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Nov 04 2014

Get Out and Vote

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It looked like a typical voting day! Why does it seem to rain on voting days? I hope people aren’t deterred from voting. It is so important. Even when there are not major offices being voted on, it does matter who we choose to make decisions that affect us.

Our poling places have been combined. It used to be a good way to see our neighbors and see who lived in our area but that has been changed. Our county had about 5 voting stations and anyone, no matter where you live, can vote at any one of them. Things change but I miss seeing my neighbors.

The position of sheriff was up during our local election. Several state offices were also being decided. A teacher friend gave me insight on who would do the best job with public education. She really studies those issues so I voted for the people she brought to my attention.

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Nov 30 2013

Small Town Holiday

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Our small town is struggling. Several large businesses have left the area, leaving many unemployed citizens. What jobs are here are more than likely only paying minimum wage. You can see the struggles of many who are having a difficult time making ends meet. Difficult times don’t keep us down. They bring us together!

Three churches in our small town have started having free dinners. They space them apart so patrons can know that at least once a week they will get a hearty, healthy meal. Other organizations, like the VFW, also offer dinners. There has been huge participation. We also have an organization, Helping Hands, that collects food that citizens are welcome to use.

Every year in December, our town holds a festival. Santa arrives on a float followed by the high school band. Businesses offer snacks which encourage people to enter their doors when they may not have ever felt the need to check them out. My hair dresser always has an Elvis look alike. This year he utilized a fancy guitar tremolo at guitar center. The hardware store had a local barbershop quartet perform. That was more my style. LOL The weather cooperated by not being awfully cold. We even had a dusting of snow.

Even during hard times, our small town has the holiday spirit.

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Nov 29 2013

The Aftermath

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I am pleased to not be involved in the black Friday shopping this year. I like to go, just to watch the people. This year, however, I could just not make myself get up early. If I got there later than eight in the morning, it didn’t seem like I would see any of the crazy people so I decided to stay home. I have been under the weather for the past month and might be risking my recovery if I got out in the crowds. I still have a little congestion but not so much as to require advair diskus treatments. Heck, I managed not to even visit the doctor during this physical aggravation! Money saved.

I plan on getting to work on some Christmas presents I need to sew up. I bought homespun dish towels and am putting a ribbon of fabric on each to make them more festive. I have to have them finished before Monday evening. I hope my friends like the towels. I love using homespun towels. They are woven just enough to give them some bulk but loose enough to dry dishes without becoming so wet all at once.

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Oct 01 2013

Disgruntled American

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I am so tired of the politicians who do not work together for the good of our country. I wish there was a way to fire them all, get new average citizens into their offices and get our economy going. Whether you are a millionaire or a purchaser from, this country needs a stable economy. No one is happy except the extremely wealthy person who doesn’t worry from where their next meal will come.

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Apr 30 2012

Politics Perplex Me

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On my way home from getting my blood drawn this morning, I saw a political yard sign in a friend’s yard. I know that everyone has their opinion on who would do a good job in different offices of our government but please!!! The guy, named on the sign she has in her yard, is a crook! She might not know it but he took one of our local furniture stores for a lot of money. The job he wants is one that controls money. Ai yi yi!

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Feb 12 2012

Community Involvement

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Today’s local newspaper told of an ongoing project to help high school students learn more about owning a business. Beyond the decision of where to build a business is the more important aspect of owning a business; profiting from said business. There are so many things to consider when contemplating opening a business. Has the type of business you want to offer been over saturated in your area? Does a franchise need to be purchased? There are the financial aspects. Would a merchant cash advance be the way to get your business up and running? Do you have enough cash flow if times get tough?

The business owners giving the program to the students were speaking from long time experiences and having owned several types of businesses. From screen printing t-shirts to running different types of restaurants, these business owners had valuable information to offer. I hope the next generation of entrepreneurs gets excited about opening a new business.

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Nov 09 2011

Time Flies

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Do you know how many days there are until Christmas? I have not counted them and choose to keep my head in the clouds so I do not get stressed out about Christmas shopping.

When I get good and ready, I will be heading to Kohl’s website to not only buy gifts but to buy my winter boots and a new coat.

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Jul 14 2011

The Road Is Complete!

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Many of you have listened as I whined about the road construction in front of our house. We have lived with machinery and dirt since last fall. I tried to keep a good attitude but this spring when our customers where unable to get into our business, it was wearing on my nerves, not to mention my bank account.

No one was able to get to our business and let me tell them about the best laminate flooring cleaner on earth. I got a lot of sewing projects finished, which was very nice but they don’t pay the bills.

I can finally say, hallelujah! the road is finished. It is a beautiful shade of black and has new street signs along its banks. We even got new mail boxes thanks to the state.

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Jan 22 2011

Getting the Best Price at A Cost

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I saw, just before Christmas, a new way to compare prices on products. There are apps available for an iPhone that enable you to compare prices while you are in the store. What do you think about this idea? I am intrigued.


I hope that this technology encourages American companies to give us, the consumer, the best prices possible. These POS systems will save us fuel costs and save us time.

That said, I, as a retailer myself, understand that businesses have to make a profit in order to survive. Someone has to pay to keep a store heated, clean and able to pay employees. China already undercuts us on so many things that the products made in the USA are being pushed out of production. I don’t expect US companies to gouge people but I understand making a fair profit. The trickle down process effects us all. Want jobs? Buy American.

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Oct 06 2010

Random Thoughts

My son has been urging me to post more pictures of the construction going on in front of our house. The back hoe is right in front of our house today. I am hoping I will be able to leave my driveway to get my roots colored. Now, that is a scary thought.

Hubby and I went to a nice restaurant on behalf of our investment guru. Ron had urged us for the past few years to come and listen to one of the big wigs of Lincoln Life speak to everyone about term life insurance. He basically reassured everyone that the world was not coming to an end and to leave our investments where they are while adding some new avenues of investing. I enjoyed the dinner and the rest was glazed over in my mind. My husband finds that stuff interesting and I trust him to make the right decisions.

I have been working on a fall pillow project and finally completed it yesterday afternoon. Let me tell everyone right now, I do not like making ruffles! I’ll show a picture of the pillow on my other blog, if you want to see it.

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