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Nov 28 2017

Historical Drama

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I have enjoyed listening to the television series, Outlander, through Audible on my phone. The words the writer uses make me feel as though I am in Scotland in the 1700’s. I have been taping the show but have yet to watch them. I am not sure I want to spoil the pictures I have in my head with what a theater director chooses. It would be like thinking someone looks a certain way but when you meet them, they are not how you pictured them in your head.

I have bought a few things for Christmas gifts but I am not sure what to buy for a few people so I have been dragging my feet. I might have to check my kid’s Amazon wish lists for ideas. I already ordered our grandson’s gift. That was an easy choice! I can understand how people say, gift giving is all about the children.

I am off to do a bit of quilting on the longarm. I have to quilt two more Veteran quilts so our guild members can get them bound. The head of our Veteran’s Affairs is going to come to one of our meetings at the first of the year to accept the quilts. He will be giving the quilts to veterans in our community.

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