Jul 27 2015

Play Ball!

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 photo baseball_zpsqz75rsot.jpg
My daughter, hubby and I had an awesome day yesterday. We started out at Steak n Shake where we ate breakfast. It wasn’t too bad. How can you mess up on a pancake? After filling our tummies, we shopped for new running shoes at DSW and Dicks Sporting Goods. We didn’t find any that cried out to us. From there, we headed to Indianapolis. Highway US31 is still torn up with construction. We have been able to avoid the area for the past year and were amazed at how much is still being done.

We dropped hubby off at the ball park and daughter and I parked the car. We found a parking garage that only charged $2! What a bargain. We had to walk 4 or 5 blocks to the ball field but we enjoyed the walk. We stayed inside by walking through the causeways at the convention center. I felt like we were being sneaky to be in such a large building and not seeing many other people.

The Indians were giving out free Tshirts to the first 2500 people but we were too late to get one. We found our seats which were behind third base. We were about 10 rows up from the field so we had to really watch that we didn’t get hit by a foul ball. It was crowded and very hot in that section so we moved. We sat in the balcony behind first base. There weren’t very many people there and we actually felt a breeze. It was nice. The game went quickly and was over before we knew it.
We ended the day at Steak n Shake for a yummy milkshake!

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Jul 23 2015

Civil War Love Letter Quilt

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 photo civil war book_zpspqahdxvb.jpg
The Civil War Love Letter Quilt book is a filled with letters from Civil War soldiers to their loved ones. The author, Rosemary Youngs, has paired each letter with a quilt block inspired by that letter.

The collection includes love letters from:

President Rutherford B. Hayes to his family
Newton Scott to his childhood friend, whom he married upon returning from the war
David Winn, a soldier who ultimately gave his life for his country

The quilt blocks are 6 1/2″ unfinished and most are paper pieced.
I am on week 4 of this 52 week quilt making adventure. Last weeks blocks were very challenging. I am still not happy with the way the blue one turned out but it is going to remain the way it is. The points will be cut off when it is incorporated into a quilt. That block took me a whole day to make. It was made using the paper piecing method. When you trace the pattern onto tissue paper, you have to remember to make the block backwards from how you normally sew. I had to use my seam ripper a lot!
 photo IMG_1108_zpsoai2mfoz.jpg

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Jul 21 2015


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We have a floor covering business in our small town and we are always being asked and want to promote our business. We have been in business for 34 years yet, there is always someone who says that they never knew we were here! My husband wants to put a statue of a naked lady out front. He thinks that would get a lot of attention. Yikes! I think there are better ways to promote a business.

We have advertised on bill boards, newspapers and the normal print. We have tried a few unusual ways to get our name out there like t-shirts and dust pans. After so many years, I have learned that the best way to advertise is by having something a person can hold onto, check these out!
 photo twistpen_zps2pdaj188.jpg
By adding our logo to these beautiful twistpens, our customers can promote our business for us! I love to give out pens that become the customer’s favorite. I’m picky about my pens and I have found that our customers like and will keep a good pen.

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Jul 21 2015


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Everywhere, in the US, the weather is nuts. We have had so much rain here in Indiana that the corn fields are looking like lakes. This is the reservoir near us.
This is what it usually looks like. See the high water marking on the bridge?
 photo low water_zpstv68kwvk.jpg
This is what it looks like now.
 photo high water_zpssedh0z6m.jpg
There is so much debris in the water that it is not safe to go boating even if the boat ramps were not covered with water. No one can camp or picnic this year. Pretty sad.

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Jul 16 2015

Games We Don’t Play

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For my daughter in-laws baby shower, I decided not to have any games that would embarrass or put anyone on the spot. That was not easy! I went online to find a few fun games and was able to come up with two. The first game broke the ice for everyone as they came in the door. My great niece had everyone take guesses as to how many Legos were in a large container she filled. She was the only one who knew how many Legos were in the container. She was so cute, trying to keep her secret. Each guest signed their name and guess and put the paper in a basket. The winner would receive a prize.

The second game was “Don’t Say Baby”. Each guest was given a clothespin to wear. My great niece made the clothespins especially cute by coloring a mustache on each one. If a guest was caught saying the word baby, she could steal the clothespin from that unfortunate guest. It was fun to watch each of the guests try to trip each other up. It is really hard not to say baby at a baby shower!

I had thought so hard to think of great prizes. I considered gift certificates and music gifts but settled on giant candy bars. I printed wrappers with our grandson’s name on them and wrapped each candy bar, making it a Max Bar. Each winner seemed happy with their prize.

The games could go on throughout the shower and made it a very lively party.

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Jul 07 2015

I’m a Grandma!

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Just call me Grammie. I have a grandson and boy is life wonderful!
 photo shower_zpsr8wnvt8m.jpg
My daughter and I hosted a baby shower and these are some of the decorations and treats.  photo tables_zpsz11jqnbs.jpgWe made rice krispie treats and dipped them in frosting. My niece sprinkled decorations on each one. My daughter carved a watermelon into the shape of a shark. We served fruit from the shark and offered the use of a child’s shovel to scoop up the fruit.  photo shark_zpsgo5dztcw.jpgWe make whoopie pies and then cut them, and turned them so they looked like mustaches. They were so cute and tasted so good.
 photo truck_zpsghz67bfz.jpg
We played a game called, Don’t Say Baby. It was fun and could be played during the party. It was fun to watch people take clothes pins from those who said baby. It is hard not to say baby at a baby shower!
 photo chalkboard_zpsrqobnaxg.jpg
My sister embroidered items and made a cute banner for the gift table.
 photo gifttable2_zpsxxp2mjvt.jpg

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Jul 05 2015


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I hope that those of you in the US, enjoyed the celebrations the past few days. It is good to be thankful to all those people who sacrificed and are sacrificing their time and lives so that we can live full lives.

