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Jun 14 2016

Bubble Run

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I had good intentions on being prepared for the Bubble Run my daughter and I are participating in on Saturday. I was doing well, running every day, until it rained. Then it got hot. Then I was lazy. I hope I don’t embarrass myself!

My dog has decided he is afraid of storms. He is stuck to me like glue because it is thundering and raining. Poor little guy. Guess I won’t be able to do laundry today. I have to cuddle my sweet Brody. (Things sound a bit different from when I was ready to kill him for running off the other day! LOL).

Here is Brody riding on the back of my husband’s bike.
 photo brody biking_zpslxnj8f3a.jpg

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Apr 04 2016


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I feel like a weakling while writing this post. My daughter and I just worked out and I am sweating and shaking. I guess that means I did something. I believe it means I can have fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert later!

I made cube steak, potatoes and carrots in the crock-pot this morning and I was hungry all day just from smelling the aroma.

I finished quilting a t-shirt quilt and am now working on a small wall hanging. I’m doing some intricate quilting on the wall hanging so it will take a while to finish. I enjoy that type of quilting. It is relaxing as long as my thread tension stays steady and my thread doesn’t break.

We watched the country music awards last night. Most of the songs weren’t very country, in my opinion. I did enjoy seeing the pretty dresses many of the stars wore. I couldn’t stay up to watch the end.

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Sep 23 2015


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I am the most klutzy person. I finally decided to start walking, running or riding my bike tonight. I could feel the quads burn! I was doing so great until my foot slipped off the pedal. I ended up with a sprained ankle. So much for exercising.

 photo klutz_logo_zpshtyvvb2j.jpg

Thankfully, it isn’t too bad. I am laying on the couch with an ice bag propped on my ankle. I’m eating left over pizza and waiting to find something decent on television. Enough of the pity party!

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May 17 2015


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 photo IMG_0896_zpsl6uevhhr.jpgYesterday, my friend, Linda, and I accompanied our daughters to Metamorah, Indiana so they could participate in a Spartan Race. It had rained the day before the race which made the course very muddy. My daughter and my friend’s daughter are both very physically fit but the mud made this run quite the adventure. My daughter is so sore from pulling herself up out of mud holes and climbing up hills. There were 22 obstacles in the 6 mile course. They were challenging but doable. The mud was the beast. They finished the course and tried to wash the mud out of their clothing. I’m glad we brought lots of towels for them to sit on in the car. It was a mess!

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May 02 2015

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

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I was about to give up on Indiana! I have always enjoyed living where we get to experience all four seasons and have been looking forward to warm weather. I love being able to open the windows and let the fresh air in. The month of April brought us more snow! I was not happy. Now, finally, in May we are having a nice spring. The daffodils are up in my flower beds and the trees in town are in full bloom in pinks and reds. It is a beautiful time of year.

My good friend and her daughter have been preparing to walk in the mini marathon in Indianapolis. They have checked out AvidMax to get the proper gear and have been increasing their walk lengths each day this past month. They arrived in Indianapolis this morning and walked the eleven miles! They walked around the speedway where the Indy 500 is held and even kissed the bricks as they crossed the historic original speedway bricks. I am so excited for them. Maybe next year, my daughter and I can run or walk this race. It looked like a lot of fun.

My daughter and I have had several starts and stops on our running excursions this year. We had a few nice days in February and ran but then it got treacherous to try to be outdoors and so our plans were halted. It is so frustrating to have the willingness but are thwarted by the weather. Excuses aside, I hope we get started again. It feels good to get in shape.

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Aug 19 2013

A Little Bit of Back Ache

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 photo photo_zps8c3fdb84.jpg

I don’t look nearly as tired as I really was from using the longarm all day. Maybe I didn’t work as hard as a Raleigh commercial real estate attorney but my back aches and I am ready for a break.

Using the longarm causes my lower back to tense up. I need to learn to relax those muscles and I really don’t know how to do that. In the meantime, I will sleep with a heating pad on my back.

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Jul 06 2012

A 5K First!

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Yes, for the first time ever, I walked in a 5K. For those of you who, like me, need that converted into miles, I walked over 3 miles.

I have been walking a fast 4 mile walk three or four times a week since the first of April. I want to get into shape. When the gym, where my daughter works, asked her to participate in the 5K walk/run she said yes. The money raised from the walk benefited the Wounded Warriors program. My daughter asked me to walk the 5K with her and I said sure! Yikes! What was I thinking? This walk was on the fourth of July in 85 degree temperatures. They weren’t even giving away any trophies to walkers; only runners received them. That’s okay. I was just happy to not be the last person to cross the finish line.

Anyway, I did it! Here is a picture of my daughter and me crossing the finish line.


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May 09 2012

The Coolest Thing!

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Have you heard of a Zorb ball? I am watching one of those shows where people bid on storage units. Sometimes the show irritates me. Too much going on! However, tonight’s show is interesting. There was a Zorb ball in one of the units. I totally forgot that when I was at the quilt show in Cincinnati a few weekends ago, there was a Zorb playground set up in a pool of water.


One could rent time in the ball. It was so much fun to watch the people roll around in the ball. Imagine a hamster ball but bigger. I might get claustrophobic but it was fun watching other people try to stand up in one. It is next to impossible, especially if the ball is in water. I would think it would give a great workout!

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May 08 2012

Walking Away

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I had trouble getting out of bed this morning. My daughter and I went for a walk last evening and I was worn out. My muscles are feeling the burn. That is good though, I am trying to get in shape.

I have been working on advertising a carpet sale. Our newspaper has a little trouble with spelling and so I am really having to reinforce my interest in proper grammar and spelling when I pay for an ad.

I opened the windows so I could smell the lilacs that are in bloom in our back yard. Oh my goodness! They smell heavenly.


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Aug 14 2010

Hurray for Saturday!

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I spent yesterday with a migraine. I had to work through it because our store is open on Fridays. Luckily, I was able to catch a nap that eased the pain quite a bit. Hubby and I ate supper at a Mexican restaurant and I had a Margarita that just about put me to sleep.

We rented The Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. It was predictable but entertaining. Seeing Jennifer run in high heeled shoes, and I mean 5″ heels, makes me want to get into shape. My daughter sent me some new exercises that sound fun and easy. I better get on it. I have my new tennis shoes, thanks to Val at Mom Knows It All. I won a gift certificate at her blog and I was finally able to purchase a good pair of shoes. Hubby even got a new pair and he loves them.


Thanks again Val!

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