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Oct 26 2015

Learning New Things

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I went to a quilt show on Saturday and saw some awesome quilts. There are so many talented quilters. I can definitely see a difference in the quality of piecing quilts but it doesn’t matter. As long as someone makes a quilt from their heart, it is quality in my mind. I did get some ideas for some quilting on the longarm. It is always fun to see what comes to each of us and how we decide to quilt a space. I can see several double wedding ring quilts and they can all be quilted in different ways. I quilted a brown double wedding ring quilt a month or so ago but I forgot to take a picture. I am working on a large block of the month quilt that a client put together many years ago but never quilted it. It has been fun to think of things for each block. As always, I hope she likes it!
 photo IMG_1315_zpspqp8kyhu.jpg

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Oct 21 2015

Beautiful Fall Day

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I am so sleepy as I sit looking out the window on this beautiful day. The leaves have begun to change to lovely colors of yellow, oranges and reds. The lady bugs are flying around like a plague. They sneak into my house and cover the window sills.

Tonight, we are attending a local church’s sauerkraut supper. It is held once a year and we have gone most years. It tastes so good. We plan to bring our dessert home afterward.

Here are a few more block I have made for the Civil War Love Letters quilt I am making.
 photo IMG_1303_zpsdeun03id.jpg

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Sep 17 2015

Civil War Replica Blocks

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I did three groups of blocks for the civil war Love Letter Quilt project.
 photo IMG_1275_zpstdnejpnk.jpg photo IMG_1276_zpsb3myzsmk.jpg photo IMG_1277_zpsi6po9e9m.jpg
Many of these blocks have flying geese sections. I had seen a nifty ruler at a quilt shop in Clemons, Missouri but I didn’t buy it. Yes, now I wish I had it. Just like having mid atlantic racks make building your home theater system so much better, specialty tools make getting those perfect blocks so much easier when sewing.

I have tried adding an eighth of an inch to each “goose” and that seems to help make the block come out the correct size. I changed the sewing machine needle to get a sharp poke for accurate stitching. I’m really bad about not wanting to change a needle. I didn’t even realize I had a quarter inch foot that fit my machine. That makes getting a quarter inch seam more accurate. For a person who likes to see a fast and easy put together quilt, this has been a challenge! I think the end result will be worth the extra effort. Only eighty some more blocks to go!

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Aug 25 2015

Creating an Apron

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My daughter is a chef so when she asked me to make an apron for her, I gladly complied. Here is the reversible apron.  photo 457c2b3c-19b1-4335-8c59-6172880a2a46_zpsthzklabw.jpg
 photo 00c1b3f8-848c-4517-ae03-ddfc64db87b8_zpsmsptckuv.jpg
My daughter picked this pattern because the apron did not tie at the neck. She thought it would be comfortable and handy since it has a pocket on each side. I like the fabric she chose.

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Aug 20 2015

More Civil War Blocks

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I mentioned that I am making quilt blocks from the Civil War Love Letter Quilt book by Rosemary Youngs. These are some of the block I made over the past few weeks. The are difficult blocks to make so I feel very accomplished when I finish each one.
 photo a2be3ce8-d837-4a8c-ab0d-13ce94685cea_zpsy1fhnwwu.jpg
 photo 7d95dee4-2ed4-41d2-a2ba-ce39dc23f3b6_zps0ogcuyyg.jpg
 photo 28a7f39f-c72e-4b82-9512-981fd793b930_zpsurtjvgbu.jpg
 photo 8977d8f2-ecea-45fa-abb1-35dd0570b685_zpslnh5lr2u.jpg

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Aug 15 2015

A Lot of T-Shirts!

