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Nov 13 2017

Fall Is Cold

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Time to get out the winter coats. We sorted through our coats and will be dropping off a few to the local donation site. It is a local program that gives the coats to kids. Do you ever hold onto clothing items, thinking you will wear them, but never choose that item? I finally gave up on a few of my favorite coats. I always grab the same coat anyway!

We are watching our grand dogs while our son and daughter in-law pack up their house to move. This is going to be a long process and the move will not actually take place until this coming summer. The dogs like it here because they can go in and out the doggy door at their leisure.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I have bought one or two things but I don’t really have a plan. I am making myself nervous! I have so many quilts to get done for clients and that has taken priority.

Happy Fall everyone!

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May 14 2015

Me vs Holly Bush

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I won!
Our holly bush died last year. A few new sprigs were trying to grow but the entire bush was misshapen and looked out of place. I wanted it gone. I tried to dig it out last year but the ground was too hard so I gave up. We had a bit of rain on Monday and I decided the bush was leaving. I went to the shed and picked up the shovel. Why was I intent on working so hard?
 photo IMG_0879_2_zpstnzivrwj.jpg
I had not planned on working in the yard buy my daughter found a pit bull dog wandering in the middle of our busy street and brought him home. We put him in the back yard and called the various animal shelters to let them know he was here. I put the word out on Facebook and hoped for the best. He was a howler and would only relax when I was in the backyard with him. That is why I decided to tackle the holly bush. It took all afternoon to get that bush dug out and, miraculously, the dog’s owners called and claimed him. They were so relieved to get their dog back. I was so happy that the dog was “wanted”.

I had no idea that holly bushes roots were so deep. I had to use the shovel to cut the extended tangles of roots and pull the bush out. My back is yelling at me! I raked the dirt back to make the flower bed look uniform and now I wait to see how long it takes hubby to notice the bush is gone. It was on his to do list. Ha!

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Mar 18 2012

Is It Really Spring?

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It has been unseasonably warm here in the mid-west. We usually have 40 degree weather with chances of snow here and there. We have been having 70 degree weather. Our trees have budded out and our daffodils and tulips have begun to bloom. What will happen when it frosts? For now, I am enjoying the energy the sun gives me. I have been pulling weeds and picking up sticks. My dog loves taking a nap in the sunshine.


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Mar 02 2011

Wish I Had Pet Insurance

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When we got our dogs, we thought about getting dog insurance but didn’t really know much about it. Time slipped by and we never acted on our instincts. Had we know how cheap pet insurance could be, we would not have hesitated. We would have saved so much money in the long run.


Our poor little Brody came to us with kidney problems. I didn’t know you could cover a pet who already had an illness. It pays to check things out! You can get pet insurance for dogs and cats for a limited period of time following illness or injury. This coverage won’t put you in the poor house the way vet bills can. Check it out. You will be surprised how affordable pet insurance is.

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Jan 16 2011

Your Favorite

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Do you have a favorite pair of slippers? My daughter used to have some flannel pajamas that had monkeys all over them. She had slippers to match! Those slippers had monkey tails and our dogs would chase her around the house. The way those dogs were crazed over those slippers! You can guess correctly that those slippers died a slow and funny death. These days, when our daughter comes home, she dons her Count Dracula slippers. I don’t know how many years she has had these but I would guess at least 10 years. Do you have a favorite pair of slippers?


This post was inspired by my blogging friend Stace at All Stace, All the Time. I hope she finds her Felix the Cat slippers. :-/

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Sep 22 2010


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I wrote on my other blog about discovering that our sweet Boston Terrier, Elsie, will be seven years old next month. I find that hard to believe! She runs around like a race horse or sleeps most of the time. She is more like a cat than a dog. She only wants attention when it is her idea. I love to scratch her forehead wrinkles because they feel like velvet. She puts up with that but really doesn’t care to be pet the way most dogs do.

This weekend, my husband and I plan to visit our son and daughter in-law and visit the Transport Museum. The museum opened 7 days a week in 1957! I cannot wait to report back about this interesting place.

I hope our plans don’t have to change. My husband is on the couch with tendinitis in his foot and ankle. This condition is so frustrating. It is brought on by the way he crosses his ankles when installing floor covering. He tries not to cross his ankles but 30 years of habit is hard to break. He just started a steroid pack so, hopefully it kicks in and he feels better right away.

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Apr 20 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Oct 07 2008

Black and White for Heads or Tails

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Today’s theme on Heads or Tails is black or white. Well, here are my black and white spoiled rotten dogs.


For more Heads or Tails variations on black and white check out Heads or Tails.

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Aug 06 2008

Gone to the Dogs

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I was pleasantly surprised to find a comment from Gaby Bruna on one of my posts. Just from reading my blog Gaby, videographer for the WashingtonPost.com, knew that I would be interested in a little video story on Doggy Happy Hours. Gaby was correct! You have to watch this video.

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Jun 02 2008

Please, Help Me Decide

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I need your help. I won a contest over at FeeFiFoto. For the whole summer I get to have one favorite photograph incorporated into a landing page on FeeFiFoto. Here lies the problem. How do I choose a favorite photo? Which one would you want to see on FeeFiFoto? Take a look at the site to see Laura Williams picture and get a feel for what would look nice. Laura won the winter contest. Aren’t her muddy kids absolutely adorable?

I need some help! PLEASE! I told her I would get a picture right over to her and I cannot decide. Should it be a picture of my puppies on a quilt that I made?


Or should it be one of my favorite pictures of my hubby and me?


Or this one? (I was happily holding a Northern Pike until the slimy thing started to slip. EEW!)


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