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Apr 30 2008

Learn to Play the Violin

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Studies have shown that children who take music lessons also excel in other areas of study. Learning to play an instrument teaches a student more than how to make a sound from an instrument. Students also learn timing, patience and dedication. They learn how to work with other members of an orchestra or band. They learn to follow instruction and how to read music. The Academy of Music Performance is an excellent school of music. It specializes in viola and violin instruction. The Academy of Music Performance now offers video violin lessons that enable everyone to have violin instruction in the comfort of their home. With step by step illustrations and instruction on DVD, you will soon be playing the violin and enjoying music. Order your DVD and achieve your dream of playing music.

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Apr 30 2008

Postage Price Increases

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Do you know how much it costs to mail a square card? Square cards are popular right now. Many play music and are so cute. They cost more to mail because they don’t fit through the postal service automated machines. When the price increases on May 12, they will cost 62 cents to mail. Yes, postage prices are increasing again.

Beginning May 12, 2008 a First-Class Mail stamp will be 42¢. Customers can continue to use the Forever Stamps that they purchased prior to May 12 at 41¢, even after the price change.

First-Class Mail letter (1 oz.)


First-Class Mail letter (2 oz.)




First-Class Mail large envelope (2 oz.)


Certified Mail


First-Class Mail International to Canada and Mexico (1 oz.)


First-Class Mail International to all other countries (1 oz.)


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Apr 30 2008

Fight, Fight, Fight

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I think it is a good idea for people to vent their frustrations by going to sporting events. They can yell for their team to do better and get mad when the team messes up. It is so much better than taking things out on their friends and family. Sporting events are a healthy outlet for frustration.

Having said that, I want to give a heads up about the De La Hoya/Mayweather tickets available at Oscar De La Hoya is looking for a big money rematch with Floyd Mayweather in September. Things are being finalized for the event which is to be held September 13th or the 20th.

The first bout was held last May at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The match was one of the most lucrative boxing matches ever, with over $120 million in generated revenue. If you wanted to watch the match on PayPerView it cost $55. Many people paid to see it. It was such an exciting event. Hype was generated through a series of aired specials that gave training and preparation background on each of the fighters.

Family friction in the Mayweather family also garnered interest. Patrons waited to see if Mayweather would engage his estranged father as his trainer. Mayweather Sr. had been De La Hoya’s trainer since 2001. Floyd Mayweather opted to retain his uncle, Roger Mayweather, as his trainer instead. It all made a good story to keep the public waiting in anticipation. I love a good soap opera. LOL

The upcoming fight is going to be a good one. Get your tickets by contacting

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Apr 30 2008

Spring Loonies

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Oh my gosh! What is wrong with people. I heard about all the shootings in Chicago and then this morning there was a shooting in Indianapolis. That one was brought about because of road rage. Do you think people are beginning to worry about how much their paychecks will cover in the future? The price of gas is starting a chain of events that may bring about a depression. I hate to see it.

There are some people who are just plain wacko. I was at the Social Security office this afternoon checking on some paper work. I have been married for over 30 years and the Social Security Administration sends me information addressed to my maiden name. I thought I had better check to see what that was all about. So, I sat in the waiting area and did some people watching. I heard a woman tell her daughter, who looked to be about 4 years of age, to stop coming in and out. The little girl decided she would rather be outside. Her mother let her go! When I left, she was playing in the parking lot. Ai yi yi! Before that, a guy who looked to be about 23, came in and the whole time he was in there, he was using the f word. He was kicking the chair of the guy in front of him and made a remark to the guy sitting next to him. I don’t know what his remark was but the guy became furious. Within a few minutes of time he had two people ready to strangle him.

That place was wild. I was glad to get out of there.

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Apr 30 2008

Pick Your Picks

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Do you like competition? Do you like to go through the team list and pick the winners? It is so much fun to see how your picks come out compared to the professionals who study sports statistics. It makes watching ball games so exciting. You can sign up at and have fun. They never play both sides so you get to really have fun. They have been a pick service for many years and now are available online. Very cool!