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I recently quilted this huge t-shirt quilt for a customer. It measured 90″ x 90″. That is going to be a heavy quilt to lug to a ballgame. It had fleece for the backing and no batting in between.
 photo 3b1e5bc9-2f89-45b0-9078-80bc7a0b49f3_zpsctgn47z0.jpg

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Aug 09 2015

Quilting the Quilt

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I just finished quilting this quilt that my mom made. It is from a pattern designed by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilts. Mom and I are taking a class from Lynne next Saturday and mom wants to show her the quilt.
 photo cb6efc34-f27d-4673-a09f-64aa8fe9af6d_zpsfkqi55aq.jpg

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Jul 23 2015

Civil War Love Letter Quilt

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 photo civil war book_zpspqahdxvb.jpg
The Civil War Love Letter Quilt book is a filled with letters from Civil War soldiers to their loved ones. The author, Rosemary Youngs, has paired each letter with a quilt block inspired by that letter.

The collection includes love letters from:

President Rutherford B. Hayes to his family
Newton Scott to his childhood friend, whom he married upon returning from the war
David Winn, a soldier who ultimately gave his life for his country

The quilt blocks are 6 1/2″ unfinished and most are paper pieced.
I am on week 4 of this 52 week quilt making adventure. Last weeks blocks were very challenging. I am still not happy with the way the blue one turned out but it is going to remain the way it is. The points will be cut off when it is incorporated into a quilt. That block took me a whole day to make. It was made using the paper piecing method. When you trace the pattern onto tissue paper, you have to remember to make the block backwards from how you normally sew. I had to use my seam ripper a lot!
 photo IMG_1108_zpsoai2mfoz.jpg

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Jun 10 2015

Quilt Shops!

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The town of Hamilton, Missouri is filled with quilt shops.  photo IMG_1017_zpsp1lebqjv.jpg

This past, beautiful, Saturday, I was able to check out the Missouri Star Quilt Company. The only thing I purchased was a t-shirt that said Missouri Star Quilt Co. It wasn’t that I had trouble finding something to buy. I found so many things but, I will be going back in September so I plan on making a list of items I need to purchase! Each of the five shops I visited, had a theme. One shop was filled with batik fabrics while another held novelty prints and solids. The main shop had so many sample quilts that I almost succumbed to buying patterns and fabric. I especially liked a quilt that had clay pots with flowers spouting from each pot. The flowers were Dresden shaped. I might have to buy that kit.
There were three other shops, a grocery, bakery and antique shop. We ate at the Blue Sage Restaurant. It was definitely a special place to eat. I’d like to try the hamburger cafe next time. It will be fun to go back and see what is new.

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May 26 2015

Producing Quilts

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I have not made a quilt in so long that I hope I remember how to cut fabric! I have fortunately been quilting quilts on the longarm. I am amazed at all the different quilts that have come to me to be quilted. I am honored that so many trust me to put the finishing touches on their quilts.

I thought about how hard it would be to turn over a quilt that I had put hours into and have a longarmer mess it up. It could happen. Just as a musician searches for their lx 18 to achieve live sound and music replay applications, a quilter pours their heart into each stitch of a quilt. I always take my time and listed to what the quilter expects me to do.

Some quilters want intricate quilting done on each and every block. That is very time consuming and costs quite a bit more to have quilted. When doing custom quilting, I use a lot of different rulers to come up with intricate designs that will enhance but not take away from the quilt design itself.
This is how I quilted a quilt for my Aunt Grace. Aunt Grace made the quilt and I quilted it on the longarm.

 photo IMG_0940_zpsuffczson.jpg

For a common quilt, I might use a pantograph that seems to sit in the background of the quilt. Many times it is hard to follow the design of the stitching as it flows from each block. This type of quilting goes faster and is less expensive. There are thousands of pantographs from which to choose. The type of pantograph I choose, often goes with the theme of the quilt. For instance, with a red, white and blue quilt, I might choose a star and circle pantograph. A quilt made for a cancer patient calls for a beautiful cancer ribbon design. A school quilt might need a tiger paw print here and there. I think you get the idea.

It is fun and I hope my customers are always happy with my vision.

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