Jan 08 2017

Stuck Inside and Loving It

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I am getting so much stitching done. It is zero degrees outside and I am staying in my pajamas. I might have to do laundry today so that we have clean underwear but I will be sewing.

We had a wonderful time with the kids and grandson being here for the holidays. We rolled out 6 dozen cut out cookies and frosted them. It looked like so many cookies and I thought we would never eat them all but we did! Every. Last. One.

Max walks all over the place and while he takes his time going down the step to the lodge room, he is very fast. I thought I child proofed the house but, apparently, I missed a few items. He likes to get into the dog’s water dish. He certainly knows how to make a shocked face when he is told “No”. He is so cute.

 photo IMG_2319_zpskrneecnx.jpg

I quilted this pretty cross-stitch/ embroidery piece for a customer. It reminds me of one my sister made when I was pregnant for our daughter, Stacy. Thirty six years ago. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making one of these baby quilts.

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Dec 19 2016

Brrr, It Is Cold Outside

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I never, ever, thought I would say it but I have been enjoying the cold weather. Schools and churches have been closed which means everyone is supposed to stay home and sew! I got busy working on clue #4 for the En Provence Mystery quilt.

 photo IMG_2263_zpssnd4p8z0.jpg

That took a whole day. I was doing laundry and cleaning too so when I got finished, I was ready to work on more projects.

I had tried washing a table runner I made years ago but the spots did not come out. It made me sad but I decided to cut it up and make rug mugs out of it. I made 4 mug rugs that I just have to quilt. I plan on giving them, with a coffee mug and cocoa mix to friends next year. I might be ahead of the game for a change!

My mom and sisters each made one of these wall hangings a few years ago.

 photo IMG_2264_zpsilreljoz.jpg It has become one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It was from the Moda bakery on the Moda fabric website. I’m checking to see if this picture shows up better.
 photo IMG_2265_zpssimgglrl.jpg

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Dec 16 2016

Two More Weeks

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I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone. It seems like we were just planting a garden and now it is time to bake Christmas cookies.

I have been working so much on the mystery quilt that I have let many of my housecleaning and laundry chores get backed up. I think I have my Christmas shopping finished except to order a cool jimi hendrix shirt I just discovered that one of my nephews would really like to have for his special gift. I love it when the kids let you know what they really want. It makes opening gifts so much more fun!

I need to start wrapping gifts so that I know if I need to buy paper and bows. I think I have enough but would hate to run short. Both the kids will be home this year so I need to get organized and not be wrapping gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve. Do any of you do that? I am such a procrastinator.

We finally found a health insurance provider. What an ordeal! We have had to change providers every year for the past 4 years. It is such a pain getting medications all set up. Thankfully, we can stay with our same doctor.

I am off to bed now so I can get started with cleaning in the morning. Nite.

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Dec 12 2016

Adding Pressure

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You know there is so much to do during the month of December, why not start a quilt? I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. Not going to get involved in another quilt project for a while. Then I saw the colors for the En Provence, mystery quilt. I was hooked and for the past three weeks, have been working on these blocks. They are part of a mystery quilt project through Bonnie K. Hunter. Bonnie visited Aix en Provence, France while on a Mediterranean cruise and was inspired to design a quilt using colors from the scenery. Each Friday a new clue is given. We were given ideas for fabric colors which I went with. Some quilters are changing the colors and I have been amazed at all the beautiful combinations of colors. Bonnie is well known for her quilts made with scraps left over from other quilt making projects. These types of quilts are often described as scrappy. I like that type of quilt because they go with many types of decor. They make a cozy quilt to cuddle up in and enjoy a cold winter’s night. Here is a picture of my progress so far. 221 neutral 4-patch blocks, 168 purple and light purple 4-patch blocks. 100 magenta 3 1/2″ blocks made using Tri-Recs rulers.

 photo IMG_2239_zpsxzrvwet8.jpg

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Nov 07 2016

On Hold

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I feel like I have been in stand still mode. Do you ever feel like you have so many things to get done that you don’t know where to start, so you don’t start?

I think it is because the lady who cleans for me every other week has decided to not clean for many of her people. She has two new grandbabies and they need her. I totally understand but I have only spot cleaned my house for 30 years. I don’t even know where to start cleaning so that I get done in one day. So, I look around every day and see something that needs cleaned. I might clean it and I might not. Nevertheless, I never feel like this house is clean. But, so what? What difference does it make? I have to learn to let it go. There are more important things in this world.

Important like, the presidential election. I cannot believe the choices we are left with. Either way, it will be interesting. I will be so glad when it is over and I quit hearing all the political ads. I don’t remember hearing people attack each other like they did this go around. They should all be ashamed. What an example they set for our young people.

We have been blessed with a beautiful fall. The leaves in Indiana are at their peak of color. So awesome. We are going to pull the begonias before they get mushy with the first frost. Hubby has been mowing the leaves into mulch. Why didn’t we take care of the leaves this way before? I guess we kept the kids busy with rakes. The mulching makes a lot of dust in my window sills. I’m not looking!

