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Jul 05 2016


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We celebrated the fourth of July at a friend’s last evening. Each of the couples brought food and it was all yummy. We brought watermelon and strawberries. Trying to be health conscious! That was like trying to swim against the current. There were burgers, potato salad and baked beans. Someone brought the most delicious sugar cookies made with cream cheese frosting, topped with strawberries and blueberries. My friend, Sarah, always brings her awesome snack mix made with teddy grahams, cinnamon toast crunch, peanuts and m & m’s. I cannot stop myself when I get started eating that yummy snack.

As usual, the guys retreated to the great outdoors while we girls gathered around the dining room table. We laughed about dogs, getting old and the funny things kids do. It was nice, light conversation and very enjoyable.

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend.

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Jul 25 2013

Cool and Breezy

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I love this cool weather! This is such a nice break from the hot, humid weather we have had the past month. I hope August stays comfortable with low temperatures. I won’t be placing any bets though. August is usually so hot that it feels like a cloud hangs over everything.

I have been quilting so much the past few weeks. I am trying to get all the quilts finished so mom can take them to the mission and donate them. I am going to need an anti fatigue mats from madmatterinc.com soon. It is so frustrating to be all gung ho to finish a project only to be haltered by hurting joints. It does make me learn to rest!

We have not had good luck buying corn on the cob. It tastes old and isn’t juicy at all. We usually get good corn in August. I guess we were jumping the gun buying what we did. Our tomato plants are producing some nice Better Boys and it tastes so good to eat them with corn on the cob. If they would just produce their best product at the same time, our palates would be pacified.

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Mar 03 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

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I have been gone and missed this for a few weeks and I was determined not to let it slip by again this week. For that reason, I am early!

Acting Balanced

1. Which are you better at: Reading, Writing or Math?
I wish I were better at writing because that would make blogging a lot easier. I know what is in my head but have a hard time putting it into words. I am better at reading although I find myself skimming.
2. Tell us a good ‘come back’ story. Where you were down but were able to reverse fortunes and come out on top.
While turning a corner on gravel, I dropped my motorcycle and broke my elbow. I was determined not to be afraid and made myself ride again.

3. Which would you rather do: dine out or eat in?
Because my husband does the cooking, I would rather eat in.

4. What is one thing the someone close to you does that just annoys the heck out of you?
They interrupt me before I can finish a sentence.

Now for my question…
Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

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Feb 26 2011

Happy Saturday!

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Ahhhh! A big sigh of relief has been emitted from my being. Does that sound too intense? Not if you knew about all that has been happening around here. I am too old to worry about my children but too emotional not to. Thankfully, they have worked out their roadblocks and all is well. Sorry to be evasive but I don’t want to put their personal lives out there for all to read. I know that many of you can relate to the saying that you never stop worrying about your children.

Today must be comfort food day. My husband just made waffles and threw butterscotch chips into the batter. I will be looking at those best way to lose belly fat ads in a whole new light today!
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My daughter just moved from her apartment. I have been thinking about how awful it would be to move. We have lived in this house for twenty-five years and have accumulated so much stuff. I keep sorting and cleaning but the stuff keeps multiplying.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Feb 05 2011

Warning! This Might Make You Hungry

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I wish my husband would have had the push he needed to go to culinary school when he graduated from high school. That field was not as popular as it is today. He had various jobs, electrician’s helper, meat cutter and now that he owns his own business, he is a floor covering merchandiser. It is a rewarding field but his first love, in my opinion, is cooking.

For three days now, he has been talking about making French toast. That sounded great to me! I didn’t know he would be fixing gourmet French toast. LOL OMG! It was wonderful. He took a loaf of bread and cut it into thick slices, stuffed them with cream cheese and grape jelly, dipped them in egg batter and fried them. Yummy.




If you notice I am mia, I am in the basement, walking on the treadmill.

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Jan 27 2011

There are Frogs and then there are Frogs

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My daughter, the culinary guru, sent me pictures she had taken last Tuesday. She attended a culinary show in Orlando. Yes, my lucky daughter, who loves snow, lives in sunny Florida. She deals in food. All types of food. She loves to cook! Eeew!

I had to share her version of an interesting frog display:


and then I have my version:


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Jan 08 2011

Four Foods on Friday #129

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From Val's Kitchen
Can you believe we are up to #129 on Four foods on Friday? It is so much fun. You should participate. Simply click on the icon and you will be directed to Val’s blog, Fun Crafts and Recipes. She reviews products and has wonderful recipes to share.

This weeks question:
This week’s question is, Do you have any food quirks?

Okay, after thinking long and hard about this, I came up with a couple of quirks about my food habits.

I cannot stand old, mushy bananas. I feel really guilty though when I throw them out. I feel like I should make banana bread out of them but don’t need the calories. I love banana bread!

I have to shake the salt shaker on my food. I don’t even taste the food to see if it needs salt. I am so bad.

I don’t cook very much. You will find my husband in the kitchen using his new cookware. Yes, it is his cookware. I am allowed to use it occasionally. He is very picky about his knives. He is a collector of custom knives. He does not use his Spyderco Persian knife in the kitchen. No, he has Wolfgang Puck knives for that. I love that he cooks. I would rather clean the house and sew.

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Jan 05 2011

Four Foods on Friday #128

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From Val's Kitchen You would think that with the new year being new and all, I would be able to be on time. I have so much book work with our business that I find myself trying to decide whether to tackle the end of the year books or write my reviews that have been due for a while. Decisions, decisions!

All stressing aside, here is last weeks Four Foods on Friday question….
Tell me four hot teas you like or don’t like.

Oh no! I am not a tea drinker. I have no idea what types of tea are out there. I only think of tea when I am sick with a sore throat. I have heard that tea is calming to a raw throat. I don’t know if it works. I hope to read everyone’s answer to this question and find out a great tea to try.

Are any of you tea drinkers? Know of a great tea I should try?

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Dec 21 2010

Four Foods Last Week

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From Val's Kitchen
I’m assuming that Val is caught up in trying to get everything done during the holidays, cook meals, working as seo of her home and working full time outside her home. Here is the Four Foods on Friday question for last week.

Tell me your four favorite fruits.

That is an easy one. I absolutely love a big juicy orange. Did you know that oranges originated in southeast Asia? It takes mutation to make my favorite, the navel orange. The naval orange contains no seeds so it is sterile. Poor thing. Navel oranges continue to be produced through cutting and grafting. I wonder what seo services it took to work through all that genetic makeup. If I had done it, we probably would have oranges the size of a quarter.

Oh! I guess we are supposed to list 4 fruits that are our favorites.
Okay, bananas because they are so easy to take with me. Apples because they help my digestive system and kiwi because they taste so good.

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Dec 04 2010

Four Foods on Friday #125

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From Val's Kitchen
This weeks Four Foods on Friday:
Tell me four things that you like cold or uncooked almost as much as you like cooked.

I like tuna when it is made into tuna salad for sandwiches. I don’t usually like tuna warmed up. I do make a mean Tuna Casserole!

I too, enjoy a good meatloaf sandwich. Especially on whole wheat bread with lots of ketchup. We often eat our leftovers on tv trays in the living room. Shhh, don’t tell my kids.

I like rice when it is cold. Add sugar and raisins.

I like spaghetti when it is put into a cold salad and mixed with green peppers, red peppers, black olives and Italian salad dressing.

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