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May 31 2011

Holding onto Memories

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PhotobucketI was looking through pictures and found one I had taken while visiting our son and his wife in St. Louis.
I have been thinking how time goes by so quickly. One minute we are ordering baptism invitations and the next we are watching our son practice law. It sounds melancholy but my friends who have graduating seniors, really need to give their kids big hugs. They do grow up quickly!

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May 27 2011

Nice to be Included

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in a treasury at the Etsy site!

I was checking my emails for messages from friends, requests for m drol reviews and new recipes when I found a pleasant surprise. Susan, from HottieHandbags, included one of my bags in her treasury of beautiful blue bags. My bag is shown in the top row, second from the left. You can click on each bags picture if you would like more information about any of the bags shown. They are all handmade and, in my opinion, are beautiful!

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May 25 2011

Pushing My Buttons

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I seem to be stuck on a certain purse I am making. I made a purse that I have made a zillion times before but for some unknown reason, it came out too narrow. My machine may have made the seams too wide or something. Couldn’t have been the one pushing the pedal could it? Ha!

So, I made the bag wider and it looked nice. Then, I decided to add a zipper. For some reason, I always have trouble with zippers. I cannot put them into a purse that is made by turning the bag inside out. I just can’t wrap my head around which way the zipper goes. Of course, I have tried, but it just means I use my seam ripper over and over. Well, I finally got the zipper in.

The bag has a zipper and it looks nice. So I decided to add a bottom to it. I bought heavy mat board, used a utility knife to cut it to size and discovered I don’t have enough fabric to cover it. The bag still looks nice but is without a bottom until my Etsy order arrives.

I put a pretty, cane handle on the bag but it makes the bag pull to one side. Please tell me why I started this project.

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May 23 2011

It Stitches!

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Our little friend, Maddie, always says “stitches” instead of “itches”. Well, this stitches. Last weekend’s fishing trip turned into a nightmare of biting gnats. I have been going from website to website to figure out what the heck has invaded southern Indiana. What I discovered is that gnats have over populated due to flooding the past couple of years. They have been killing deer and birds and making other animals miserable. They made hubby and I so miserable that we came home a day early from our fishing trip. We wore netting but wherever we had a seam, the gnats found a way in to attack our skin. Bug spray offered no relief.

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May 20 2011

Gone Fishing!

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Hey, just wanted to let my blogging buddies know, my husband and I have gone fishing. This picture was taken on our first day on the water.


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May 17 2011

I Have Fabric

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It is in these totes, organized by color.

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May 17 2011

My Sewing Room

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I got so caught up in new sewing projects that I completely forgot to post pictures of my completed, revamped sewing room.
What started out as covering up some black sponge painted walls turned out to be a major overhaul of the room.

You might remember the picture of the horrible mess I had when I put all my fabric and supplies into my spare bedroom. I needed a plan to know what I had and where it might be. Suffice it to say, it was a while before any sewing got done in my house.
Once I had the paint on, my husband decided the carpet needed to be changed. Not one to argue against getting something new, I helped him tackle that project. I moved the bed and cabinet back in and then sorted through all my bins of fabric. I bought some small totes and separated all my fabric according to color. Now, I can find things easily and it doesn’t destroy the whole room every time I try to find a fabric to use for a project. I love my organized room.

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May 15 2011

Four Foods on Friday #145

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Fridays seem to come around faster than ever now that it is fairly decent outdoors. I have taken a break from reading about teaching degrees and have been pulling weeds and planting flowers. Yay!
From Val's Kitchen
Name four things you ate in the high school cafeteria.

1. Every morning I would pay a quarter to eat a homemade cinnamon roll. OMG! they were so good. Those were the days when I was skinny and my boyfriend, husband now, called me birdlegs.

2. Yeast rolls. Do I see a pattern here? Apparently, I liked the bakery items even then.

3. Hamburgers. Even the ones with teaching degrees scarfed down these delights.

4. taco salad I honestly can’t think of any other foods from the high school cafeteria. Maybe one of my sisters can help me!

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May 09 2011

Moving in on Monday

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My husband cooked chicken on the grill and we had my sister in-law and the Grandmas over for dinner to celebrate mother’s day. I had a great time overall, biting my tongue a few times as I witnessed abrasives in personalities. Do you have drama queens in your family?

After church, I spent the afternoon putting together this Snap n’ Go bag. You may have seen the kits for these if you haunt any quilt or fabric shops. (The lady who created the pattern for the Snap n’ Go lives in our county.)

The bag has a liner that can be snapped in when the bag is used for a beach tote or diaper bag.

butterfly bag

snap grab n go liner

snap in liner

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May 04 2011

Making the Most of My Day

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When the weather breaks and turns nice, I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. I have a list of things I want to get done so I can relax. Trouble is, I never relax. I am always adding to my list of things that need to be done. Why can I not sit and enjoy some free time?

I have heard that Debbie Macomber has written a new book, One Simple Act.


One Simple Act is a moving blend of true stories that motivates and delights as readers see that offering the gifts of time, hope, laughter, forgiveness, and prayer often have a life-changing impact not only for the recipient—but for the giver as well.


You may know of Debbie’s other books, A Turn in the Road or Between Friends. She is a terrific author.

My hairdresser has been attending zumba dance classes. Have you heard of this? I am assuming that it is what replaced aerobics as a popular way to exercise. If it takes coordination, count me out. I cannot keep up! Billy Banks would have given up on me. I gave all those videos to my sister. Has anyone tried the zumba dance? Do you get a good workout from it? Does it take coordination?

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