Aug 11 2014

August Means Hot Weather

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This summer has been strange as far as weather is concerned. Our July was a cool one making it seem like summer never arrived. I am not complaining! I like a cool summer but I feel sorry for the kids who didn’t get a chance to go swimming and all the other activities that evolve around the pool. August has started out being warm and humid. That is the norm for our area. We need rain. Our garden looks parched and the plants have stopped growing. We cut two watermelons from their vines and discovered they weren’t quite ready. I hate to waste good melons. I wonder how one can tell when they are ready to pick. They looked large enough.

We are having some Hot Deals in our store and I have been busy making sure all our samples are marked. I hate to sell something only to find the sample is not marked, or worse yet, marked incorrectly.

I have been quilting on a lot of quilts for the mission. There are going to be many happy children when they each receive their new quilts. I have also quilted for some paying customers. Those payments were nice when our old television decided to die. We bought a Samsung smart television. Now, to figure out how to use it!

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Aug 04 2014

Indiana State Fair

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My husband and I took my mom to the Indiana State Fair yesterday. We went last year and had such a good time that we thought we would go again this year. I’m glad we did. We each spent $3 to get a bracelet that allowed us to ride the tram any where in the fairgrounds. Other riders paid $1 each time they got on the tram. We parked at the mall and rode the free shuttle to the fair. We had discount tickets purchased at CVS.

I enjoyed seeing the pioneer parts of the fair. The different tools and ways of doing things back then make me appreciate how easy I have it today. We listened to a musical group as they played guitar, accordion, bass fiddle and violin. There were two ladies playing auto harps. The music was lively but not loud. It was good to sit down and listen.

We ate pork sandwiches in the Pork booth. Mom’s sandwich was a pork sausage and mine was a pulled pork sandwich. Hubby’s sandwich was a combination of sausage and pulled pork. Each were served with chips and applesauce.

We watched a demonstration on making cheese curds and ricotta cheese. We were each served a small waffle cone filled with ricotta cheese and dried cranberries. It was surprisingly good.

The pork sandwich kept me so full that I didn’t want to buy the red velvet Oreo I had said I was going to try. I did buy a red velvet funnel cake. I brought that home and ate a small piece with my coffee. It was okay. Probably would have been better eaten right away while still hot.

The weather was perfect for visiting the fair. It was a little hot but there was a breeze so we were comfortable.

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Aug 04 2014

An Eventful Summer

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The last thing I posted about was our trip to Texas. We had a great time and made it home safely. My mom, sister and my sister’s grand-daughter were not so fortunate. While traveling home from Texas, the were involved in a horrible car accident. They were near Little Rock, Arkansas when they came upon a car sitting in the middle of the freeway. Everyone was going 70 mph, the posted speed limit, and my sister was unable to avoid hitting the car. The sitting car was also hit by another car. My sister and her grand-daughter were bruised and my mom has a broken sternum and fractured ribs. The driver of the sitting car and one of her passengers were killed. It seems that the sitting car had a flat tire and the driver did not pull off to the side but instead, put the car into park. Why she did that, no one will ever understand. We feel very blessed that our family is alive.

The Benton Courier gave details of the accident.
The Arkansas State Police have released the names of the victim killed and others that were injured in Friday night’s accident on Interstate 30.

According to the police report, Gayle Moore, 39, of Little Rock was killed when her 1997 Dodge Neon was rear ended twice in the eastbound lane of I-30 near the Alcoa Exit at around 7:30 p.m..

The report says that Moore’s vehicle was stopped in the center lane when it was hit by a 2014 Ford Edge before being hit a second time by a 2003 Toyota Corolla.

Two passengers traveling with Moore were MedFlighted to Baptist Health Medical Center, according to ASP, but the report is unclear as to whom was airlifted.

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Jun 11 2014

Texas Travels

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We just returned from a trip to Texas. Texas is a long way from Indiana! It took two days to get there and two days to return home. That is a long time to ride in a Mini Cooper! It was fun though.

My niece graduated from high school so we went to Texas to help her celebrate. Her graduating class had 1429 students. That was a long ceremony! The event was held at a basketball stadium. The school recently built an outdoor stadium that would rival any professional stadium but structural defects have been found and the stadium has been deemed unsafe. What a mess that fiasco has turned into. I hope they can get it settled before next years graduation because having the ceremony at the event center was a big hassle. Parking, traffic jams and seating was horrible.

Just saw a deer run across the back of our field! It pays to look up once in awhile while blogging.

I only work until noon today so I hope to get more clothes washed and unpack my suitcase. I brought too many shoes on the trip. Now, I get to lug them back up the stairs and put them away.

