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Jul 27 2010

She Deserves to Win!

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My friend Vickie, who blogs at Vixens Den has entered the CSN Stores Big Bad Bedroom Breakup contest for a $10,000 bedroom makeover. She has made it to the top 86 finalists and needs our help to make her the winner.

Vickie and her family have had a rough couple of years yet she is always looking at the bright side you know, those loose diamonds we all wish we could cash in on. I would love to see her win this beautiful bedroom makeover.

Please go to #2-Vickie in Escondido and click on the picture of her bedroom. On the next page, click the 5th star. If you don’t belong to Facebook, click #2-Vickie in Escondido to vote.
Thanks so much for your help.

This is the picture you will need to look for and click on.


Voting is open until September 10th, so tell everyone you know!

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Jul 08 2010

Check Out the Popsicle® Promotion

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While driving to my mom’s house to deliver a cupcake last night, I heard about the Anything’s Possible with Popsicle® promotion. (Any advertisement that varies from the usual acne treatment ad seems to garner my attention. LOL) Click the logo and enter now for a chance to win one of three awesome family adventures. Just give the answer to the riddle on your Popsicle® stick and you’re entered!


It is so simple:
*Choose which adventure you would like to win:
Dolphin Dive, Swim with a dolphin in Orlando, Florida, Visit Space Camp® and experience an astronaut’s life at the official Space Camp® or participate in a Dinosaur Dig and dig up Jurassic fossils in Wyoming.

*Enter the answer to the riddle on your Popsicle® stick.

*Register so they know who to contact when you win.



While you are at the website, check out things you can do every day to help slow the melt of the polar ice caps! Popsicle® is partnering with National Geographic Kids™ to help slow the melt of the polar ice caps.

What a great website! Chances to win great prizes and the opportunity to do something to help our environment. Check it out!

I was not compensated in any way to tell everyone about this.

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Jan 04 2010

Win a Keurig Brewing System

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Have I told you how jealous I am of my mother, my sister in-law, my son and my friend, Linda? Well I am and its not because they vacation in one of those fabulous Orlando villas. It is because they own a Keurig Brewing System. I love visiting their houses and choosing a coffee or tea to brew. It is fun. They even have one of these coffee makers at one of the quilt shops I visit! Am I the only one who doesn’t have one of these fantastic coffee brewers?


Jennifer is holding a giveaway of a Platinum Brewing System with 4 boxes of K-Cups!!! You can find out how to enter by visiting her blog J Leigh Designz. I hope I win. I want one of these soooo bad!

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Apr 11 2009

I Won the Contest and an Xshot Camera Extender!

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I never dreamed that just by re-tweeting a message on Twitter, I could win $100!!! The information was right there in front of me. A friend of mine, Heather, gave me the heads up on the offer. Thanks Heather! She said, enter by re-tweeting this “Please follow @murraynewlands @carbonadvicegrp @heatherinbc @Xshot #murraynewlands.com http://bit.ly/qN1FG, RT 2 Win” and so I did! Today I found out that I won!

The contest was an effort to promote launching of a Green Affiliate Marketing blog and to promote green online marketing. Murray Newlands is the author of the fabulous e-book, “How to Twitter Successfully and Gain Followers”. Not only did I win $100 but I discovered a fantastic e-book that takes its readers step-by-step through the process of making twitter work to our advantage. Very interesting reading for those of us interested in using Twitter to promote ourselves whether monetarily or socially.

Now, for the icing on the cake. I won an XShot Camera Extender! I have been wanting one of these and drool every time my friends show me how they have been using one to get great photos. Do you experience that awkward feeling when asking a stranger to take a picture so you can be in a photo along with your friends? When you use the XShot it only looks like someone else took the picture.


The XShot Camera Extender slips into the tripod mount on a camera and has a comfortable nonslip grip that secures XShot in your hand. When you use the XShot Camera Extender, you can be in the picture with your friends! No need to be the one who is left out of the picture.

I’ll be sure to show you my pictures as soon as I start using my XShot.

