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Sep 30 2007

Seeing Tennessee

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Today, while visiting my nephew in Tennessee, we drove around the lakes and nearby communities. Tennessee is experiencing a drought and the lakes are very dry. It is sad to see them in that condition. I’d think it makes it hard on the tourist business in that area.

The communities in the area are some of the oldest in Tennessee. The homes remind me of ones in Gettysburg. They are tall, redbrick homes. There are also many A-frame styled homes there. They have many windows to ensure a great view of the lake.

We tried to eat at a barbecue restaurant in a little town that I am trying to think of the name. Darden or something like that. My sister said it is the second oldest town in Tennessee. I took mom’s dog for a walk and discovered an old cemetary and park. The local garden club has made sitting areas that are very calming and beautiful. The headstones in the cemetary part are so old that there is no writing left on the stones. It must be a very old cemetary.

When Suzie, mom’s dog, and I walked to the back of the park, there was an old cabin. It looked real. I’ll bet it was an actual home years ago. I’m glad someone has taken care to keep it in good shape. I certainly enjoyed seeing it.

A big grey squirrel was running around. He was fun to watch. His tail was big and fluffy. He looked like he was ready to get into some mischief. They are so cute.

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Sep 30 2007

Chicago Movers

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While visiting in Tennessee, I fell in love with the rolling hills and the beautiful Smokey Mountains in the distance. I think I could live in the area and be very happy. The place where my nephew and his wife live is between two beautiful lakes.

When I move it will be a struggle because I have lived in my home for over 20 years. I’ll hire movers like In and Out¬†Movers to pack everything because I value their reputation. They maintain a great customer satisfaction track record. I have a few items that are sentimental to me. I know that In and Out Movers would give them the same care that I would.

I have an old rocking chair that was my grandmother’s. She had that rocker ever since I can remember. When I think of my grandma’s house, I remember that rocker. I know that In and Out would treat that rocker with care.

They have been in business since 1994 and they know how stressful moving can be. They are dedicated to making the process easier for their customer. They also offer the services of a storage specialist if that is needed. They have it all covered!

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Sep 30 2007


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This is my weekend to find hotels that have problems. At least last nights hotel was a minor one. They had a few spiders in the bathroom. The hotel was very pretty and nice. I don’t think their queen size beds were actually queens. Maybe it is because I am used to sleeping in a king sized bed. It seemed awfully small.

There are so many beautiful hotels in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg that I am glad my brother inlaw picked the hotel. I don’t know how you are supposed to ever decide where to stay!

One of these days, I want to stay in a cabin. Mom and my sisters stayed in one a few months ago. It had individual bedrooms with nice beds. Everyone was able to have a room of their own. At least, the adults did. The cabin had a fully equipped kitchen. The landlord just asked that the dishes be washed before you left. Most of the cabins have hot tubs and the one they stayed at was no exception. It also had a pool table.

One year, my sister, and her motorcycle group, stayed at a cabin. When they walked outdoors they saw a bear! That would be a shock!

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Sep 28 2007

Josie Maran

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I saw where Josie Maran was the first to be voted off the Dancing With the Stars show. Who the heck is Josie Maran?

I never heard of this woman so I looked her up on the Internet. It seems she was in the Aviator and The Little Black Book. I don’t remember her.

I wonder how they pick the people for the show.

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Sep 28 2007

An Experience

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Hinsdale Cellars has made an alliance with Beautiful Places to accommodate the many patrons who are inspired by wine, food and travel. The opportunity to order fine wines online at Hinsdale Cellars is now an experience in travel. California Wine Country Travel has left the crowds behind as they cater to the individual who wants an experience while enjoying their wine. Villas at Beautiful Places are luxurious and offer enjoyment as their patrons enjoy fine wine while enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding the area. The wine tasting experience combined with luxury accommodations is one that will be enjoyed and remembered as a favorite.

Press Release:
Hinsdale, IL (Sept. 25) — USA Today recently spotlighted a growing “appetite for elite culinary adventures” among individuals inspired by wine, food and travel. Private vineyard tours, winemaker seminars and in-home dining events led by top chefs are the essential elements in upscale travel itineraries.

The rise of this total-access trend is the catalyst of a new alliance between, the online source for premium wine gifts, and luxury vacation homes management agency BeautifulPlaces.

The promotional agreement means Hinsdale Cellars’ connoisseur clients will receive a 10% discount on weekly published rates when placing a reservation for one of 35 premier wine country villas and chateaus offered through BeautifulPlaces. This is the first important step toward planning travel across the major winemaking regions of northern California and France.

The discount is readily applied when a Hinsdale Cellars referral submits a promotional code (HCELLARS).

“Serious collectors of premium wine maintain very high standards and demand total immersion in the world’s leading wine regions,” said Hinsdale Cellars co-founder Steve Woodward. “We know that any luxury property selected from the BeautifulPlaces roster will meet or exceed our customers’ standards every time.”

Former brand marketing executive Patrick Smith created BeautifulPlaces: Vacation Homes of Distinction in 2003. The homes, principally in Sonoma County wine country, are not simply rentals in which typical tourists sleep off a day of overindulgence.

We combine the services and amenities of a small luxury hotel with the comfort, splendor and privacy of magnificent Wine Country homes to create a truly unique and memorable vacation or business meeting experience, Smith explains.

