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Sep 13 2016

Shop Hopping

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 photo hwy 36_zps4p5aumns.jpg
I just got home from spending a week with my mom and two sisters. We fabric shopped our way through Missouri on the Highway 36 quilt trail. The theme for this years trail is barns. Each of 17 shops made up their own pattern for a barn block and then made the quilts with the blocks. They were all different! It was fun to visit all the shops and see what was new in the way of fabric, techniques and quilt design. Each shop owner was friendly and encouraging. I came home with new projects to start! I haven’t finished projects from 5 years ago! Ha!

I also got to see my grandson, Max. He is walking all over the place and is hard to pick up now that he weighs 25 pounds! He is still good natured and happy. He was even smiling after getting his shots the day before we visited. He gave me and his great grandma a kiss without being prompted. That was so special.

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Feb 20 2016

What a Week

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Hubby and I babysat our grandson for a whole week. Our kids went on a cruise so we were left to tend the baby. What an honor! We had such a good time but the saying, have your children when you are young is true. I could not wait to get into bed each night. Luckily, the baby slept through the night. I guess that is a rarity so the Lord had a hand in that I am sure.

By Wednesday, we were getting cabin fever and opted to head out on an adventure. Back in September, I had eaten at a restaurant while checking out fabric shops. Hubby and I ended up eating at the same restaurant. I didn’t realize it was the same one until we got there. The place has the best home cooked food. They also have baked rolls and bread that was so yummy. The baby was so good while we ate. It might have helped that we just fed him his own lunch.

From there we went to an Amish Mercantile. They sold fabric, quilts and handmade wood furniture. I had intended on warming a bottle at that store but they only had cold water. Ugh. We ended up laying the milk on the dash of the car and let the sun warm it. Good thing we have a patient baby. As long as he didn’t see the bottle, he was willing to wait.

It was a fun day. The weather was warm and windy. The sun was out and the scenery was beautiful.

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Sep 17 2015

Civil War Replica Blocks

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I did three groups of blocks for the civil war Love Letter Quilt project.
 photo IMG_1275_zpstdnejpnk.jpg photo IMG_1276_zpsb3myzsmk.jpg photo IMG_1277_zpsi6po9e9m.jpg
Many of these blocks have flying geese sections. I had seen a nifty ruler at a quilt shop in Clemons, Missouri but I didn’t buy it. Yes, now I wish I had it. Just like having mid atlantic racks make building your home theater system so much better, specialty tools make getting those perfect blocks so much easier when sewing.

I have tried adding an eighth of an inch to each “goose” and that seems to help make the block come out the correct size. I changed the sewing machine needle to get a sharp poke for accurate stitching. I’m really bad about not wanting to change a needle. I didn’t even realize I had a quarter inch foot that fit my machine. That makes getting a quarter inch seam more accurate. For a person who likes to see a fast and easy put together quilt, this has been a challenge! I think the end result will be worth the extra effort. Only eighty some more blocks to go!

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Dec 03 2014

Pillow Case

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Years ago, I made pillow cases for pillows that we use to throw around when watching television. When I look at the work I did in making those cases, I am not too happy. There are so many loose threads! Today, I learned how to make a pillow case with a French seam. I hope I can do it again because my friend helped me make this one and I was a bit confused. When something is made with a French seam, all the raw edges get hidden in an elegant finished seam. Here is the little travel pillow I made today.
 photo IMG_0357_zps39dfc256.jpg
Instruction list for making a pillow case.
By Janet Wickell
Quilting Expert

Fabrics for One Pillowcase
All fabrics are cut across the fabric’s crosswise grain — from selvage to selvage. Use fabrics that are 42″ – 44″ wide; slight differences in width aren’t a problem, because you’ll trim everything to match later.

Pillowcase body: 28″ x full fabric width

Pillowcase cuff: 10″ x full fabric width

Pillowcase accent: 1-1/2″ x full fabric width

1. Fold the pillowcase body panel as it came off of the bolt, placing the panel vertically in front of you. Remove the selvages from the open side while using your rotary equipment to keep the sides of the panel at a 90-degree angle to each other.

2. Remove selvages from cuff and accent strip.

3. Press the 1-1/2″ accent strip in half all along its length, wrong sides together.

4. Place your 10″ deep cuff fabric on the table right side up, with what were originally its selvage edges to the left and right. Fabric should be its full width.

5. Place the folded accent strip along the top edge of the cuff fabric, raw edges matched.

6. Place the body fabric on top of the pile, right side down, matching its raw edge with the other aligned edges.

7. Pin the matched raw edges together and sew along the entire width (about 41-42″) with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

10. Open up the unit and press the accent seam towards the pillow body.

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Nov 20 2014

Creating with Family

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When my sister visits from Kentucky, we usually make a quilt of some kind. It might be a table runner or wall hanging. We don’t usually have time to make anything large. The year we made our fall table toppers, my sister from Texas was photo shopped into the picture. She rarely gets to be with us when we make projects. That changed last week! My other sister was able to join us and we made Christmas wreath table toppers. We used the small twister tool. That was fun. I have seen a lot of quilts made with the twister tool and admire them. Now, I can say I know how to use the twister tool. We each used different fabric so the toppers all look unique. They aren’t finished in these pictures but you can get the general idea. We had so much fun.