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May 27 2014

What A Weekend

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We were blessed with beautiful weather for Memorial Day weekend. I know that many people plan picnics and other family get togethers so I’m sure it was a relief to have sunshine and no rain. It wasn’t even humid until Monday.

I got a lot accomplished even though I feel pretty rotten. I had a root canal a few weeks ago and the tooth has flared up and is quite painful. My dentist won’t be in until Wednesday so I am taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen out the kazoo. I am also on an antibiotic. When the pain subsides, I run around getting things done.

The bunnies have been eating certain plants in our small garden so I put chicken wire around those plants. We didn’t have problems with the bunnies until our dog’s cataracts got bad enough that she doesn’t see the bunnies. She was a good bunny chaser.

I stained my new Adirondack chair and want to stain the other outdoor furniture to match. We can’t seem to get the power washer to work and I dread scrubbing the benches and swing by hand so that project is on hold.

I finished quilting a couple quilts and put the binding on my niece’s t-shirt quilt. I also put a sleeve on the quilt that our guild is donating to the church.

Have a great week everyone!

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May 22 2014

Gone Fishin’

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Hubby has left for his annual fishing trip. Two or three years ago, when I went with him, we fought buffalo gnats. Buffalo gnats are blood sucking flies from the Simuliidae family. For the flies to produce eggs for reproduction it is necessary for the female of the species to consume a blood meal from its human and animal prey.

Unfortunately for us the bite of a buffalo gnat can be more serious than dealing with unseemly bug bites and incessant itchiness for the next week. They look and feel awful. It was a miserable trip.

I hope the gnats don’t show up this year.

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May 13 2014

May Day

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I remember, as a young girl, making paper baskets and filling them with flowers I found in the yard. I would then, hang them on my front door and ring the door bell and wait for my mom to find them. I guess I thought she would be surprised to find a May day basket waiting for her. Do children still make May day baskets? Do they dance around the May pole? May Day is a traditional spring holiday in many cultures.

 photo a037654e-b9bd-4bd7-a338-3aa0a8821b0c_zps81e64712.jpg

As we get farther into May, I find that I am excited to get the garden tilled and buy vegetable plants and seeds. I wish I could plant enough to can the harvest but that would mean I would need a house cleaning services in raleigh style to get my work done in the house. I will settle for yummy fresh vegetables to cook a few times a week. We eat so much better in the summer.

I was also able to get the begonias planted before we were dulugged with rain this weekend. Rain really makes them take hold and have such a good start. Watering is okay but a good rain is awesome.

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Apr 22 2014

Spring Into Work

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I am so glad that winter is finally over. It is cold today but it isn’t snowing and for that I am grateful.

The past two weekends have been spent getting the yard into shape. We still had leaves that were missed during raking last fall and they looked so messy. I cleaned out all the ground cover that was taking over near the pond. I had to be careful not to disturb the pretty hyacinth and daffodil flowers. None of my tulips came up this year.

I started trimming our forsythia bush and ended up almost cutting it down. It had so many dead branches that by the time I got done removing them, the poor bush looks scraggly. It will come out of it healthier. It won’t look great though until next year when it fills out. Poor thing.

Once again, my hands and arms look like I got into a fight with a rose bush. I can’t stand to wear gloves and my fingernails show it.

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Mar 31 2014

Another Ruler

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I added another ruler to my quilt making collection. Eleanor Burns is an expert at inventing quilt techniques that make cutting and sewing fabric easier and faster. Eleanor Burns shows how making a quilt is an easy and quick process. The latest ruler is called the 4.5 On-Point Ruler and creates accurate square on point patches.

 photo M_64132_307794_zps39f50d8f.jpg

During the recent Mountain Quilt Fest in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I took a class taught by Ann Drothler entitled Kylee’s Kite. The new ruler allowed a quick way to square up each block. I do think the ruler will be an asset to my quilt making. Here is a picture of the unfinished top my mom, sisters and I made in the class.

 photo 10152554_637258012996415_588633743_n_zpsdbe00220.jpg

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Mar 15 2014

National Quilting Day!

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March 15th is National Quilting Day. I hope to be using the longarm to finish another quilt. I might even stay in my pajamas and quilt all day!

Here is an idea to celebrate the day.

From Craftsy

Do you have a neighbor, babysitter or hairdresser who deserves a little recognition? Make a simple quilted pot holder and pair it with fresh flowers to give a quilted gift that’s sure to be remembered. After all, quilting is a hobby that’s designed to be shared. Maybe your gift will inspire the recipient to take up quilting as a hobby!

 photo potholder_zps47dc8eaa.jpg

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