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Apr 30 2008


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Have you ever been so excited that you could not sleep? There aren’t many things that get me that way. I usually can fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. If I don’t fall asleep right away, all I have to do is pick up something to read and whammo I am out like a light.

I have so many friends who use breathing machines at night. They have done the sleep studies and found they were not breathing while they slept. That is so scary.

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Apr 29 2008

Let Your Label Speak for Your Product

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Your stationery acts as a business’s spokesperson. Often, your clients see your letterhead, labels and checks before they meet you. The packaging of your product is what determines whether customers choose your product over another. That is why it is important to choose professional products. Label World manufactures custom labels for your products. Large quantities of your product will look their best when they have been labeled with labels from Label World.

The management team at Label World offers their expertise to help you realize the following:

* Move quickly to capture new market opportunities
* Enhance your brand presence at retail
* Execute branding changes seamlessly across a broad portfolio of labels
* Control movement of goods through your supply chain
* Minimize your inventory
* Defend against tampering and counterfeit goods in the market place

Label World is committed to finding solutions for your business.

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Apr 29 2008

Not Guilty

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Have you ever heard of The Innocence Project? This group has the goal of overturning wrongful convictions. 31 people have been formally exonerated through DNA testing in Texas, also a national high. Four others whose exonerations will not become official until Gov. Rick Perry grants pardons or the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals formally accepts the ruling of lower courts that have already recommended exoneration.

It is scary to think that anyone could be convicted of a crime that they did not commit.

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Apr 29 2008

Teen Has a Baby

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I had the tv on today and listened to reports of the polygamists troubles. A teen is in labor at this moment. These kids will never get their childhood back. It is so sad. When I look at the women’s faces they are void of joy. The listlessness in their eyes is eerie. This is one time when I am glad our government can butt into the business of private citizens.

From CNN online:

One of the hundreds of young polygamist-sect members taken into custody by the state was giving birth Tuesday while child welfare officials, state troopers and fellow sect members stood watch outside the maternity ward.

The teenager was admitted to the Central Texas Medical Center and was in labor, said Rod Parker, a spokesman for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a renegade Mormon sect. He contends she is 18, but state officials have the girl on a list of minors taken into state custody.

Two armed state troopers and at least one person wearing the shirt of a Department of Family and Protective Services worker stood outside the maternity ward. A woman wearing the FLDS’s trademark pastel prairie dress and upswept braided hair sat calmly in the nearby waiting room. All declined to comment, as did a woman who said she was the girl’s attorney.

State officials raided the FLDS’s Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado on April 3. They took custody of 463 children on the belief that the sect’s practice of underage and polygamous spiritual marriages endangered the children.

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Apr 29 2008

Feel Better

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Bathing suit season will be here before we know it. I have seen more commercials touting dieting than I had seen at New Years. We all want to be fit and look good. It is important to eat foods that are healthy. We need to pay attention and eat vegetables and fruits in order to give our bodies all the vitamins and nutrients they need. When we energize our bodies we feel better. It is not always easy to get the amount of vitamins we need. That is why we look to supplements that make it easier to get the balance of nutrients and vitamins to help us feel our best.

For years, I have shopped for vitamin C and D tablets and felt that I was doing what needed to be done. Now, however, I have read that I should be doing more. Our bodies need B vitamins for protection against illnesses and conditions that are associated with B vitamin deficiency. It is not easy to get vitamin B absorbed through our digestive system. Doctors agree that B-12 plays a key role in the production of chemicals that help regulate sleep, mood, appetite, and energy. If you have worries about taking a big tablet or getting a shot, you need not fear. There is an option if you get your sublingual B12 here. Sublingual B-12 melts under your tongue and speeds the essential B nutrients directly into your bloodstream where they immediately begin to help your body. That sounds like something I can do to get on the road to feeling better and having more energy.

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