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Oct 18 2017

Moving On

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I quit writing for awhile after Photobucket hijacked my photos. They want me to pay an exorbitant amount in order to code my photos to use them in my blog. I am not rich. This blog is my hobby.

So anyway, I will continue to write about my boring life! But, it will be without pictures.

I’ve been in Missouri the past two weeks while babysitting my sweet grandson. He is two so I am grabbing a minute to write this while he takes a nap.

I have been reminiscing a lot about how I handled my kids when they were this age. I don’t remember a lot! I know that my back sure does hurt when trying to lift this little munchkin. When he doesn’t want to do something, he turns into a limp noodle, making it impossible to pick him up. I have learned new diversion tactics. LOL He is simply too cute for his own good. It is funny how a grandparent, at least this grandparent, has so much more patience than what I had with my own two children. This is a lot more fun.

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Jun 15 2017

Wonderful Two’s

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Our grandson just turned two! It is hard to believe he is already two. He has changed so much. He says a few words and definitely gets his point across. Hubby and I were fortunate to be able to babysit him last week. It was fun to really get to take care of him. Hubby took care of the meals and I changed diapers. We both enjoyed corralling him from any electrical plug ins and whatever else he decided was to be investigated. We let him crawl in and out of the doggie door, much to his mother’s disgust. I had fun going shopping for him. He was going to be in the next shoe size soon so I picked out a pair of cute sandal type shoes and I am keeping him in Chuck’s for life. He also got a new pair of pajamas that say, I’m With the Band. So cute. I got him a couple of dinosaur shirts that glow in the dark. How cute is that?!
 photo chuck_zps92vmc1k2.jpeg

Last Tuesday, we took him to the Ft. Wayne Zoo. He really wasn’t that interested in the animals. We had a good time anyway. That kid sure can run fast! We kept him in the stroller most of the time. The Zoo is configured nicely. I was impressed by the animals, the cleanliness and staff at the zoo. It was awesome.

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May 30 2017

Life Changes

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In the blink of an eye, life can certainly change course. My mother in-law, who lives at an assisted living apartment, fell on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. She broke her pelvic hip area. Hubby and I have spent the past 3 days at the hospital located an hour from our home. We have had to postpone our work schedule. Thankfully, our customers have been very understanding. We are getting ready to babysit our 2 year old grandson while his parents go on vacation. This looks to become an interesting next few weeks. Good thing God is in control!

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Jul 31 2016

That Sweet Baby

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I am having withdrawal symptoms tonight. Hubby and I spent a week caring for our one year old grandson while our son was at work and our daughter in-law was at a conference. We enjoyed the time so much. He is walking now so we had to be on our toes at all times! His mom and dad will probably have to undo some things we let him get away with but we are the grandparents so we are entitled to spoil our grand baby.

We found that he enjoyed taking the laundry out of the hamper. It took him and hour and a half to get it emptied! One of the cupboards in the kitchen holds plastic bowls. He enjoyed opening that cupboard. Those were two things on the no list. Oh well!

 photo IMG_1890_zps9yqmouiv.jpg

 photo quilt shop_zpshrnrmino.jpg

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Jun 07 2016

A Change is Coming

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We have been having wonderful springlike weather, until today. Brrr! It is so cold. I have a flannel shirt and jeans on but I am still wearing my sandals. The weather man says it is supposed to be in the nineties by this weekend so, while I am complaining, I am enjoying being able to have the windows open and not pay the high electric bills that come when we start running the air conditioner.

Our daughter accepted a new job and moved to Tennessee. We are empty nesters all over again. It has been very hard because we truly enjoyed having her around. She got me into exercising. I hope I can keep that up now that she isn’t here to motivate me. I have been running in preparation for a Bubble Run on June 17. I am excited to see what that is all about.

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May 25 2016

He Is Turning One!

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It seems as if we just found out our son and his wife were expecting a baby and now that baby will be having his first birthday this weekend. We get to see him and hug him continuously on Sunday.
 photo swing_zpswkcy1kxi.jpg
We already sent him this swing set for his birthday and he has been enjoying it. He giggles when our son pulls him in the seat and then lets go. It is a riot to watch his joy.

As he gets older, I will need to become educated on what the latest rage is in toys. Back when my kids were little, Cabbage Patch Dolls and Teddy Rukspin were the big thing. I sure wish I had kept them. I hear they are worth some big money.