We used the Twister tool to make our block. Make pinwheel blocks by sewing together 5″ squares and then placing this 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ acrylic template on the seam intersections and cutting out squares, which will finish to 3″.
 photo twistertool_zps843d4102.jpg
The smaller twister tool is known as the Itty Bitty Pinwheel tool. Make pinwheel blocks by sewing together 2-1/2″ squares and then placing this 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ acrylic template on the seam intersections and cutting out squares, which will finish to 1″

There might be other sizes of the Twister tool.  photo IMG_0325_zps0a326e1f.jpg photo IMG_0323_zps57ecc35d.jpg photo IMG_0318_zps6c45a6b9.jpg photo IMG_0317_zps5bd8b321.jpg photo IMG_0319_zps9d56d9ed.jpg

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Nov 15 2014

Quilt Shop Hop with Cookies!

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 photo b1572177-4bc4-492e-9dd5-96850f8e68d9_zpsdd594146.jpg
Mom, my two sisters and I traveled to three different quilt shops today. There was a cookie event at two of the quilt shops. If you spent $25.00, you were to receive a beautiful cookie along with a cookie cutter. I was able to get two cookies. We had fun seeing new samples of quilts that inspired us. Christmas was in the air with all the new Christmas fabrics on display. We ate a couple of times and had some yummy dessert. It was a great day!

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Feb 18 2014

New Designs

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Sorry to be away from this blog for so long! I have 7 quilts to get quilted on the longarm. These are for customers who are distracted by rane signal processors while waiting for me to finish their quilts. The first quilt is made from fabric called Under the Australian Sun and is so pretty. I enjoyed quilting it using a pantograph called Rose Garden. It quilted out quickly. I used King Tut Sahara Shadows variegated brown thread with Glide #24525 Khaki, gold shiny bobbin thread, with a size 18 needle. The backing is a beautiful orange print.

 photo IMG_0544_zps1f3334b7.jpg

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Jan 15 2013

3 Simple Things to Make With a Scrap of Fabric

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It’s one of the pitfalls of being a crafter handy with a sewing machine – you constantly end up with scraps of fabric cut off from your larger projects. I may just bin the trimmings, but it seems so wasteful to be throwing away larger bits of fabric. I could save them to use in a patchwork, but occasionally the fabric just won’t fit with my color scheme. What then?
Here are a handful of mini-projects I’ve come up with to use up my fabric scraps, all of which can be done in an hour!

1) Pincushion
Is there anything more apt to make with scraps than a pincushion?
Simply cut out two same-sized squares of fabric, place the squares on each other with the insides facing out, pin and sew edges, leaving a gap to poke stuffing in. Turn the right way out, fill with your choice of fiber stuffing, and then hand-sew the gap closed. Add any adornment you want to finish – buttons, bows and frills look especially cute.

2) Coffee Cozy
Never burn your hands again on too-hot takeout cups – these make great gifts for coffee lovers too!
Simply grab a cardboard cup holder from your favorite coffee shop, undo where it’s stuck together, and use this as a pattern. Cut ¼in around the cup holder on 2 pieces of fabric and a liner fabric to insulate – fleece or felt works well.
Place the two fabric sides together, insides out, with the insulting layer below and pin together. On one end, place a thin elastic hair band between the inside and outside layer. Sew up, leaving a gap to turn the cozy the right way out. Turn the right way out, and then sew up the gap you left. Hand-sew a button onto the opposite end to the elastic loop, about 2 ½in in from the end.
Hint: Love the idea but no fabric scraps around? Try a knitted version!

3) Appliance Cord Tidy
If you’re always finding your appliance cords tangled up – even if you put them away with the cord perfectly wound up and tidy – this is a great craft idea for you. It secures the wire around the handle to keep it need and tidy.
Roll up your appliance cord around the handle, and then take a measurement around. Cut a strip of fabric this length plus 2 ½ in, and about 3 in wide. Fold the strip in half lengthways, iron, open it up, and then fold the two long edges into this center seam. Fold over the ends of the strip by ¼ in, and sew. Fold the strip in half along the crease, and then sew around the edges. Add a 2 in strip of Velcro to either end – either sew-on or iron-on.
Wrap around both cord and handle to keep together – great for irons, handheld electric whisks and even hairdryers!
What do you do with your scraps of fabric?

Estelle Page is a mum of two, interior designer and master crafter! When she’s not sewing a new pair of curtains for her ever-changing home, you can find her writing for Out There Interiors.

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Jan 11 2013

Part One of American Heritage Quilt

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As I said in a previous post, I decided to start working on the American Heritage Quilt. I bought the kit in Houston at the quilt festival and it had been on my to do list ever since. Here is the finished runner for part one.


By leaving off the end group of stars, I think this would make a beautiful wall hanging of the American flag.

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Dec 27 2012

Fabric is Out of the Bag

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What do you do when the weather is so crummy that customers don’t want to shop for carpet? You get out a long awaited project and start cutting fabric. I went to the Houston Quilt festival 3 years ago and came home with a few projects. While I did get the purse kits done, I kept pushing this quilt project to the back of the closet. I don’t know why. I am excited to make the quilt but it is a big one. Maybe I am afraid it is going to take a lot of time. So be it!


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