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Apr 18 2012

Home Again, Home Again

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I have been home for a few days and find myself getting into the groove. I’ve been working on my daughter’s hearts and gizzards quilt. I am looking for an interesting border to add to the end and sides. I will post a picture when I am done.

The dogs missed me while I was gone. Our Shitzu has taken to sleeping in his dog bed because he doesn’t like the new laminate floor in our bedroom. He can’t get any traction to jump up on our bed. When he gets help to get on the bed, he barks for someone to come help him get down. What a funny dog!

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Mar 26 2011

Spoiled Dogs

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If you haven’t noticed, our dogs rule the roost around our house. I have been bugging my husband by telling him we need to buy a motorhome. Hubby likes to travel and while I also like to travel, I don’t want to leave our dogs at home or put them up at the doggie hotel. Hubby thinks we have to pay for a motorhome! Why is there always a roadblock?

Take a look at this picture. It looks as if they are saying, “what? You want us to write a review? Do we get bacon for that? Does it require us to move?

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Jul 03 2010

Full House

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PhotobucketOur house is full of people and pets. It gets very comical when the dogs are running through the house. Kinda reminds me of that scene in A Christmas Story when the dogs steal the turkey.

You never know where you will find someone sleeping in our house. My son has been having problems getting to sleep and wound up sleeping on the couch where it was cooler. I need to remind him to click here to read about sleep issues. I hope this weekend will allow him to unwind and relax. School has a way of tensing one up both mentally and physically.

We are going to do the standard 4th of July thing today and grill out some burgers.

I hope everyone has a great fourth of July. Say a prayer for our soldiers.

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May 06 2010

Buried Treasure Game

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While wading through my emails this morning, I came across Petcentric’s buried treasure game. I was a bit hesitant to check it out because I get addicted very quickly to games online and find I don’t get much else done if I start them. I have some new things to list on my Etsy site and write some reviews before I get dismissed from my writing job and I don’t need any more distractions. But, this had to do with pets! I had to look, didn’t I?

The Nestlé Purina PetCare Company has set up a buried treasure game at their Petcentric website that has you looking for your pet’s favorite objects scattered all around their site. All you have to do is sniff them out for an opportunity to win big — really big. As in the Big Apple. You must own a pet, be over the age of 18 and live in the US.

Prizes: One (1) First Prize: A trip for two (winner and one guest) to New York City & a Spa Visit. Trip includes roundtrip coach airfare for winner and one guest from a major airport near winner’s home to New York City, double occupancy hotel accommodations for one night in New York City, and a complimentary healthy spa treatment for winner and guest. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $2,000. Actual value may vary based on point of departure and airfare fluctuations. Travel must be booked by 9/30/10 and travel completed by 11/12/10 or prize will be forfeited. Winner and guest must travel together. All other costs and expenses associated with the trip, including but not limited to meals, tips, airline baggage fees, and incidental hotel charges, are the sole responsibility of the winner.
One (1) Second Prize: a Pet & Owner Spa Package which includes a spa treatment for owner and grooming treatment for one cat or dog. Package will include gift certificates for owner and owner’s cat or dog to one salon for owner and one pet grooming salon for the owner’s dog or cat in the market of winner’s choice. ARV: $2,000. Spa and grooming treatment appointments must be booked by July 30, 2010.
One (1) Third Prize: a swanky basket filled with blankets, apparel, bowls, grooming tools, gift certificates, and other special treats for your pet. ARV: $1,500.
Two (2) Runner Up Prizes: one half day spa session for winner and a grooming session for winner’s pet (winner will have choice of various treatments) plus a professional portrait session at a local photo studio and one high quality photograph. Photograph may be of pet alone, or may be of owner and pet together. ARV: $650/each.

Do you have a pet? If so, sign up and have fun trying to win.

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Dec 02 2008

Doggie Love

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I just received a shock. I checked on products to help my dog get over his bad breath. You know those Greenies that are good for cleaning their teeth? Well, they better work good because they are expensive. There is a substance that can be added to your pet’s water to help them have good breath. I didn’t buy that. Maybe next time.

What is it about our pets that makes us put up with bad breath, messes on the carpet, drinking from our bathroom faucets and waking us up in the middle of the night? They are so doggone cute! They are a constant source of enjoyment. They love life and love us.

It seems that being allergic isn’t enough to keep most people from giving up their pets. It would be unfortunate to find out you were allergic to that sweet bundle of fur once they nuzzled their way into your heart. The Obamas propose to get a dog that is hypoallergenic. They are going to have to look hard because there is no such thing.

From CNN online: Pet allergies are not caused by dog hair, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology noted in a recent statement.

“The allergen is produced in saliva, urine, dander– it’s not just hair,” said Dr. Wanda Phipatanakul, an allergist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. “Even with a hairless dog, there are still allergens.”

So, if you want a pet and find out you are allergic, stock up on antihistamines and tissues.

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Dec 08 2007


I have been looking over my blog and trying to zero in on what things best interest me and connect me with people who are interested in the same things. I read many blogs yet there are only a few that I love to read. When I take a look at why I like those blogs certain things stand out.

I love human blogs. Blogs that keep me updated on what their kids are doing. I love hearing about their pets and all of their crazy antics. I love to hear where they travel and why they chose the place to visit. I love it when bloggers believe in something and tell you about it.

Now, I am narrowing down all the blogs I read. I have been stressed trying to keep up!


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Dec 08 2007

Pets Love Christmas

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Do you buy gifts for your pets? I usually do and I completely forgot to put them on this years list! I love to watch them open a package. They shake it and tug at it until they finally get the paper torn. Then it is onto the prize! I need to get dog supplies before we have company. I try to have large chew bones on hand so they don’t pester our guests. A chew bone keeps them busy for several hours. That is unless they fight. Elsie thinks she has to have both bones and starts trouble. Anyway, I will pick up a new toy for each of them when I go for chew bones next week.

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