Mar 29 2015

Easy Binding for Quilts

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I have been quilting for a few years and yet I forget little hints that make creating quilts easier. This is an easy way to put on binding, make pretty corners and finish the end of the binding in a fun and simple way.

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Mar 24 2015

On A Roll

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I have been quilting for customers and finished these quilts.
I used the Tulip Festival pantograph by Lorien Quilting and King Tut Pharaohs Tales variegated thread in top and bottom to quilt this.
 photo 0122b94c-14f2-4cc1-84b1-f0074076c167_zpsrhz0rwuz.jpg
Back of the black background, flowered quilt.
 photo IMG_0837_zpsuubyjajz.jpg
I used a circle ruler to make continuous curves on this quilt.
 photo 78943889-3a34-4fa1-86b8-b1f0c37615fe_zpstldrmavm.jpg
A friend made this quilt using the Missouri Quilt tear away method to make her blocks. She will be donating this quilt to a group that gives them to needy families.
 photo IMG_0761_zpsxdpnjoaf.jpg
The quilt below, gave me fits. I had quilted the cherries and decided I didn’t like the stitching. I tore out the stitches and wet the red fabric to get the stitch holes out. The red dye ran onto the backing fabric. Ugh. With the clients permission, and more red fabric, (which I washed), I made new cherries and used a blanket stitch to finish them. While the cherries were removed, I washed the area by hand and was able to remove most of the red discoloration. Most of the thread used was Superior Omni, color buff in the top and bobbin.
 photo IMG_0759_zps5yq0uxqj.jpg

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Mar 17 2015

Baby Oh Baby

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It seems that there are going to be a slew of babies born soon. My son and his wife are due to have their baby in May and every time I talk to someone, they mention another baby they know is due around the same time. Is there going to be a population explosion?

I quilted this baby quilt for a friend who’s grand baby is due in April. I quilted it with Superior Threads Omni white thread in the top and bobbin. The batting was similar to Mountain Mist polyester. I love the way it made the quilting pop. The fabric is flannel for both the top and bottom. I sure wish I would have photographed the backing. It is the cutest purple polka dot. The center of the quilt is a panel my friend purchased at JoAnne Fabrics. She used a coupon and I would guess she has about $75 in this beautiful quilt.
 photo IMG_0748_zpsqdzzowhi.jpg

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Mar 07 2015

Beautiful Fabric

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I am amazed at how Batik fabric is made. I don’t usually care for quilts made with Batiks but there are a few instances when the look of that specialized fabric fits the bill. One case was in this table runner I made.

 photo IMG_0731_zpsvw5pryzt.jpg

I purchased this kit last summer while in Alaska. It was hard to choose from all the beautiful fabric and kits at Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska quilt shop. I was drawn to this kit because it was a small, albeit a bit difficult to make, and I loved the dog sledders and mushers. I constructed and machine quilted, in free motion quilting, this runner.

Batik is a wax resist application to fabric painting. Wax is applied to the fabric by either brush application or a pen to create detailed lines. Wherever the batik wax is applied, the fabric dye or paint cannot penetrate. In the case of the fabric in my table runner, the dog sleds and their mushers is where the wax was placed. I have seen a lot of batik where swirls and lines were the major part of the batik process. I would love to see the carvings that were covered in wax to make the design in this fabric. For Batik instruction, check out Dharma Trading Co. The pictures used in there instructions really helped me understand the process.

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Mar 04 2015

On the Road

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 photo 2323232327Ffp93232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv3699gtnu3237gt54gt836gtWSNRCG375_64576339nu0mrj_zpsajnjgdnk.jpg
Hubby and I decided we needed a vacation. I agreed and off we headed to Florida. We had never visited Key West and so now we have. Key West is a wonderful place to visit. It seems as I am not surprised much these days. Everything I wonder about, I have seen on television. Key West was as it was portrayed on television. Quaint houses and abundant amounts of food of every type. We walked everywhere after parking our car in a parking garage. Our car was parked two cars down from a Rolls Royce! I’ll post pictures later.

