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Aug 25 2013

Football Schedule

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We missed watching the Colts play last night on television. I cannot believe I missed all the advertising that surely told they would be playing a game. I was checking out Ukulele Instruction at Musician’s Friend and as interesting as that was, I sure would have enjoyed watching the game, especially since they won the game.

Hubby and I went to a movie Friday night. We saw We Are the Millers. OMG! That was a funny movie. It was hard for me to get around all the foul language but otherwise enjoyed the humor. What was running through my mind was the movie we watched a few evenings prior, Snitch. In Snitch, a young man was jailed for a one time offense, the mood of this movie was totally different from the Millers where they were hauling a whole load of marijuana. I had to keep telling myself it was only a movie. I kept thinking of the consequences of the crime.

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Sep 16 2012

Fall Lineup

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Summer is usually my favorite season. This year, not so much. The dry spell made it hard to keep my flowers looking nice. The garden had to be watered and I always feel like that is cheating. I was ready for fall.

I am starting to enjoy watching football. My daughter and husband explain to me what is going on play by play. It makes it so much more interesting to know what is going on.

I am looking forward to the new fall television line-up. Some of the shows like X-Factor and The Voice have started. I get sucked in to watching those shows. Simon Cowell made a strategic move when he hired Britney Spears as a judge. I watch just to see if she has any intelligence.

I also like to watch the shows about real estate. Some of the reality shows portray the east coast as full of people who are only into wild partying and immoral life styles. The real estate shows show real communities with people who are living just like me. Just trying to make a living and lead a productive life.

Are you looking forward to fall and settling in for the winter?

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Jan 15 2011


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I played basketball in junior high. We had to take a test to show that we understood the rules. I am very uncoordinated but still, I liked to try and it was great exercise. When I was a kid, my dad would play horse with us. Have you ever played horse? Horse consists of shooting baskets while standing at different points around the goal. Every time you miss getting a basket, you have to take a letter. Miss a basket, take an H and so on. The first person to spell Horse is the loser. Or maybe it is, you take a letter every time you make a basket. I can’t remember! Oh well, it was fun. Those rounds of shooting the ball started my love of basketball. I never played football in school. I wish I had so I could understand the game better. When my husband watches the Colts play I find myself playing Farmville. I just don’t understand how the game works.

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Our two local high schools played each other on the basketball court last night. I was sad to learn that the high school I graduated from lost this game but glad to hear that they fought hard. The score was very close. That makes me smile.

I will be listening as the Seahawks play the Bears tomorrow. Football equals great computer time. 🙂

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Oct 04 2010

Mondays Come Too Soon

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I love weekends in fall. We don’t have to mow grass now and we can really enjoy our yard. As long as the temperature stays above 60 degrees, I can be outside. I love being able to wear sweatshirts and jeans.

Fall means cooking soups and stews in this house. My husband made his own concoction on Saturday. His soup had sausage, chicken thighs, broth and all sorts of vegetables. I am going to need to use hoodia if he keeps cooking like this. I have to get him back to using vegetables to make his soup and leave out all the butter, cream and sausage. It sure does taste good though.

We got into the football spirit on Sunday and cheered for the Colts. Our dogs got into the action too! We were all very sad when Jacksonville kicked that last field goal. It was an exciting game.



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