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Apr 18 2017

Beautiful Tennessee

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Is that how you spell Tennessee? I always have to think about it.
We spent this past weekend at our daughter’s in Tennessee. We helped my sister paint the ceiling and walls of her new barn which is going to be her sewing barn. It is hard to paint ceilings! My hubby and brother in-law put down a new vinyl plank floor that looks like wood. I am so excited for her! Guitar Center has, microphones at a great price! and I need one to shout it out for her! I know she is excited but she is feeling overwhelmed. I wish I lived closer so I could help her sort through all her fabric. She has two large sewing machines and she will need a cutting table and ironing station. The barn has two lofts for storage. I think she will need a library ladder so she can get to her things up there. My mind is swirling with lots of ideas!

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May 17 2011

My Sewing Room

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I got so caught up in new sewing projects that I completely forgot to post pictures of my completed, revamped sewing room.
What started out as covering up some black sponge painted walls turned out to be a major overhaul of the room.

You might remember the picture of the horrible mess I had when I put all my fabric and supplies into my spare bedroom. I needed a plan to know what I had and where it might be. Suffice it to say, it was a while before any sewing got done in my house.
Once I had the paint on, my husband decided the carpet needed to be changed. Not one to argue against getting something new, I helped him tackle that project. I moved the bed and cabinet back in and then sorted through all my bins of fabric. I bought some small totes and separated all my fabric according to color. Now, I can find things easily and it doesn’t destroy the whole room every time I try to find a fabric to use for a project. I love my organized room.

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Mar 16 2011

A Little Paint

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It is amazing how a bit of paint can change my outlook. After my son moved out and went off to college, I took over his room for my sewing stuff. It has been a disaster! I have filled the room with totes and a cabinet of fabric. There has been no rhyme or reason for anything. During the Christmas holidays, I talked Greg into boxing up his trophies and award and had him store them in the basement. All those empty shelves, inspired me to paint.

Last week, I painted the walls with a primer to cover the black and white rag painting we had done and then painted the walls a light shade of gray. I hated to cover those rag splotches because I can remember how much fun Greg and I had making them. There was even one of his hand prints in a corner of the room. You had to really look for it but once you saw it you knew it was from his big hand.

Now, I am looking for some type of window treatment. I ordered a Deco Wrap Cornice and plan to use gray and cream fabric in a toile pattern, see chair picture, to cover it. The directions say it is a no-sew project. I’ll let you know how it goes.
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I am in the process of taking pictures of quilt blocks which I plan to frame in black or silver frames and hang them over the daybed. I am reading my camera manual to see what the best setting are for taking a picture and then having it blown up. Any advice from you photographers?

See! One thing leads to another.

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Aug 13 2008

Hot Chocolate

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We painted our bedroom on Monday. I should say that my son painted our bedroom before he left for college. I thought I would show you the after picture. I have never had a room painted in a dark color like this. I like it!

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Aug 12 2008

We Painted

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I am so excited! My son painted my bedroom yesterday and I love the color. It looks like chocolate milk. I think that the color is called Hot Cocoa. Today we will be moving the furniture back into the room, hanging up the curtains and cleaning. PhotobucketCheck out what others are tackling over at 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Apr 22 2008

More to My Job

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I have enjoyed helping a customer pick out coordinating paints for her home. I usually only help customers pick out their flooring since that is what we sell. However, this customer and I seem to walk to the beat of the same drummer. Everything I put together, with the exception of a few items, were ones that she liked. It helps that she was picking from a clean slate. From carpet to bar faucets, everything in the home is being updated. I suggested new pendant lights for over a pub table in the kitchen. I saw those in another customer’s home and they added so much to the room. I am so excited to see how the paint, that is on so far, looks and if she is happy with it. We went a little darker on the paint chart because I have found that when you play it safe, colors turn out lighter and the choice of a beautiful color is lost. I did that in our bedroom here at home. I wanted the walls to be a mocha color but was too chicken to go with the dark color on the paint chart. I ended up with cream walls. I am going to be so jealous when I see her colors.

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Apr 20 2008

Jampacked Sunday

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Mom and I spent the day sewing. She got so much done on quilts for me, my sister and herself. I was painting a ceiling for her. Painting ceilings is something I would not wish on anyone. LOL It is hard to keep your neck from getting a crick in it. Ha! I typed the word crick and spell check didn’t say it was misspelled. I didn’t know that crick was really a word. I didn’t paint long enough to get very sore. We will work on it again on another day.

This afternoon I worked on a new project. At our quilt guild meeting we saw a project that looked fun. I had a hard time figuring out what the instructions meant in one spot but I finally had a light bulb moment and made a sewing kit. It is a rectangular shaped case that can hold anything but we will probably use it to hold scissors, a tape and other sewing items.

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