We walked to Ernest Hemingway’s home and a lighthouse across the street. I don’t understand the location of the lighthouse. We didn’t pay to go inside the tour office and up the lighthouse so that might be why we didn’t figure out why the lighthouse wasn’t closer to the edge of the island. I would also like to know why there are so many roosters wandering freely on the island.

The road to each key was not scary. That was disappointing. I thought that the road would be more like the road in Louisiana. Water was so close to the road that it made me nervous. Not so in the keys.

More to tell later.

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Feb 23 2015

A Good Tired

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My husband and I are enjoying a nice vacation in Florida. We are staying at the Postcard Inn on Islamorada and visited Key West today. We walked everywhere and I am so tired. It was fun seeing where Hemingway lived, the light house and the Mel Fisher Museum.

 photo 731ee538-bb26-4b7b-a25d-3199d6324c84_zpshkfi24hp.jpg

Back home, it is very cold and icy. It will be hard, mentally, to go back to the land of the tundra. LOL I do miss my bed and especially our daughter and puppies.

We have been eating awesome seafood. Tonight I had New England clam chowder. It had a bit of bite to it but was still good. Just not as good as what I have had in Seattle. We brought Hummingbird cake back to the hotel room and plan on having it for breakfast. It sounded too good to pass up and breakfast is hard to do at this resort. We are getting tired of spending time for a sit down breakfast so we will eat cake and drink coffee and hit the road to start our journey home.

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Feb 13 2015

Date Night

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I am so glad that people have good ideas and the energy to make things happen. I often find myself bored to death during these winter months and look for something fun to do with my time. Tonight, hubby and I took one of our senior aged friends on a date. We bought her a corsage, picked her up at her home and took her out for dinner. It was so much fun!
 photo valentines dinner_zpsfl0fs3cb.jpeg
There were 40 people at this event. Some were senior members of our church and each was chaperoned by us younguns’. It was a great way to get to know people we often speak to at church but don’t know very much beyond that “hello”. We played a game and ate an awesome meal. The best part of the meal was the huge piece of chocolate covered with a thick coating of icing topped with fresh raspberries. We had good conversation and lots of laughter.

One advantage of dating an older person was that we were home in time to watch Gold Rush on television. LOL I’ll admit that it was us deciding it was time to head home and not our senior date.

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Jan 31 2015

Time to Hunker Down

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A Winter Storm Warning goes into effect this evening for northern Indiana and will continue into Monday morning. We are ready with groceries purchased and projects ready. I will be putting together another quilt block and hubby has potato soup in the crock-pot.
 photo Potato-Soup_zpseb80a3ed.jpg

Hash Brown Potato Soup
32 oz bag hash brown cubes
32 oz container chicken stock
1 1/2 oz bacon bits
1 can cream of chicken soup

Combine all in slow cooker. Cook on high 5 hours or until potatoes are tender. After 4 hours (1 hour before serving) of cooking, add 1 8 oz package cream cheese.
Hubby added cubes of ham to his concoction. I would recommend using low sodium soup and stock.

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Jan 20 2015


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 photo Nakedchopsticks_zps0731a428.jpg
I recently took the Mini Cooper to Indianapolis to have the oil changed. Mini Coopers only have to be changed every 10,000 miles! I love my Mini Cooper.
While in Indy, my daughter and I ate at the Naked Tchopstix restaurant. The atmosphere was fun and the food was delicious. I just about crapped when I paid the bill! Sushi purchased ala carte really adds up! It was part of my daughter’s birthday celebration so I sucked it up and forked over the money. LOL Well worth the food and the awesome company of my daughter.

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Jan 14 2015

Birthday Cupcakes

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Our daughter celebrated her birthday not too long ago and I made cupcakes for her. She always asks for cherry chip cake but I haven’t been able to find a box mix for the last few years. They have strawberry mix so that is what I used.
 photo strawberrycupcakes_zpsdc0d8a31.jpg

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