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Jan 23 2009

Win a Quilted Tool Holder

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PhotobucketExcitement abounds! I am having my first giveaway! Well, to be honest, I am not holding the giveaway but I AM giving something away. You can enter to win my quilted tool holder and many other beautiful items. There are many Etsy shop owners participating in Bella Casa’s Etsy Party. Check it out! There are earrings and other jewelry giveaways as well as artistic prints, purses and beautiful boxes that keep you organized.

Enter to win during Bella Casa’s Etsy Party!!!


Monday, January 26 – Friday, January 30

At Bella Casa Blog!


Look at what my giveaway is:


How many uses can you come up with for this cute little tool holder. I love keeping my most used quilting supplies in it. You might use it for make up or crayons.

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Jan 18 2009

Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card at Blogaways

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Blogaways is an online coupon blog that is holding a $25 iTunes gift card giveaway! Check out Blogaways for coupons, giveaways and contests, and for a chance to win a $25 iTunes gift card!


You have until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, January 24th, 2009 to enter the Blogaways $25 iTunes gift card giveaway. A winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, January 25th, 2009, and announced that afternoon.

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Dec 08 2008

Win BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome!

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What do you do with all the stuff you collect? My green bracelet from PPP’s party at the Las Vegas nightclub, Tao, is still on my jewelry stand. Do your doo dads hold sentimental value? My friend, Drew, has decided it is time to part with some of the items he has collected over the years. He calls his mystery collection the Big Box of Awesome. Drew has been to some neat places and conventions so I would venture to guess that his Big Box of Awesome holds some cool items. He did give me a hint as to one of the items in his mystery collection. It is a pair of brown leather gloves, size large. Wow! He has better doo dads than me.

You can have a stab at winning the Big Box of Awesome over at Drew’s blog. Head over there to see more of what’s in the Big Box of Awesome and enter the contest.

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Nov 16 2008

Fill Your Bathtub with Cereal

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Do you understand why I am addicted to reading my friend’s blogs? If I didn’t spend hours online, I would never find out all the important things that happen in life! I just saw on Ted Murphy’s blog that he is giving away 52 boxes of cereal! Are you asking why? You have to know Ted. He is all about giving and helping others.


Enter Ted’s contest and help a family in need. All you have to do is blog or twitter about the contest and tell Ted what your favorite cereal is. You can choose to keep your winnings or give them away, but if Ted’s contest gets over 500 unique comments, he’ll give another 52 boxes of cereal to his local food bank. You win, they win, we all win together!

Jump on board and get everyone excited about this contest and we might start a snowball event! Just think, everyone will be helping feed those who are hungry.

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Nov 05 2008

How Cute is Your Pet?

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PhotobucketI was just talking with a customer who decided to wait to replace his carpet. His dog is getting old and is beginning to have accidents. I understand his reasoning. I have been there! Our dogs our like children to us. We think they are funniest and of course the cutest animals on earth. Do you think your pet is cuter than ours?

Is your pet cute enough to win you $300?
Enter the Anamigo Pet Photo contest and find out.
Entries that get the most votes will win daily and weekly cash prizes.
You could win:
– Daily prize of $25. (You have 7 days to win!)
– Weekly prize of $125

Get your camera out and email your friends. Your furry friend could bring you in cash!

Check out Anamigo’s FREE Pet Photo Contest!

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Jun 02 2008

Please, Help Me Decide

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I need your help. I won a contest over at FeeFiFoto. For the whole summer I get to have one favorite photograph incorporated into a landing page on FeeFiFoto. Here lies the problem. How do I choose a favorite photo? Which one would you want to see on FeeFiFoto? Take a look at the site to see Laura Williams picture and get a feel for what would look nice. Laura won the winter contest. Aren’t her muddy kids absolutely adorable?

I need some help! PLEASE! I told her I would get a picture right over to her and I cannot decide. Should it be a picture of my puppies on a quilt that I made?


Or should it be one of my favorite pictures of my hubby and me?


Or this one? (I was happily holding a Northern Pike until the slimy thing started to slip. EEW!)


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