We spent last weekend with Max, our grandson. He is walking all over the place and asserting his own opinion. He is going to be a force to reckon with when he turns two. With his strong willed parents guiding him, it should be interesting. We will be spending a whole week with Max so our daughter in-law’s mom can take a break. Our daughter will be with us for reinforcement! It is going to be fun.

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Sep 13 2016

Shop Hopping

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 photo hwy 36_zps4p5aumns.jpg
I just got home from spending a week with my mom and two sisters. We fabric shopped our way through Missouri on the Highway 36 quilt trail. The theme for this years trail is barns. Each of 17 shops made up their own pattern for a barn block and then made the quilts with the blocks. They were all different! It was fun to visit all the shops and see what was new in the way of fabric, techniques and quilt design. Each shop owner was friendly and encouraging. I came home with new projects to start! I haven’t finished projects from 5 years ago! Ha!

I also got to see my grandson, Max. He is walking all over the place and is hard to pick up now that he weighs 25 pounds! He is still good natured and happy. He was even smiling after getting his shots the day before we visited. He gave me and his great grandma a kiss without being prompted. That was so special.

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Aug 18 2016

World’s Fair 1982

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We spent last weekend with our daughter who lives in Tennessee. Our days were full and enjoyable. We spent a day in Knoxville, visiting the site of the 1982 Worlds Fair.
 photo file_zpshfdgp4cb.jpg
We rode the elevator to the observation deck of the Sunsphere. The Sunsphere is a hexagonal steel truss structure, topped with a 23 m gold-colored glass sphere that served as the symbol of the 1982 World’s Fair. The view from the deck was amazing. We looked over the grounds that included a tented area where concerts are held, green areas for picnicking and beautiful fountains. We could see children running through the fountains to get cool on what was a very hot day.

We walked through the large Farmer’s Market, looking at eggplant, herbs and other delectable foods. There were soaps as well as many other homemade items. It would be nice to live close to a huge market like that one.

We visited Mast General Store. It is known for its vast supply of hard candy. One section of the store was barrels full of candy! They also had cookbooks and cooking utensils. If you need hiking supplies, Mast has it. From clothes to shoes and backpacks, they have quality goods for the serious packer.

We ate brunch at the French Market Creperie. I can honestly say that was the best crepe I have ever eaten. It was well worth the 45 minute wait.
 photo crepe_zpslt5jifpa.jpg

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Jul 31 2016

That Sweet Baby

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I am having withdrawal symptoms tonight. Hubby and I spent a week caring for our one year old grandson while our son was at work and our daughter in-law was at a conference. We enjoyed the time so much. He is walking now so we had to be on our toes at all times! His mom and dad will probably have to undo some things we let him get away with but we are the grandparents so we are entitled to spoil our grand baby.

We found that he enjoyed taking the laundry out of the hamper. It took him and hour and a half to get it emptied! One of the cupboards in the kitchen holds plastic bowls. He enjoyed opening that cupboard. Those were two things on the no list. Oh well!

 photo IMG_1890_zps9yqmouiv.jpg

 photo quilt shop_zpshrnrmino.jpg

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Jul 09 2016

Back to Normal

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After having the kids and our grandson here for a visit and then having our daughter come home to run a few 5k races, it is time to get back to normal. That means pulling neglected weeds and mowing grass.

My petunias have gone to pot. I will never buy that kind of plant again. I see beautiful pots of petunias but they must be a different variety. Mine are long and stringy. The other type stay uniform in size and look full and beautiful. At least my impatiens, geraniums and begonias look healthy. I had a snapdragon come back from last year and is a beautiful red color. I thought snapdragons were an annual.
 photo IMG_1870_zpsdiw80wm6.jpg photo IMG_1871_zps0ocl389w.jpg
Our daughter is enjoying her new job. Here is a picture of the ladder she used to upgrade the store’s Warehouse Lighting. Glad she isn’t afraid of heights like her Dad!
 photo ladder_zpsfpdtiyuy.jpg
She accompanied her cousins, the store owners, to a car show this weekend. That is the type of event I was looking forward to for her to share and take part. She will be in her element for sure!

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’m headed out to push the mower.

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Jul 05 2016


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We celebrated the fourth of July at a friend’s last evening. Each of the couples brought food and it was all yummy. We brought watermelon and strawberries. Trying to be health conscious! That was like trying to swim against the current. There were burgers, potato salad and baked beans. Someone brought the most delicious sugar cookies made with cream cheese frosting, topped with strawberries and blueberries. My friend, Sarah, always brings her awesome snack mix made with teddy grahams, cinnamon toast crunch, peanuts and m & m’s. I cannot stop myself when I get started eating that yummy snack.

As usual, the guys retreated to the great outdoors while we girls gathered around the dining room table. We laughed about dogs, getting old and the funny things kids do. It was nice, light conversation and very enjoyable.

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend.

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