and I quilted it on the longarm.

 photo IMG_0940_zpsuffczson.jpg

For a common quilt, I might use a pantograph that seems to sit in the background of the quilt. Many times it is hard to follow the design of the stitching as it flows from each block. This type of quilting goes faster and is less expensive. There are thousands of pantographs from which to choose. The type of pantograph I choose, often goes with the theme of the quilt. For instance, with a red, white and blue quilt, I might choose a star and circle pantograph. A quilt made for a cancer patient calls for a beautiful cancer ribbon design. A school quilt might need a tiger paw print here and there. I think you get the idea.

It is fun and I hope my customers are always happy with my vision.

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Mar 17 2015

Baby Oh Baby

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It seems that there are going to be a slew of babies born soon. My son and his wife are due to have their baby in May and every time I talk to someone, they mention another baby they know is due around the same time. Is there going to be a population explosion?

I quilted this baby quilt for a friend who’s grand baby is due in April. I quilted it with Superior Threads Omni white thread in the top and bobbin. The batting was similar to Mountain Mist polyester. I love the way it made the quilting pop. The fabric is flannel for both the top and bottom. I sure wish I would have photographed the backing. It is the cutest purple polka dot. The center of the quilt is a panel my friend purchased at JoAnne Fabrics. She used a coupon and I would guess she has about $75 in this beautiful quilt.
 photo IMG_0748_zpsqdzzowhi.jpg

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Dec 12 2014


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I am looking through my blog so I can find my Pretzel Salad recipe. I make it each year for my quilt guild party. I love the sweet and salty flavor of this yummy salad.

Hubby and I ate at Boondock’s restaurant tonight. It is a local tavern and the food is so good. I had a Po Boy oyster sandwich. It was so good. Fried is the only way I want to eat an oyster.

I quilted three large table toppers today. I am worn out! I have to put binding on each of them. I can’t show a picture yet because they are gifts.

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Mar 15 2014

National Quilting Day!

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March 15th is National Quilting Day. I hope to be using the longarm to finish another quilt. I might even stay in my pajamas and quilt all day!

Here is an idea to celebrate the day.

From Craftsy

Do you have a neighbor, babysitter or hairdresser who deserves a little recognition? Make a simple quilted pot holder and pair it with fresh flowers to give a quilted gift that’s sure to be remembered. After all, quilting is a hobby that’s designed to be shared. Maybe your gift will inspire the recipient to take up quilting as a hobby!

 photo potholder_zps47dc8eaa.jpg

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Mar 12 2014

Still Winter

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We got a ton of snow dumped on us during the night. The weather man said it was coming but I didn’t want to believe him. I am so tired of worrying about whether meetings have been canceled and if I should risk getting thrown into a ditch if I venture out.

I have been working on a customer’s quilt. It is a Mary Engelbreit design called Recipe for Friendship. My customer doesn’t like all over random quilting so I did a lot of intricate ruler work on this quilt. I really like it even though it took a lot of time to quilt.

 photo recipe_for_friendship_zps88331174.jpg
 photo close_friendship_zps5f42a90d.jpg

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