These properties are beyond exceptional. Location, design and furnishings are unsurpassed, but these make up only one part of the equation. The core of BeautifulPlaces success is its zealous attention to detail and service, from arranging credible nannies, to scheduling private chefs or assuring exclusive access to a private winery or spa, to scoring a tough tee time for a memorable round of golf. Presently, there are 35 homes available to lease through BeautifulPlaces and its co-brand, Country Sojourns. Rates per week range from $2,500 to more than $60,000. At the higher end, choices include the 18-room Chateau Villette near Versailles in France on 185 acres. The entire lineup can be reviewed at the BeautifulPlaces or Country Sojourns web sites.

Hinsdale Cellars clients who reserve and stay in one of these inspired properties before the end of 2007 also will be eligible to earn a $100 gift certificate when referencing promotional code HCELLARS.

About was created specifically for individuals who share an unwavering pursuit of lifestyle excellence rivaled only by a passion for supremely well-crafted wine. is the essential destination on the internet for anyone inspired by fine wines and enriched by knowledge about the industry and its influences. Members have access to a wine selection that is limited, carefully assembled and unparalleled, and a wine universe that is constantly patrolled by our Private Stewards. Site content features clarity, depth and relevant, timely dispatches by legitimate insiders.

BeautifulPlaces was created to serve discriminating vacation and business travelers to Northern California’s renowned Wine Country. Our value proposition is simple. We combine the services and amenities of a small luxury hotel with the comfort, splendor and privacy of magnificent Wine Country homes to create a truly unique and memorable vacation or business meeting experience. Through our Vacation Homes of Distinction program, BeautifulPlaces is opening the door to some of the world’s finest, private, wine country homes and estates. Our properties range in size from a 13,500 square foot architectural statement on a 1,700 acre estate to an elegant two-bedroom villa nestled amidst vineyards. They range in location from Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Valley in the North to Carneros in Southern Sonoma and Napa counties. And they range in style from historic Napa residences to Tuscan villas and modern architectural masterpieces. BeautifulPlaces is about much more than elegant accommodations. It is, first and foremost about service. Whether you require a nanny to look after your children while you enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting or a round of golf, or you wish to relax in a spa or hire a private chef to prepare a special meal for a small group of friends, we can assist you.BeautifulPlaces is changing the way discriminating travelers experience the many splendors of the Wine Country.

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Sep 28 2007

Something Is Wrong

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What is wrong with how things are done? A woman is missing for eight days. Her husband called when she didn’t come home from work. The police don’t check out the situation because if they responded to every call that came in about a missing adult, they would be out every minute looking for people.

Did this woman’s car flip into a ravine and no one saw it happen?

I just don’t understand how this can happen with all the technology today.

Once the police took the man serious and checked for a cell phone signal, they found the woman. Sheesh.

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Sep 28 2007


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I am a little perplexed at myself tonight. I passed up three exits that had hotels out the wazoo and what did I do? I pull into the next one and choose a hotel next to a truck stop!

Can I call myself S.T.U.P.I.D? I hope we get some sleep. This place is nice and clean. I checked before I paid. The trucks are moving in and out of the truck stop. They are LOUD! I hope we get some sleep. The TV doesn’t seem to want to turn off. Push the button, nothing happens. Oh my. I hope we get some sleep.

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Sep 28 2007

House Insurance

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I think it would be nice to get something back from all the premiums we pay our insurance companies. There is a bank that shares its profits with their customers! Hurrah! Co-operative Insurance Service takes the confusion out of buying house insurance. Coverage with their house insurance covers more than the structure of your home. It also covers content and personal possessions. They love the Internet too! When you order your insurance through their online site, you will receive a 10% discount!

A review of insurance to meet your needs is free. Co-operative Insurance Service is interested in protecting you and your loved ones. Whether you are a first time home owner or a retiree insuring a cozy cottage on the lake, they are interested in you.

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Sep 28 2007

Ethanol Made from Corn

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Mom and I have been talking while we are traveling to Greg’s apartment. I paid $2.77 per gallon this morning. We have been wondering what part of corn they use to make Ethanol.

Ethanol is widely used in industry as a preservative, solvent, and antifreeze and in the manufacture of perfumes, paints, lacquers, and explosives. Ethanol acts as an octane booster in automotive fuels. I hope that some day we will use Ethanol that is less expensive than gasoline. Most industrial ethanol is denatured by the addition of 12% of toxic substances to prevent its use as a beverage.

While trying to find how Ethanol is made from corn, I read that it is the substance in liquor that make it acts as a mild CNS stimulant and euphoriant. I’m still trying to find out how Ethanol is made from corn.

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Sep 28 2007

Beautiful Trinidad

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To me a vacation is not restful unless we stay near water. The Caribbean is the place I’d love to visit. Trinidad is one of the southernmost islands of the West Indies. That means that the climate is just right for lying on the beach and soaking up the rays. The weather is about perfect all year long!

I would want to visit the attractions of Trinidad and study the culture and history of this beautiful place. The bus system makes it very easy to get around in Trinidad. Taxis are available for more exclusive guided tours.

I’ve heard that exploring the caves for bats is an exciting adventure in Trinidad. I think I will have to pass on that! The turtles sound better for me to watch. There are tours of cocoa estates, coconut plantations and even a rum distillery. There are many fun and interesting things to see in Trinidad! I am ready to go!

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