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Apr 30 2007

Apogee Search

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Apr 30 2007

Happy May Day

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I remember, in elementary school, celebrating May Day. We made baskets out of paper and picked flowers to put in it. The basket had a handle so we could surprise someone by hanging the basket on a door knob, ring the bell, run away and surprise someone with flowers.

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Apr 30 2007

A Great Gift

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My friend, T, loves to play games online. I think she plays Pogo or something like that. Well, she is the hardest person to think of a gift for. I think I solved that dilemma for this years birthday gift! At I am going to choose a game of the month club package for her. She is going to be wild about this. It is not an online gambling site. I know that her husband would pick black jack but I think she would really like the slots package best. I think this is going to be such a great gift because she will be totally surprised that I thought of this. I’m always getting her knicky knacky stuff. This will be so different.

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Apr 30 2007

More Gun Control

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I knew that the recent shootings would bring out those in favor of more gun control. Politicians don’t want to touch the subject of gun control. It might hurt their careers. Do you think maniacs who shoot people get gun permits? I want to study this more and give a more educated of my insight on the subject. In the meantime, what do you think?

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Apr 30 2007


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Today was the blog Carnival. OMG! It is almost midnight and I have to work tomorrow. I am going to give it my doubley best tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what everyone said about loving their job.

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Apr 30 2007

Orlando Vacation

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Hubby and I have been talking about taking a trip to Florida. I think we can make it affordable by staying at a rental home instead of a hotel. Orlando Vacation Homes has many rentals that are close to Disney World. I like the amenities you get when renting a home. You can relax without all the traffic of people going to their rooms at all hours. The refrigerator is there so we can save on food and not have to get cleaned up from being at the pool. Speaking of pool, it seems that most of the rentals have their own pool or jacuzzi! Disney News has been bombarding us with news of how wonderful it is to go to Disney World and I have to say, I agree! It’s time to mark those days on the calendar!

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Apr 30 2007

Good vs Best

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Today, I had a customer who was looking for floor covering for a new home. Every room needed flooring. The customer gravitated toward the better carpet and I was glad. That meant I didn’t have to “sell” the carpet. She loved it. Then she saw the price. I spent the next hour looking for carpet that looked like that but was $8.00 per yard less in price. I found it but it wasn’t easy. The quality of the yarn was not the same but she felt it was ok to give up the better yarn feature for the price. It is a hard decision to make. Do you pay more for something that will last longer?

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Apr 30 2007

Secured Loans

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The cost of important things like housing and automobiles has gone up in price to the point that I don’t know of anyone who pays cash for those items. In order to have a good credit history and be able to get a good loan it takes some thinking to find a loan that works for us. In our case, we started utilizing secured loans. Secured loans are loans in which you put up something of value as collateral. If you default on the loan that item becomes the loan company’s asset. We used the motorcycles that my husband had saved for. They were a good tool to afford us low cost secured loans. You have to be able to start somewhere!

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Apr 30 2007

The Answer to My Question

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In case you have have been waiting for the answer to my question in an earlier post I will tell the answer now. Earlier, I asked what started college students making the trek to warm climate during their spring break. This is unofficial but I read in the SallieMae 411 publication that some people think spring break dates back to ancient Greek rituals. Back then, people of “mate-able” age welcomed the return of spring in rituals celebrating Dionysus. You might say they partied like it was 999. Some of the current American Spring Break traditions hark back to the 19th century. Traveling to the coast or a mineral spring as a restorative cure for the “rigors of academic life” was common among the well-to-do set of American College students in the 1800’s.

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Apr 30 2007


You know the saying, you don’t know what you have until it is gone? That is how it is when your computer crashes and everything is gone. Data security is one of the most valuable things you can have when it comes to your important files. Files that have financial data are especially hard to replace. Zip is offering a limited time free download promotion. I downloaded it and found that it was so simple that I wondered why I’d never done it before. I can see why “SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP”, is their slogan. SecureZip is what I am using to save all of our medical records. Another area where it is important to have things in a secure mode is email. SecureZIP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to automatically encrypt, digitally sign, and zip email messages and attachments. That makes your emails safe when you want to send sensitive information like bank account information in an email. Don’t put if off like I did. I’d hate for you to learn the hard way.

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