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Nov 05 2011


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I hear that there is a turn around in the hospitality industry. Hotel managers, culinary graduates and maintenance workers are finding it a bit easier to find work.

I know, for myself at least, the holidays are a time for shopping til I drop. That means I enjoy staying at a hotel and not driving the hour and half trip home. I plan on buying less this year but that doesn’t mean I have to give up a fun time.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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Dec 30 2009


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Is everyone back to work at your house? We are still enjoying the holiday season with our children who arrived on the 27th and 28th of December. We opened our gifts on December 28 and had our Christmas dinner last night. Hubby cooked a turkey in the fryer. Yummm!

Friends of ours have started their college grad job search and others have started their new jobs. One friend’s daughter is relocating to San Antonio! I am envious of her chance to leave this bitter cold winter weather. I just came back from the mailbox at the end of our driveway. Brrrr! Now my nose is running and my glasses are fogged up. Ha! The only thing I like about winter is having different clothes to wear. Bring out the sweaters!

Here is my Granddog, Chandler, in his new sweater:

Here is Elsie:
and Brody:

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Jul 31 2008

Education in the Information Technology Field

Does it bother you to see college graduates who end up in low paying jobs? It bothers me. They have invested so much time and money in a field that has no future or is saturated with employees. The IT industry is one that will not disappoint students. It is full of job possibilities to those studying in the field. In fact, the industry keeps growing at such a pace that it will most certainly always need people. When you think about how far the industry has changed in the past ten years, it is only reasonable to think that the industry will need even more people in the future. If students want a future in a well paying industry, they should consider the Information Technology field. People who are already in the IT industry can increase their knowledge with additional certification programs. In an industry that is growing and constantly changing Cisco certification programs are enabling people to come away from their years of education with viable careers. General certifications include routing & switching, design, security, service provider, storage networking, voice and wireless. There are various degrees in each type of study beginning with entry level on up to professional and expert levels. Specialist certifications in technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless are also offered. There is another reason to become involved with the learning network, Cisco. They are interested in seeing you succeed. Go to the Cisco website to discover how you can become involved in the exciting Information Technology industry.

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