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Jan 18 2008

Valentines Day Gifts

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PhotobucketYou know it will be here soon. The holiday that celebrates love. Don’t forget that your mother enjoys receiving valentines. (That was a hint for my kids.) If you need Valentines gift ideas, check out They offer sweets for your sweetie as well as the most beautiful flower arrangements. You are sure to come up with a great idea after looking over all the great things at

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Jan 18 2008

Little Blue Book

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Merrill Lynch & Co. announced that on Thursday it recorded its biggest quarterly loss since being founded 94 years ago. They took almost $15 billion worth of write-downs from bad subprime mortgage bets.

If they are losing money, where do I stand a chance? I have given up on my measly savings account ever doing better. I remember being a little girl with a passbook savings book. I would save my allowance and mom would take her daughters to the bank. I would lay my little book up on the counter with my deposit. I loved watching the balance build. It is sad that kids don’t get to experience that feeling.

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Jan 17 2008

MacBook Air


While at Best Buy last week, I noticed the thinnest notebook computer I have ever seen. Of course, my son knew all about it. It isn’t like I live in cave but I had no idea there was a computer as thin as that. It looks amazing.

I found information about The MacBook Air at CNN online:

The MacBook Air includes the usual iSight camera, an LED backlit display, an ambient light sensor, and a big touchpad that works with multitouch gestures, such as rotating a photo by twisting your fingers on the touchpad.

As for what’s inside this slim laptop, we’re looking at a 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, custom-made by Intel to fit into the slim chassis, 2GB of RAM, and a choice of either an 80GB standard 1.8-inch hard drive or a 64GB SSD drive (which really should be standard for something so forward-looking).

Moving up to the SSD drive and faster CPU drives the price up from $1,799 to a whopping $3,098.

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Jan 17 2008

Take A Bite Out of Crime

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and do it tax free. While working on payroll taxes today, I glanced at the cover sheet of the packet sent to us by the IRS. My attention centered on the bold text of Fees Paid to Informers. I thought whooaaa! I am giving you all the information I have! That was not what they meant. The government does not require you to pay taxes on monies earned for giving information concerning criminal activity. That seems fair to me.

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Jan 17 2008

Stock Research

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My back is aching because all day today I have been getting things together for our accountant. One of our employees came in to talk about his withholding taxes and wanted to know about investing. I told him about a great website to learn about investing and Stock Tips – Instead of spending hours looking, research has been narrowed down to 4,000 stock reports. You can utilize their search tool to see what the top funds are buying and selling. Learn by looking around the website. is a wonderful tool for new investors to see what is going on in mutual funds as well as individual stock listings. Learn how to know when to sell and buy. Look over the top 10 list and get ideas for your own investment strategy. makes every investor an informed one.

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Jan 17 2008

Granny Square Quilt

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This morning, while walking on the treadmill, I was watching Simply Quilts on tv. I saw how to make the quilt I want to hang up in my sewing room. This quilt is called a Granny Square quilt because it is fashioned after crocheted granny square afghans. I like the one the gal made on the show because I have black carpet in my sewing room and this quilt will be a perfect fit.granny-quilt.jpg

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Jan 17 2008

Cry Wolf Theory Shouldn’t Matter

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Some time has passed since the tiger attack in which a young man was killed happened. Authorities are trying to figure out what happened. It is suspected that the young man along with a friend, were taunting the tiger. That could be why the tiger attacked. The problem lies in the wall that was supposed to keep zoo visitors safe. It did not keep the tiger where he was supposed to be.

When the tiger escaped and began attacking the man, calls for help were made. It has been reported that the calls were not taken seriously.

That is what happens when a public property does not enforce guidelines set up to protect the innocent. Instead of blaming the man for taunting the tiger, they should take responsibility for what happened because of their lack of proper protection.

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Jan 16 2008

Get Your Own Domain & Host

When I find a blog that I enjoy reading, it is usually because I feel I have something in common with the writer of that blog. When I leave a comment, I am always hoping that the owner of that blog will check out my blog. I gain readers who enjoy what I have to say. With that said, I have to admit to being frustrated as of late.

There are many great bloggers. I have chosen not to leave comments on some of their blogs because they have no way to come back and read my blog. Perhaps that is trite but it is my choice. I am leaving comments on blogs who have their own domain and hosting service.

I do not like the control that free blog sites have over bloggers. At a moment’s notice they could pull the plug and their blog could be gone. My blog is my diary. I would be devastated if it disappeared. No one is going to have control over my blog except me.

Lunarpages hosting service is offering their Lunarpages Offer for DreamHost Customers to everyone needing to get their blogs on a great hosting plan.

Let Lunarpages show you how much better blogging can be when you use them to host your blog. Even their most basic plan is wonderful. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the numbers but they list the following:

  • *15,000GB of Transfer
  • *1,500GB of storage
  • *free domain name & 10 add-on domains for $6.95 a month
  • I think that sounds like a great deal and the testimonials on their website have me convinced. They have great customer support 24/7. They will even let you join their forum to read how their customers react to problems and solutions when hosted by Lunar Pages. Lunar Pages is one great company because they care about their customers.

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    Jan 15 2008

    Tackle It Tuesday

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    Tackle It Tuesday Meme

    I was forced into tackling a big project today. A good friend offered to help my hubby put lights in my office and so I had to stay off the computer today. It just about killed me but I got one of my least favorite jobs finished.

    We own a floor covering store and I have a stack of price lists that needed updating. I got two finished today. I thought that prices were really going up but when I went through each list, I was pleasantly surprised to see that things remained stable. That meant less marking of tags for me and good prices for our customers. It feels good to have the two biggest price lists done. Oh, and I have new track lighting in my office! Yay, I can see!


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    Jan 15 2008

    What Kind of Flower Are You?

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    You Are a White Flower

    A white flower tends to represent purity, simple beauty, and modesty.
    At times, you are dignified like a magnolia.
    And at other times, you represent great ecstasy, like a white orchid.
    And more than you wish, you’re a little boastful, like a white hydrangea.
    What Color Flower Are You?

    This cute little quiz pegged me pretty good. I love roses but my favorite ones are peach colored. I don’t care much for red roses. This quiz was easy and fun if you want to see what kind of flower you are.

    I have always wanted rose bushes in my flower garden. I guess I don’t have the right soil to grow them. I am babying two bushes now and they don’t look very good. Is there a trick to growing rose bushes? The one bush only gets one rose per year. It is a beautiful peach rose but it is lonely.

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