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Jan 10 2011

Sit and Spin

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Here I sit. I refuse to get angry but I am a bit annoyed. What would put me in this state? A Workman’s Comp auditor who is supposed to be at our business but has yet to arrive. I feel paralyzed.

I have done all the menial things I can find to do. I have read the newspaper, written thank you notes for Christmas gifts and updated our tile price list. I don’t want to start any in depth projects for fear of being interrupted. When I start projects, my left brain attitude insists that I finish them. For instance: I started marking our area rug book with new prices. I started this project before Thanksgiving. I got interrupted and it is still sitting on my desk. I know how I am. I also know, when I make an appointment with someone, I show up. Grrrr.

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Aug 06 2010


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There is just something about Friday that makes the whole week worth going through. I guess it is knowing that tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in. I never sleep in though, no matter how hard I try. I start to think of all the things I want to accomplish for the day and jump out of bed. Um, I should say drag myself out of bed. After coffee, I can get busy.

Today’s weather is so nice! We have had so many hot, sultry days that take one’s breath away. It has not been a very enjoyable summer. I have been miserable wearing protective clothing as I crawl under our pine trees in search of poison ivy. My dogs rub up against the poison ivy plants and then I get it because I love to nuzzle in their necks and give them love. This cool weather will make getting some outdoor jobs completed so much easier.

I spent all day yesterday making a purse from a pattern that said it could be done in 2 hours. Shea, right. It is a cute little tulip bag. It was easy so maybe the next one will only take 2 hours.

Today, I need to catch up on our business’s paper work. All play could get me fired! Have a great Friday everyone.

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Jan 30 2010

Colt’s Purse in Progress

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Today’s plans have changed! Instead of clearing all the tax papers from my office furniture, I will be sewing. Often, on Saturday, I work in my office to avoid interruptions that can cause me to make mistakes when working with numbers. It is crazy how much more quickly I am able to get things done without the interruptions. Hubby usually runs the customer side of our business on Saturdays. I’ve always thought that if he would work in the store instead of installing, we would sell so much more carpet. He can dig through stuff and satisfy the customer’s needs much more so than I can. It isn’t that he is pushy; he knows what he is talking about when it comes to how things should be done. He installs to make sure things are done the way they are supposed to be done. These attributes have afforded us thirty one years in business.
I digress to the topic as to why I will not be pushing numbers but the pedal of my sewing machine instead. I had a customer this morning! She saw a Colt’s purse I made for a friend and wants me to make one for her. I have the fabric and the time. Off to sew I go. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Aug 17 2009

Bits and Pieces

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I wish there was a way to slow down my weekends. The time goes by quickly. Does it seem that way to you?

I was rarely on my computer this past weekend because I was sewing. I made two purses for my Etsy shop. One is a slouch, or what some call a hobo bag. The other is a boutique bag.

I drove into town to get a pedicure and noticed we have a new business down the street. Their sign advertises HAVC filters and other services. Darn. I was hoping a fabric store would go in at that location. I will surely be in trouble if that ever happens!

We are under a thunderstorm watch here in the Midwest. We need rain badly but I don’t care for the thunder and lightning. I hope we don’t lose power. My computer battery has a life span of 3 minutes.

My plan to save all our important files and pictures on an external drive was spoiled today. The jack to the cord is bent. Grrr. I have to hold it a certain way, stand on my head and pray to get the files to load. Luckily, I was able to save everything onto my desk top computer. I just hope it doesn’t have problems before I can get new hard drive. I have not found the perfect answer for storing files. If anyone has a solution, please let me know.

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Sep 25 2008

Buy.com Saves Me

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I nearly had a mishap this morning. I save our business work on a jump drive. It has a template of our stationery and price lists of all our products. If anything happens to that jump drive, I will cry. To try and recreate all the information on that little piece of plastic would take hours. This morning I nearly had a heart attack when while crossing my legs; I kicked that little piece of information sticking out from my computer tower. It was in the shape of an L. I very carefully bent it back into place and checked that all my information was still there and it was.

I think it is time to get an external hard drive. I am checking out my most favorite shopping site, Buy.com. They have an entire section devoted to computers and technology. They give great descriptions to help me decide which item fits my needs. The best thing is that Buy.com has their price match guarantee. That means I will not find my item on sale for less at any of the other big name computer stores. I don’t have to spend hours searching for the best deal when I know Buy.com has what I need for the best price.

I have settled on the My Book external hard drive from Western Digital. It takes no more space than a paperback book and I can just plug it in and it’s ready to use. I can buy it at Buy.com for an amazing price and the shipping is free! It is time to make our business information safe with an external hard drive and I am so glad that Buy.com makes it affordable to do so.

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Aug 15 2008

Making It Balance

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Oh my goodness! It is the 15th of the month already. That means it is time to balance the business checking account. Isn’t it funny how certain days of the month remind us of tasks we need to deal with? The tenth of the month we have a deduction out of our personal checking account. I have to remember to put money in that account and almost always cut it close. The first of the month is when our health insurance premium is paid out of the personal account. I try not to let that make me dread the first of the month. Anyway, I have to balance the business account so if you don’t see me in an hour or so you will know it didn’t balance. I have to find any error, even if it is only a penny. Do you do that or just add or subtract the amount it is off?