My daughter and nephew are big into tech items and I think they would love it if Max were to check out teen pocket ops.

It seems like it was only yesterday that my kids were swinging on their swing set and digging in the sandbox.

They say time flies and I know that to be true. I plan on savoring every minute with my grandson on Sunday.

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Mar 19 2016

Spring Has Sprung

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 photo crocus_zpsrfa2e2yy.jpgI have crocus in my flower bed and they have little purple blooms. I always get excited when I first see those green leaves shooting out from the hard, cold ground. I believe it is just another way that God shows us that we will get through hardships and we will shoot out of every complication.

I rarely remember an Easter Sunday that didn’t include a warm coat to cover a pretty Easter dress. It seemed a shame to cover those pretty, fluffy dresses but it had to be done.

My son and daughter in-law will be looking for a cute Easter suit to put my grandson in on Easter morning. My husband and I thought about sending a noisy gift from the percussion store so our grandson would have something fun to celebrate with but decided on some cute little rain boots. I think his parents will appreciate those and we can get the noisy items as he gets older and can be persuaded more easily to take it easy on the folk’s patience.

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Jan 05 2016


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Those of you who read my blog, know that my husband and I recently made the decision to place my mother in-law in an assisted living facility. I had always thought that Betty would live with us when and if the time ever came but now that it has happened, other factors helped make the decision for a different arrangement. Betty has to have her sugar checked and takes medication. She needs to eat healthy foods. While I think we could have done it, she is getting such good care where she is. She lives in her own apartment and has her own furniture. She just told her son, my husband, that she really likes it there. That is a relief.

We usually go over on Sundays and spend the afternoon watching football. We really get excited watching the game!

While going through Betty’s Christmas cards while watching the game, we started discussing all the people who still send cards. Sometimes, this is the only time she hears from old friends. One such friend, Carolyn, still writes even though it was really Betty’s and Carolyn’s husbands that were friends. Both were named Max and belonged to the Masonic Lodge. Max and his friend, Max, shared so many neat experiences in the group. The wives were also in a group and it was a great way to make friends. One of the members gave his Masonic ring to my husband’s dad. I can’t remember why he did that but when Max died, the ring would up in my husband’s jewelry box. The man’s son and my husband got acquainted through business dealings and my husband returned the son’s dad’s joy jewelers masonic rings to him. He was so grateful to receive something that meant so much to his dad.

 photo MAS60341BL_zps8mjhnocv.gif

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Nov 30 2015


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November flew by. A month of sewing on the long arm kept me busy. I wanted to get the last three donation quilts done so my mom could take them with her to Arizona. She, and her sister, provide quilts to a mission. I think I quilted 20 this year! They allow me to practice and try out new things with my quilting.

My good friend died this month. I still can’t grasp the thought of her not being here. It is surreal. If I feel that way, I can’t imagine what her long time significant other, her daughter and grandchildren feel. My heart aches.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. My son and his family were here for a week. We got to enjoy the new grand baby. We visited our favorite restaurants and tried out a new one. On THE DAY, we ordered in Bob Evans dinner! We added a few favorite recipes to go along with the turkey and accessories. It was a hit. Our friends came bearing pies!

Grandma is living in an assisted living apartment and seems to like it. She has her own furniture there and it really feels like home. We often spend Sunday afternoons there, watching football. We had her over to our house for Thanksgiving and she was anxious to get back to her apartment. So funny.

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Jun 20 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain

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We have been saturated with rain! Everyone is so tired of the gray, rainy days. Our grass is getting long and I fear we will need a hay baler to mow or it will all be laying on top. I hate it like that because the dogs drag it all through the house.

My new grandson is coming to visit today and will be here all week. Oh, his mom and dad are coming too. LOL The little guy is 3 weeks old today. He is so cute and easy. He only cries when he is hungry. The new pampers have a colored strip down the front that changes color when he is wet. How easy is that?! I didn’t think I was that old but they sure do have different things than when my kids were babies. My babies are 34 and 30.

Our garden was growing like crazy. The zucchini plants have lots of blooms and that means lots of zucchini to eat. I love making bread with zucchini and we throw it on the grill for more healthy eating. I’m afraid, with all the rain, that our tomatoes will be rotten on their bottoms. We have tons of radishes, which I don’t really like but are fun to grow. We also have onions and potatoes.

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