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May 22 2015

Gone Fishin’

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Yep! It is that time of year. Hubby is down south, on the water. He is catching large bluegill and couldn’t be happier. The weather is a tad bit cold but maybe that is why they are catching such big fish.

I closed the store today and plan to go over to my mom’s house and sew all day! It is going to be a great day. I haven’t been to mom’s since she got home from Arizona. That is awful but with Mother’s Day and the Spartan Race taking up the weekends, I haven’t had a chance to go. She and I have been shopping and she has checked on my long arm quilting progress. I cannot wait to get into the “zone” and sew all day today.

I hope everyone is able to take a day off this Memorial Day weekend. I am especially grateful to the men and women who serve and have given it all to make our country free.

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May 22 2014

Gone Fishin’

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Hubby has left for his annual fishing trip. Two or three years ago, when I went with him, we fought buffalo gnats. Buffalo gnats are blood sucking flies from the Simuliidae family. For the flies to produce eggs for reproduction it is necessary for the female of the species to consume a blood meal from its human and animal prey.

Unfortunately for us the bite of a buffalo gnat can be more serious than dealing with unseemly bug bites and incessant itchiness for the next week. They look and feel awful. It was a miserable trip.

I hope the gnats don’t show up this year.

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Jun 06 2012

Wednesday’s Question

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Is the earth round? Does heaven exist? No, this isn’t that kind of question.

I was reading a blog and saw a fun meme that asked about my favorite beverage.

That is easy, I love Orange Crush. Long before the days of barcode scanners, my dad would take me fishing. On our way to the lake, we would stop to get bait. While at the bait shop, I was usually told to choose a candy bar, PayDay, and a pop, Orance Crush. Fishing was fun!


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May 20 2011

Gone Fishing!

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Hey, just wanted to let my blogging buddies know, my husband and I have gone fishing. This picture was taken on our first day on the water.


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May 26 2010

Mowing in Eighty Degree Weather

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I am not going to complain about the hot weather. I had cabin fever after so many dreary days this winter and spring that I thought I would go crazy. The thing about hot weather is that when you take care of the yard you really get a work out. OMG! Someone get a spirometer and check my lung capacity. My face is beet red! My husband mows two and a half acres of our yard and while he is away on a fishing trip, I thought I would surprise him and have the yard mowed so he wouldn’t have a big mess to come home to mow.

I have recovered and am ready to go a quilt guild meeting tonight. Our speaker is Cindy Claycamp, the president of our state guild. She is a Hoosier quilt historian and will be giving a discussion geared to the home care & display of heirloom quilts. Claycamp is one of fewer than 100 certified quilt appraisers approved by the American Quilt Society in the United States. She has been quilting 35 years and has owned antique and fabric shops for many years.

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May 13 2010

Fishing In Greene County

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Some commentors have asked for more information about my husband’s favorite fishing spot, Linton, Indiana. While we generally fish for Blue Gill, there are also Largemouth Bass and Trout for the taking. After a long hard winter, fishing resumes each spring to the delight of many outdoor enthusiasts.

We like to get up early and head into Linton for a big breakfast, stop by the bait shop to pick up a paper towel rolls worth of crickets and head to the lake. The bait shop proprietor has found a nifty way to gather a dozen cricket quickly by scooping with the cardboard core left from a roll of paper towels. Once in awhile, we eat breakfast at the bait shop. The proprietor’s wife makes the most delicious oatmeal pancakes. They are good enough for me to get past the icky smell of the bait shop. My head has a hard time adjusting to eating while watching turkey hunters bringing in dead turkeys but I manage somehow.

Bellies full, bait can filled and we are ready to head down the road for some fishing.

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May 13 2010

Sprucing It Up

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I am tired of cold, rainy weather! That is why hubby and I have decided to go fishing this weekend. The yard will get a quick trim so it won’t be a big deal to get into shape when we get back. I am looking forward to sitting in the boat, letting the sun shine on my pale face and baiting crickets. Well, the crickets could wait but everything else sounds nice.

We fish in southern Indiana at what were coal mining sites. The ground has been reclaimed and there are lakes everywhere. You could fish on a different lake every day if you wanted. Hubby is in charge of that. I am in charge of getting myself dressed and fed. Such a life!

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Dec 15 2009

Heads or Tails #118 Gone Fishin’

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The theme for Heads or Tails this week is “Heads~Gone Fishin’.” Make any kind of post about anything you might see, use or do while fishing.

I was thinking about how we fish around to give ideas for what others can get us for Christmas. I also thought about cute pictures of my hubby when he was a little boy. He fished quite a bit with his dad. Then, I found this video, “Why I don’t ice fish.”

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Apr 20 2008

Gone Fishing

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This weekend flew by. I missed my hubby while he was fishing and it is nice to have him home again. We will have to move the fitness equipment over again so he can put his boat back in that spot. It was worth the effort to get his tackle organized and get to the lake. He caught several nice bass and bluegill. Now, to find the time to have a fish fry!


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Jan 24 2008

I Hope I Win!

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Valentine’s Day will be here soon and I have been trying to think of something different to celebrate the holiday. It is fun to have a holiday in the midst of the gray snowy days of winter.

I ran across a fun contest called Game O Love that would sure surprise my husband if I won. I am always checking out Overstock.com because I find great buys there.

Overstock.com’s “Game O Love” is easy to enter. It has many categories to choose a prize from and I chose mine from the sports section. My husband is learning to tie his own flies and is slowly gaining the tools necessary to expand on his hobby. While looking at all the fly rods and flies at Overstock.com I was having trouble deciding which to choose. That is when I saw the perfect thing! We added a “lodge themed” room onto our house and I saw the coolest fishing creels. They are just what we have been looking for to hang with the snowshoes and other sporting equipment on our walls and shelves. I sure hope I win!

You should check out Overstock.com’s Valentine’s Day Game and see what your sweetie would love you to win.

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