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Apr 09 2016

A Night Out

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We had a nice time at the theater tonight. We saw Blues Brothers Revue. The music was fun and upbeat. It seemed like a lot of thought went into planning the show. The musicians were very talented. I wish the band members would have dressed in more professional attire but their abilities on their instruments made up for their lack of show continuity. I have an interest in the Blues era when it comes to music. I often think of Blues as a sad, introspective style of singing but the revue was full of happy lively music. We were clapping our hands and even joined in on a few sing a longs. It was nice to be together as a family and enjoy something different as we await spring to arrive.

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Apr 04 2016


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I feel like a weakling while writing this post. My daughter and I just worked out and I am sweating and shaking. I guess that means I did something. I believe it means I can have fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert later!

I made cube steak, potatoes and carrots in the crock-pot this morning and I was hungry all day just from smelling the aroma.

I finished quilting a t-shirt quilt and am now working on a small wall hanging. I’m doing some intricate quilting on the wall hanging so it will take a while to finish. I enjoy that type of quilting. It is relaxing as long as my thread tension stays steady and my thread doesn’t break.

We watched the country music awards last night. Most of the songs weren’t very country, in my opinion. I did enjoy seeing the pretty dresses many of the stars wore. I couldn’t stay up to watch the end.

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Dec 06 2015

Christmas Giving Idea

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I usually have most of my Christmas gift shopping finished by the end of October. I haven’t even started my shopping for this year!

I think that clothes will be the main item for my purchases this year. It is funny how, as your kids get older, they ask for the things they hated getting when they were children. Clothes were not a fun gift!

If you are considering any type of musical item for your gift giving, take a look at all the categories at Musician’s Friend. Their guitars range in various qualities and price. For instance, the Martin D-35 Dreadnought Guitar, standard series, considered to be one of the best. Also available is The Martin LXM. The “Little Martin” Acoustic Guitar is a perfect choice for travel, practice, and beginning students. From sheet music to instruments, Musician’s Friend is where I shop for all things music.

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Dec 03 2014

Quality is Worth the Price

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The ongoing argument in any purchase is whether the cost is worth it. In other words, are you getting value for the amount paid. I have read so many blog entries where fabric quality is the topic of discussion. Is the fabric purchased at a quilt shop better than what you buy at the big chain fabric/craft store? My answer is determined by what the end use for said fabric will be. If making an heirloom quilt, I would buy fabric from a specialty fabric shop. For a quilt that will be used every day by a small child or college student, I would buy fabric at a chain store. One must check the quality to be sure it is not a lightly woven (inferior) fabric. Chain stores also sell expensive fabric so it pays to do a bit of checking around when planning a purchase. Did I say plan? I very rarely plan to make a purchase. I am an impulse quilt maker. LOL

For those of you who are not interested in purchasing fabric, you could implement the above values towards the purchase of a car or motor home. Exercise equipment is another purchase where value comes in when considering the amount of exercise one plans to do. My exercise equipment makes great hangers for clothing!

Another purchase that takes consideration is when choosing a musical instrument. If your child is beginning to play an instrument, you must consider whether they will stick with the lessons. If you are an accomplished musician, you would most likely feel comfortable choosing a gibson les paul classic custom over a lower quality instrument that might not produce the quality of sound you are wanting to hear. The first version of the Les Paul Custom was nicknamed the “Fretless Wonder” for its low frets and “Black Beauty” for its rich, contrasting ebony color. Your teenager might think they “need” this beautiful guitar. I would recommend they get a job first.

As in most things, my think is that you get what you pay for. If you want quality, be ready to pay the price. First determine the standard of quality that fits your need.

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Nov 08 2014

Jazz Festival

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Our local community has a lot to offer. Although we have our problems with unemployment, we combat the attitude with a positive outlook. We have so many community programs to help those who are struggling. We also have people who put together craft festivals, parades and music programs.

My husband and I attended an awesome jazz concert put on by local music enthusiasts. It was great to see so many talented people who get together to offer entertainment for our community. The free concert was so much fun. The auditorium was packed and we saw many people we knew.

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Mar 05 2014

Unanswered Questions

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I have come to the conclusion that for some questions, there are no answers. Wow! that sounds very deep!
I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to find the answer to something that should be obvious to someone who has studied music. What is a trumpet finger ring? Is it used to add stability to a trumpet or does it have a function such as making notes sound different? I have no idea and cannot find the answer.

 photo trumpetring_zpsa3d2a1ba.jpg

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Jan 23 2014

Birthday Girl

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I can hardly believe that my great niece is 2! We traveled to her home to celebrate her birthday. It has been a long time since I have been to a child’s birthday. There were toddlers coming out of the woodwork but they were all well behaved. It was so much fun to watch them interact with each other. Our little niece was giving everyone hugs. Her little friend, Anna, was using a microphone to sing happy birthday. It was as real as the akg microphones at musicians friend and she was digging it! We laughed until I thought my sides would split.

We had cake that was decorated in a character from cartoons. I had never heard of this character so I can’t remember who he was. My niece got a new bicycle from her grandma. I doubt she will be able to ride it for a while. Her feet barely reach the pedals. Her legs are going to have grow a bit longer.

It was a fun day and made me appreciate not having toddlers under foot these days!
 photo DSCN0058_zps4848d8bf.jpg

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Dec 22 2013

Christmas Cantata

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Today, at church, we performed the Christmas cantata we have been practicing for two months. Every year I say that the music from that year was the best yet and I am saying it again. I loved this year’s cantata. There were no solos which I think detract from a small town choir. The harmonies were beautiful. The instrumentals didn’t over power our voices even though the musicians had excellent equipment such as a sennheiser hd201. We performed in a small sanctuary that had wonderful acoustics. I think the audience enjoyed the performance and we honored our God with praise.

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Nov 20 2013

Making a Joyful Noise

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I hate that I didn’t keep playing my guitar and other musical instruments after I graduated high school. Just like riding my bike, I could play and enjoyed doing so. I could entertain myself for hours. I don’t think anyone else could have stood it but it was fun for me. I could get some good bass effects with my tiny speaker and that was good enough for me.

Last week, I got my flute down from the basement shelf and tried to produce a note from it. I was able to produce a sound but my husband thought something was wrong with our furnace. He said he heard a horrific noise and was ready to call the plumber. LOL It was only me, trying to get some music out of a long forgotten flute.

 photo Hurts-my-ears_zpsc8ad4999.jpg

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Mar 22 2012

Loving Music

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One of the best things my folks did for my sisters and me was that they made music available to us. I took guitar lessons, my sister took accordion lessons and all three of us girls were involved in the band program in school. We also enjoyed singing. My dad liked to get us started singing gospel hymns. We would sing The Church in the Wildwood and try to sing all the parts. The harmony we arrived at was not always the best but we had fun. We loved it when Dad would sing You Get a Line, I’ll get a Pole.
Martin guitars are a great guitar for beginners and experienced players. They have a wide price range to enable a youngster to start with a great guitar and move up to a model that suits their ability. I remember learning to handle my guitar with respect. I didn’t want anyone putting their finger prints on it! I’m telling you, once you get a child interested in music, their life changes!

I can remember going to my bedroom and learning songs on my guitar. I’m sure mom and dad enjoyed it when we girls found something to do besides fight over clothes. I found so much enjoyment in playing my guitar. As a parent, I recommend that kids learn about music. Music is a way for children to learn discipline and pride. Once they learn how to strum a guitar, they will never lack a way to make friends.

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