We could see the fireworks from our friend’s kitchen window last night. It was nice not to fight traffic to get to the park and sit with the mosquitoes. The fireworks were beautiful. Our neighbors have spent a fortune on sparkles and noise makers. We have been awake until midnight the past few nights. Last night, the neighbor’s fireworks filled our house with the smell of sulfur. Our poor dog, Brody, panted all night. I held him to ease his anxiety. I know there will be more noise tonight!

We finally had two days in a row without rain. Our garden is pulling out of its soggy state. I think we might get a few zucchini and tomatoes.

We plan to go over to mother in-laws to wash her front porch and then come home to clean out gutters. We have little maple trees growing out of portions of the gutters. It looks so funny. We also hope to mow the grass again. Next week looks to be a busy one so it will be good to get these projects done.

Here is the recipe for the pineapple cake I took to the pitch in last night.

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups white sugar

2 eggs

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple with juice

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

1/2 cup butter (I used 1 cup, 1 stick)

1 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar and baking soda. Make a well in the center and add the eggs, vanilla and crushed pineapple, with liquid from can. Mix well to blend.
Bake for 45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into cake comes out clean.
To make the frosting: in a medium bowl, combine cream cheese, butter, confectioners sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Beat until creamy. Spread on warm cake.
 photo pineapple_zpsm8nqjtpf.jpg

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Jun 20 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain

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We have been saturated with rain! Everyone is so tired of the gray, rainy days. Our grass is getting long and I fear we will need a hay baler to mow or it will all be laying on top. I hate it like that because the dogs drag it all through the house.

My new grandson is coming to visit today and will be here all week. Oh, his mom and dad are coming too. LOL The little guy is 3 weeks old today. He is so cute and easy. He only cries when he is hungry. The new pampers have a colored strip down the front that changes color when he is wet. How easy is that?! I didn’t think I was that old but they sure do have different things than when my kids were babies. My babies are 34 and 30.

Our garden was growing like crazy. The zucchini plants have lots of blooms and that means lots of zucchini to eat. I love making bread with zucchini and we throw it on the grill for more healthy eating. I’m afraid, with all the rain, that our tomatoes will be rotten on their bottoms. We have tons of radishes, which I don’t really like but are fun to grow. We also have onions and potatoes.

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Jun 10 2015

Quilt Shops!

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The town of Hamilton, Missouri is filled with quilt shops.  photo IMG_1017_zpsp1lebqjv.jpg

This past, beautiful, Saturday, I was able to check out the Missouri Star Quilt Company. The only thing I purchased was a t-shirt that said Missouri Star Quilt Co. It wasn’t that I had trouble finding something to buy. I found so many things but, I will be going back in September so I plan on making a list of items I need to purchase! Each of the five shops I visited, had a theme. One shop was filled with batik fabrics while another held novelty prints and solids. The main shop had so many sample quilts that I almost succumbed to buying patterns and fabric. I especially liked a quilt that had clay pots with flowers spouting from each pot. The flowers were Dresden shaped. I might have to buy that kit.
There were three other shops, a grocery, bakery and antique shop. We ate at the Blue Sage Restaurant. It was definitely a special place to eat. I’d like to try the hamburger cafe next time. It will be fun to go back and see what is new.

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Jun 04 2015

Reading a Great Book

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I have been on a roll this past week. I went for such a long streak, not able to find a good book to read. Now, I just read two great books. That is two in a row!

I just finished reading What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman. I was introduced to this author when I read her book, The Plum Tree. I was turning pages as fast as I could to find out what happened to the family in this awesome book. I don’t usually like to read books that talk about the atrocities of the holocaust. I am always so upset that people could treat other people so badly. This book gave some accounts of the horrible treatment people endured in the concentration camps but the book was more about how a German family dealt with the laws and regulations of a horrible dictator. The love story in this book was so full of hope and determination. I enjoyed learning how a German family gardened, cooked and even how they raised chickens. The writer’s words made me feel as if I could smell the ferns and trees in the woods. I could visualize the scenery of a quaint German village. It was an enjoyable book.
 photo index_zpsv30mf8s7.jpg
What She Left Behind reached into my love of mystery. I like to watch police news shows, Dateline and 20/20. I am curious about devious minds and the lives of people. What She Left Behind told two stories. One dealt with a teenager who’s mother was in prison, convicted of killing her husband, the girls father. The teen, Izzy, works with her foster parents on a project that deals with researching history of an asylum for the mentally insane. Oh my goodness! The things they did to people in those places was horrible. It was easy for someone to be sent to a mental hospital for what would be considered normal today. Scary stuff! The project is the second story of the book, dealing with Clara who is sent away because her father didn’t want her to marry an immigrant. She was sane! I could not wait to turn each page to find out if she was ever able to escape or let out to regain her life.

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