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Jun 18 2008

Generate Sales Traffic to Your Business

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More businesses are using the Internet to market their products. They have begun to realize that more and more customers are using the Internet to not only buy products but to find service industry businesses. What is the first thing I do when I need a part for my sewing machine? I look online to see who has what I need. The businesses that come up on the top of the search results page are the ones I check out. Why do I choose them? Because they have more popularity that brings them to the top of the page. I assume that their popularity is because they are a reputable business. There are so many variables that put a business at the top of a search page and I do not pretend to know how that works. There are businesses who make it their priority to get a company the exposure they need when utilizing the Internet as a marketing tool for their business.

Business are only beginning to learn about SEO (search engine optimization) and how it is important when they begin promoting their business and/or products on the Internet. Because of the variables in algorithms, promoting their business is something that should be left to the professionals. To do otherwise, could be a waste of time. Chicago seo company, Global Directive Marketing Initiatives, (GDMI), is the expert when it comes to maximizing sales traffic to a website based on building relevancy and popularity. They have the know how when it comes to building online traffic, gaining visibility for your business, and making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Don’t rely on hit and miss methods to gain online recognition for your business. Let Global Directive Marketing Initiatives show you why they have been delivering sales opportunities to businesses for almost 30 years.

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May 29 2008

How Does Your Business Rate?

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As a business owner, I am always interested in ways to improve my business. I want to know what the customer wants and if they are receiving what they expect. This type of business intelligence is taken by granted too often. I hope more businesses engage in the service offered by Service Intelligence and make their businesses better. Service Intelligence has been working on improving businesses since 1992. They utilize many types of resources to help get a business up to it’s up most capabilities. For instance, they use mystery shopping services, customer surveys and advanced business analytics to see where improvements can be made. They work with your company’s employees and use interactive training programs to get them motivated and understand why procedures are made. They also utilize employee awareness campaigns that teach employees how to interact and handle situations. Make your business the best it can be with the aid of Service Intelligence.

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May 09 2008

Selling at the Flea Market

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It has been good to get together with my mom and my two sisters so we can discuss our upcoming flea market venture. We have never tried to sell our handmade bags and crafts this way. We have a few things to decide before we get to Knoxville. My niece has recommended a few things to us since she has done this type of sale before. She has a cash register that tallys each sale separately so we each receive credit for what we sell. She said a good credit card rating is something that will help us get our business up and running. I have been checking out the information given at creditcardsclub.com to get the best information for our business. If you are interested in information about different credit card offers they are a great source for information.

With our credit lined up and our booth rented, all we need to do is get our products made. The date will be here before we know it.

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Oct 30 2007

Managing Our Business

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There are days when this business becomes difficult to manage. I suppose, it depends on how busy we are with customers. I am not complaining. I appreciate all those customers who rely on us to come into their homes and install new floors. They know we will do a great job.

I have been reading about a company that is determined to give solutions to make the day to day running of business smoother. ProActive Software is the only one I have found that focuses on small businesses like ours. They are strictly internet based. I like that! I’m off to check out more about this!

Read the following press release to see why I am excited to have found this company.

Press Release:

There is nothing like walking out of a shop, satisfied with your purchase, product in hand knowing that you have a face behind the sale.

The Internet in some ways has taken that assurance away from the customer and with the masses of choice only a mouse click away the thought of purchasing a product or service online can be quite daunting.

However, the software as a service (SaaS) industry in New Zealand is fast moving from futuristic idea to current day reality and companies offering SaaS are looking for ways to maintain the personal service which has been a big part of historical software sales.
ProActive Software has found great and personal service to be a key part in their success on the global stage.

CEO Julian Stone says customers have said they’re surprised to get such personal service when dealing with ProActive.

He says “Don’t make sales, build relationships. This is a necessary part of the SaaS business model. Look after your customers as they are the foundation of the business. It’s important to keep customers happy month after month to retain their business.”

Customers of their core product www.proworkflow.com, have told Stone that their dealings with people at other software companies, often based in the US, have been rude, lacked callbacks, with slow email responses, making many customers wary of using SaaS where they had little ability to have personal contact with their supplier.

However, Stone says when customers come across a company with good service, they tell people.

Stone has attributed ProActive’s excellent response time with sales and support enquiries to their customers satisfaction. When customers build their business on our servers and use our code they must know we will be there if something needs attention.

An average enquiry for ProActive, from point of contact, to response is typically 15-60 minutes, where most of ProActive’s customers had said average response times for other software companies was usually measured in days, not minutes or hours.

“If you want to make a sale, sell a good product. If you want to grow a business, sell good service. We’ve found that most referral sales now come in as a result of ProActive Software’s service,” Stone says.

As Stone says “ProActive have built their SaaS company they have always kept service as a top priority, knowing their focus would continually be tested and be drawn onto product development and administration.

ProActive Software knows it is extremely important to keep the level of service constant and high “Customers don’t care that we have ten times as many customer to look after, they don’t care we are on someone else’s problem, they want the high service level maintained – so as we grow we automate, simplify, and when necessary bring in additional resource a bit before it is really needed. It takes a while to build a reputation of not letting down customers, it does not take anywhere near as long to lose it,” Stone Says.

A note of interest:

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